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Disc golf can be SO frustrating if you have NO ONE to help you! That’s why you need a DISC GOLF EXPERT to help you understand the rules, learn how to play, and recommend the BEST disc golf gear.

Yep, you’re in the right place. Welcome to DiscgolfNOW.com – the premiere site for players!

Hi, I’m Big Red. The Founder and CEO of DiscgolfNOW.com.

My story is pretty simple. On a beautiful day in summer of 2017, some friends took me along to their personal disc golf course to show me what this sport was all about. After a single round, I was hooked. Over the next year, my love of disc golf grew as I wanted to get better and better. Eventually, I created Discgolfnow.com. A site to help out all levels of disc golfers, but especially, those new to the sport.

After 6 years, hundreds of posts, thousands of beginner books sold, and millions of pageviews, I can safely say that DiscgolfNOW.com is the authority for disc golf information.

WE ARE the #1 disc golf website on the internet and the premiere site for players.

if you’d like to learn more about our mission, check out my “mission” page here.

“Man, I’m really bad at this!”

You see, as much as I loved disc golf already, I was pretty bad when I started. That quote above is what set me out on a mission to get better.

I searched for info for months, found some, and still questioned my ability to play every time I set foot on the course. The internet had a little bit of disc golf information, but nothing substantial. And all the good stuff was found deep in disc golf forums or from other players on the course.

With little information online, and a serious passion for disc golf, I knew there was a problem. After months of research, scouring tens of forums, watching hundreds of videos, and speaking with actual players, I finally found all the information and put it together into practice. It worked for me, but I knew I wasn’t the only disc golfer in that situation.

“There’s like nothing online, I’ve got to create something…”

So I created Discgolfnow.com, a site dedicated to helping disc golfers learn and improve. So far, my site has:

  • Over 250 posts
  • The Disc Golf Player’s Manual Ebook
  • Top disc and gear recommendations and…
  • A complete resource for all skill levels of disc golfers

This site won’t just help you improve, but become a truly elite disc golfer. We’ve got the right tips, tricks, gear and more. And now YOU have access to everything that’s helped me become a great disc golfer.

You need the info, we’ve got you covered.

”I’m going to create the best disc golf site on the internet.”

So what’s next for DiscgolfNOW.com? A LOT

Over the next decade, the vision for the brand is vast. Growth and expansion are two words that come to mind. Over the next ten years, here are the following goals for DiscgolfNOW.com starting from easiest to those that will be more difficult to achieve:

  • 300 posts
  • 2nd ebook
  • Beginner level course
  • Disc golf forum launch
  • Disc golf online store launch

And eventually, the bigger goals:

  • Discgolfnow disc golf disc line
  • Physical store location
  • Premiere Disc golf course and sporting complex

But of all the future goals I’ve got, the goal that matters most to me is teaching my son how to play, and love, disc golf like I do.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Disc golf is about learning the right techniques, using the right gear, and exercising patience over time while you steadily improve. But your ability to improve depends entirely on your mindset and how good you wanna’ be. If you want to be a great player, and you have the right mindset, you’ll eventually become an elite disc golfer. But it’s all up to you!

Where are we?

DiscgolfNOW.com is owned and operated out of Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States of America. We are currently mainly an online presence with goals for an online store, physical products, and physical locations within the next decade.

DiscgolfNOW.com is an online sports authority website in the Disc Golf niche. We provide the absolute best disc golf information and product recommendations for all skill levels of players, with an emphasis on teaching newer players how to play the game correctly and helping them improve quickly.

Got questions about disc golf? We’ve got your answers! Check us out here:

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