The Mission

Thanks for visiting my site! My overall brand mission is a big one: to help as many disc golfers as possible improve their game and to build the absolute best disc golf website on the internet.

If you’d like to check out our “About Me” page, you can find that here on the site!

Goals of

Here at, I’ve got ambitious goals and an unmatched drive to help as many disc golfers as possible. Having already reached millions of people over the last 6+ plus years, most of my original goals haven’t changed all that much, but have simply grown larger. The mission? Big. Here’s the mission, and all of the goals, of ⬇️.

1. To help you improve and get better: Our overall mission here at is to help you improve your game and get better at disc golf. Period.

2. Build the best disc golf website on the internet: In order to help you improve, we’ve got to have a great site. Now, I would argue that DiscgolfNOW is already one of the best disc golf sites on the internet, from an information perspective. We’re closing in on 300 posts and a million words written personally by me, for disc golfers. But that’s just the information side of the business. Eventually, I’d love to get to opening an online store, a physical store, and building my own disc golf course. Maybe even more!

3. Help grow the sport: Another part of the mission is to help grow the sport. Whether by word of mouth or with rock-solid information, I want players to have fun and learn the sport. If you have fun, you get more people involved. Then they bring friends. And they bring even more friends. Eventually, the sport starts growing exponentially every year. I’m doing my part to help grow disc golf, one post at a time.

4. Help brand new disc golfers learn the sport correctly (quickly and efficiently): As a new disc golfer, the amount of things you need to learn can be overwhelming. You have to improve at driving, approaching, putting, and a bunch of other skills to become a great disc golfer. So we’re here to help you learn everything step by step. I’ve written hundreds of posts, as well as an ultimate beginner’s guide, to organize information for new players. Hopefully this will help you, too!

5. Provide intermediate disc golfers with the best tips and tricks to continue improving: As you progress in your disc golf career, it’s tough to continue improving quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you hit a plateau and need help. That’s where we come in. We’ve got the recommendation, the tips, and the know-how to help you continue progressing towards advanced or elite status on the disc golf course.

6. Provide the absolute best disc and gear recommendations: One of my goals with DiscgolfNOW is to always provide the best disc and gear recommendations. Every year, new posts are written and old posts are updated, to provide you with the absolute best recommendations possible!


As our goals continue to grow and improve, so will the mission of the brand. Here’s what to expect from the future of ⬇️.

7. Build the best disc golf online store: There are some really well-established disc golf online stores out there. But my goal is to build something bigger and better. It looks good in my mind. But no doubt that it will take a lot of work.

8. Launch a physical store location: I’m still unsure of this goal for my brand, but I would love to have a successful physical store as well. The goal would be to have a major warehouse, with online stock, and physical stock in the front as part of a retail store. That would be pretty cool.

9. Build a state-of-the-art disc golf complex, training facility, and disc golf course: one of the ultimate goals of the brand would be to build a really nice disc golf complex, training facility, and professional disc golf course. That’s the dream, the mission, and the ultimate goal of this brand…along with helping as many players as possible along the way.

10. Disc golf tournaments and sponsorships: once I get to a certain level, it would be intriguing to host disc golf tournaments and sponsor pro players. Again, far down the line and tough to accomplish, but would be so worth it.

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