The #1 Way to Improve Your Disc Golf Game This Year

Disc golf is a really tough sport. From the time you start playing, if you want to excel, you have to put in a tremendous amount of work and effort to get better. And the more practice you put into getting better at disc golf, the better you will be at it.

So today we’re going to be taking a look at the absolute best way to improve your game this year. There are lots of different ways to get better, from reading our 101 Tips List to getting out on the course every single day. The possibilities are limitless to how you can improve your game. But with this post, we will be going over one of the best ways that you can improve your game this year.

So what is the #1 way to improve your disc golf game this year?

The absolute best way to improve your game this year is to invest in at-home practice equipment and practice with it every single day.

Personal practice equipment is great because it’s somewhat cheap, it allows you the freedom of practicing on your schedule and at your house, and is highly beneficial to your game.

By personal equipment, we’re talking about portable baskets, practice nets, practice and resistance bands, weighted discs, and anything else that can improve your game without having to hit the course.

The three biggest practice gear additions you need to get this year are:

1. Portable practice basket

2. Practice throwing net

3. Propull resistance band trainer

So why is at home practice gear best for your game?

There are a few really great reasons why you need some at-home practice equipment:

• You want to be great: you already know that disc golf is tough. And if you want to be really good at this sport, you have to practice A LOT. At-home equipment can allow you to essentially 10X, or significantly improve, your disc golf game. You can improve tremendously by combining daily practice with all of the at-home practice methods we will talk about later in this post.

Many experts like Malcolm Gladwell agree that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your field. Even if that number was wrong, it still takes a lot of time and reps for any person to get good at disc golf. There’s no way you can get all of your practice in on the course. It’s just a bad strategy for improving your game. You have to play rounds and do course work to get better. That’s a must. But you need personal practice equipment to get all of the reps in that you need.

• You can’t always get to the course: nowadays, there are thousands of courses to play on in almost every first-world country in the world. But personal practice equipment is still a great thing to have, especially because you may not always be able to get to the course. Some people may have work, a family, or no way to get to the course whenever they want. That’s where this equipment will come in handy. If you can’t get to a course, you can easily practice at home. That equipment is accessible when you need it.

You also may not be able to get to the course because of the distance. Even though most people have courses within about 30 minutes or so, some people don’t have this luxury. There are a few disc golfers that live out in the country far away from a disc golf course. If you’re one of them, personal practice equipment is a must. It’s also great for younger disc golfers as they may not be able to drive or get a ride to the course. Having equipment in that situation is a must.

• You can practice whenever you want: besides being able to practice at your own residence, having that at-home equipment allows you to practice whenever you want to. Night disc golf is fun every once in a while, but can get a bit tedious when trying to keep up with your discs. So why not have practice equipment at home?

With just a little bit of light in your garage or backyard, you can putt or practice throwing at any time. It could be 2 a.m., 7 a.m., or 3 p.m. With gear at home, you can practice as much as you want whenever you want. I love to practice at night after a long day. I set up my throwing net and get in 30 to 40 throws or more before I call it a night.

• Cost: besides convenience, the price of personal equipment is another huge reason why you need to get some. The investment is so minimal compared to how much practice you will get out of this equipment. If you find some good deals on everything we will talk about below, your total cost would be less than $250 bucks. Now that’s awesome.

• Fun at home: lastly, as more of a fun reason, you should get some at-home gear so that you and your buddies can practice together. I know that practicing isn’t the most fun thing to do, but why not turn all of that practice into some fun practice games? Check out our post, “The 50 Best Disc Golf Drills to Change Your Game Forever,” grab some beers, and try out a few with your friends.

The 3 best at home practice items (and how they can help you)

1. Portable practice basket

The personal practice basket is one of those at-home pieces of training gear that you absolutely must have in your training arsenal. A lot of people already have a good basket, but if you don’t, now is the time to get one.

If you’ve got a basket at your house, there’s a lot that you can do with it. First, the obvious: you can practice your putting. I know, mind blown, right? But having your own basket allows you to repetitively practice as much as you have time for. Yeah, you can go to the course. But you’re more likely to practice more at home. In this regard, having your own basket can help you dramatically.

I put the personal practice basket first on this list because putting is one of the most important parts of disc golf. And putting can make or break your game. So I believe in having a disc golf basket at home if you really want to become a great disc golfer. Because those who putt well, win.

There are two types of baskets: portable and non-portable (fixed)

You’ve really got a choice of what kind of a basket that you want.

• Portable basket: you can get a portable basket either as a metal moveable basket (like this one here on Amazon) or a portable fold-up travel basket (like this). Both types work fine, but it’s kind of up to what you want. The metal basket is great for home use but it’s hard to transport because most don’t fold up. The travel basket is awesome for taking places, and is fine for practice, but doesn’t quite have the same feel as a course basket. You can get a portable basket here on

• Non-portable (fixed) basket: now these will cost you a bit more, but can be a great investment over the long run. A non-portable basket like the Disc Store GrowTheSport Basket (link to is pretty much what you see at your local course – a nice looking basket that sticks up out of the ground. This is great for home practice, but costs more and is more permanent of a practice option. You can check current prices here on

The total cost of a basket?

• $125-175 for a good quality portable basket – check out the Axiom Pro basket or the DISCatcher Traveler basket here on

•$250-425 for a good quality fixed basket – check out the Innova DISCatcher here on

So what’s your decision?

Personal disc golf baskets offer you the chance to tremendously improve your disc golf game. But if you’re still not convinced, check out our post, “11 Reasons Why You Need a Disc Golf Basket,” and “The 17 Best Disc Golf Baskets (Get One and Win),” here on the site.

2. At-home practice net

The at-home training net is something that I’ve seen in a lot of different sports. And disc golf is no different. A training net is something that isn’t hard to set up, is relatively cheap, and can help you improve your game tremendously.

We’ve already talked about how repetition is key to improving your game. And with this net, just like with the practice basket, you will be able to repeatedly throw the disc into it over and over again. An at-home practice net is definitely needed in your arsenal because it can help you practice your technique, help you with a few drills, and can help you work on your drive/approach throws. It’s also just a really nice way to practice throwing at home.

How to set up a practice net for disc golf

First, you’re going to need a couple of things:

• a space to be able to set the net up: you will need a small designated space to hang up a net. I chose my garage but you can also use a large bedroom or a space outside.

• the practice net: I got a net that I could hang up. You can get it here on Amazon. If you don’t have anywhere to put up a net, grab a standing net like this one here. It’s a heavy duty net for golf, but can be used for disc golf.

• a couple of other miscellaneous supplies: you will need some screw in wall hooks like these (link to Amazon). And grab a couple of bungie cords here.

Caution: make sure that you’re careful to practice good disc golf throwing technique while you practice throwing. Repetitive practice with bad technique will only see you hurt your disc golf game instead of improving it. Check out our post, “7 Steps to the Best Technique and a Perfect Throw,” here on the site to make sure you’re throwing correctly.

3. Pro-pull resistance trainer

The pro-pull resistance band trainer is an awesome way to improve your form and strength while at home. This system involves a set of resistance bands, with different weights and an attached disc, that allows you to train your disc golf muscles to hopefully help you improve your distance on the course. The system itself is fairly inexpensive and can benefit you greatly. Grab the pro-pull system here on Amazon. 

So why not get some of this stuff?

Through everything you just read, I hope that I have persuaded you to grab some or all of the training items on the list. Regardless of why you get it, it’s just a great idea and can be a great step forward for your disc golf career. If you want to try and play competitively, join the pro tour, or just be a good disc golfer, you absolutely have to get this equipment for practice.

What else can I do to improve my game?

• Exercise: proper exercise off the course can help you get stronger and build stamina for those long, arduous rounds of disc golf. Check out our post, “The 12 Best Disc Golf Exercises to Keep You Fit.”

• Stretch: stretching can help you become more flexible, avoid injury, and prepare for your rounds better. Check out our guide, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game.”

• Use other resistance bands for strength work: just like with the Pro-pull resistance band trainer, the use of resistance bands for muscle toning and strengthening can be beneficial. Grab a set like this one off of Amazon and get to it!

• Learn everything you can about the game: don’t just stick with our content. Check out other popular sites like,, and all of the major disc golf websites for tips

• Get a good mentor: find a good, well-experienced disc golf player to show you the things you need to know to improve quickly.

• Check out 101 disc golf tips: our tips list is one if the best on the internet. You can check it out here.

• Read the disc golf players manual: our book is one of the best all-inclusive guides to the game of disc golf. Check it out below ⬇️

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