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The Disc Golf Player’s Manual eBook

Level up your game from hobbyist to advanced with my 200-page eBook. In just a few minutes, you can be implementing the strategies it took me years to master.

If you’ve looked on and seen other players drive hundreds of feet further than what you can do, or seen yourself miss putt after putt, this is the eBook for you.

Getting to the advanced stage of disc golf isn’t that hard, but it’ll likely take you many years if you just keep playing round after round, HOPING you’ll improve.

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Dramatically Increase Throwing Distance

Beginners are amazed when they see an advanced player drive a disc 400+ feet.  I can get your drives to SAIL if you’ll learn the right grip, and how to use your whole body.


Get the Putting Strategy that Minimizes Misses

Hobbyist disc golf players focus so much on driving that they don’t realize they are losing more on missed putts than short drives.  The eBook contains over 50 drills to help.

Maximize Your Practice Sessions to Improve Fast

It’s easy for “practice sessions” to just turn into playing just playing yet another round and HOPING you’ll improve.  I’ll help you improve FAST with smart tips and skills.

Stop Wasting Money

You don’t need bags of new discs.  I’ll show you the discs you actually need, so you can confidently work on fundamentals.

Stop Losing Discs Every Game

If your local course has water or thick vegetation, you know how expensive lost discs can become.  Learn how more advanced players stop this.


Stop Making Beginner Gaffs

Disc golf has many rules of etiquette when playing on public courses.  If you regularly play in local parks, learn how to do it right.

Take Your Game a Huge step forward




Disc Recommendations

I purchased this book and feel it’s a good book overall for a beginner. Has great tips and help for a beginner like myself. I recommend it!.”


“I’m a hobbyist player, but I really want to get competitive with disc golf.  I’ve watched tons of Youtube videos and nothing seemed to help.  Really excited to work on the drills in the book!.”


Avoid the two mistakes most players don’t understand

There are so many things to learn in disc golf that it’s easy to miss the fundamentals.
Beginners make two mistakes that stop them: (1) They don’t use their whole body to throw so they don’t have enough power, and (2) They grip the disc wrong which keeps them from throwing smoothly.

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