The Best Cheap Disc Golf Bag: 7 Bags Reviewed!

There’s nothing better than playing disc golf with a good bag. And if you can get a high-quality bag for cheap, let’s say $25 bucks or less, then that’s just an awesome deal all-around. When I first started playing disc golf, I bought a heavy backpack bag for a really great price – the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag – and made that my #1 choice for best bag under $50 dollars.

But that bag got heavy and I went looking for a small bag. You know, something you can throw five to seven discs in, maybe a bottle of water and a snack, a couple of disc golf accessories, and then hit the course for a casual round or two. I went looking for the best cheap disc golf bag on the market. So that’s what I’ve got for you today. I’ve researched and reviewed seven different bags under $25 dollars and I’m here to give you the info you need to be able to buy the best bag for your buck. So what are the seven best cheap disc golf bags?

The best cheap disc golf bags

1. Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag 

2. Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag

3. Discraft Weekender Bag

4. Infinite Discs Starter Bag

5. Rogue Iron Sling Bag

6. Kestrel Disc Golf Pouch Bag

7. Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

Why choose a cheap bag

1. Casual rounds

The first reason you need a small, cheap bag is because you need a go-bag bag for quick rounds and casual rounds. I recommend that every disc golfer build a go-bag for when they get extra time and want to knock a quick 9 or 18 holes out. You build your bag for casual rounds, too, when you just want to get out with your buddies for a quick round.

2. You can get a high-quality bag for cheap

The quality of bag that you can actually get for less than $20-25 bucks is actually pretty amazing. This list is comprised of seven of the best bags under that price range, so check them all out!

3. Competitive practice

Sometimes you just don’t need a lot of discs to play disc golf. Some people feel comfortable with 20+ discs in their bag. But if you always play with a bunch of different discs, you’ll never master any of them.

Have you ever noticed that pro disc golfers have a certain disc or couple of discs that they use. They’ll have a signature distance driver, control driver, mid-range, and putter, along with a couple of miscellaneous discs for advanced shots. They don’t throw 20 different discs. Instead, they master seven to eight discs.

You see, this is actually an advanced disc golf tip. Another reason to get a small bag is to condense the amount of discs that you use to no more than 10. Then you can master those discs and seriously improve your disc golf game. I dare you to try it. Get some of these bags and condense all of your discs down to about seven or eight of your best discs. Then hit the course and master them accordingly. This competitive practice can be fueled by just grabbing a cheap bag.

4. More money for discs

Lastly, getting a cheap bag is good because you’ll have more money for buying discs! If you chose a $20 dollar bag instead of a $40 or $60 dollar backpack bag, you can buy two to three extra discs. If you did this instead of the $180 dollar Dynamic Discs Ranger backpack, you will save enough to buy eight to ten extra discs!! So hit up here to grab some extra discs with the money you’ve saved.

The best cheap disc golf bags

Our #1 pick – Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag – $31

Price: about $31 bucks

I’ve only had the Slinger bag for a few rounds now, but so far, it is awesome. But I picked this bag for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Storage: there’s a ton of it for such a small bag. You have enough for a water bottle, keys, wallet, some snacks, and a couple of small miscellaneous items…oh, yeah, and about 10 to 12 discs.
  2. Quality: for only $20 bucks, the quality of this bad boy is top notch. has really outdone themselves on this bag.
  3. Size and weight: the Slinger is small and lightweight. I love the size of it and how easily it flows with you out on the course. Sometimes I don’t even realize I have it on until I step up to the next teepad.
  4. It’s the ultimate one-strap bag: for overall quality, value, lightweight make, and size, the Slinger beats out a ton of other bags (including some that are more expensive).

Lastly, here’s what has to say about their bag: “The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort on your quick disc golf rounds. We wanted to provide a quality bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.”


  • The inside pocket carries up to 10 discs, including two inside slots for your go-to discs.
  • The putter pouch on the front of the bag easily carries two putters and even fits oversized discs like the Condor.
  • The drink holder carries water bottles and drinks with an adjustable pull string.
  • Vertical zipper pocket on the back of the bag carries your keys, wallet, mini, grip bag, or other small accessories.
  • Double eye-hole on the top of the bag allows for easy clipping of your towel and bag tags.
  • High quality, padded shoulder strap for hanging on your shoulder or adjusting for wearing across your chest (sling bag).
  • Adjustable strap clips in two different possible configurations so you can adjust for your preferred shoulder.

If you want one of these bags, head on over to and grab one.

2. Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag – $14

What can I say about the Cadet bag? Well, it’s cheap as hell…but you’ll still get fairly decent bag from Dynamic Discs. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of Dynamic ever since I got one of their backpacks. But you’re really not getting a lot other than something to hold your discs. There’s one small pocket for a water bottle and a small pocket for a wallet, snack bar, and your keys. But really, you can’t beat this deal. Grab one here on Amazon.

3. Discraft Weekender Bag – $15

The Weekender bag is a really great option for both new disc golfers and competitive players. This bag can hold a max of about 10 discs and has enough room for a water bottle, a snack, and your wallet/keys. If you want a good small bag for quick rounds, grab this one here off of

4. Infinite Discs Easy Bag – $15

The Infinite Easy Bag is a simple, cost-effective solution to a beginner’s need for a disc golf bag. Infinite states that this bag is a little bit bigger and better than their small bag, with the idea that this bag should last you a couple years or so. This bag can hold about 8-10 discs comfortably and can be a great quick round bag. Grab one here on

5. Rogue Iron Sling Bag – $18

The Rogue Iron Sling Bag is a really great option for casual rounds where you don’t want to carry around a medium-sized or heavy backpack bag. This bag can hold about 7 to 9 discs and is a fantastic option for you for as little as $18 dollars. Check out the current price here on Amazon.

6. Kestrel Disc Golf Pouch Bag – $22

The Kestrel pouch bag is a really cool little disc satchel that makes it a super convenient and easy to play your rounds. This bag holds about 6 to 10 discs and is a perfect quick round bag. You can get one here on Amazon.

7. Disc Living Disc Golf Bag – $25

The Disc Living Bag is another good sling bag option for your game. I like the Rogue Iron bag a bit better, but this bag is pretty good as well. This bag can hold up to 10 discs and is another good way to quickly get out and play. Grab the Disc Living Bag here on Amazon.

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