7 Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2021: Our #1 Pick is…

Here we are: 2021! Finally.

I don’t know about you, but for me, 2020 was one helluva roller coaster ride. Sickness, quarantine, and yep, disc golf getting cancelled. But as we move into 2021, there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel: professional disc golf is going strong again, disc golf stores are finally getting restocked, and more new stuff is coming out monthly.

So now that we can really get back out there and play, you need some high quality practice gear. That starts with a good personal practice basket.

In this post, we’re going to go over 7 of the absolute best practice baskets to look at going into 2021 so that you can make an informed decision on the one that best suits your needs. The great news is, no matter what happens with covid from here on out, you will have a high-quality basket to practice with wherever you want. So let’s check them out!

Why you need a disc golf basket

1. Take your game to the next level: if you really want to improve your disc golf game, putting practice is the way you do it. Sure, you can always go to the course and practice. But with a personal practice basket, you can practice in the comfort of your home until your arms fall off. Time to 10X your putting!

2. Practice whenever you want: You can get much more practice in if you’re able to practice in your garage or backyard. Not just that, but you can practice at 3am if you want to. Don’t be average. Be weird. Putt away.

3. Inexpensive…then free!: even though baskets cost a little bit in the beginning ($100-$200 or more), it’s always a really solid investment to get a basket. They’re high quality steel so they will last for a long time and they’re free forever to use after you buy one for yourself.

For even more on why you need a personal practice basket, check out our post here: “11 Reasons Why You Need a Disc Golf Basket.”

The 7 Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2021

Our #1 Pick: Axiom Discs Pro BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Axiom Discs Pro Basket is probably the best value and best quality basket on the market for your money. It runs for around $130-140 dollars and is worth every penny.

To start, the installation is really simple, quick, and easy. You can take the pieces and screw them all together in just a few minutes. Then boom, you’re putting. The basket is also made very well and features 28 chains. That makes for a great putting experience. Lastly, I love that this basket comes in multiple colors so that you can get the basket that best suits you!

Check out Disc Golf Nerd’s awesome review of the Axiom Discs Pro Basket below.

Link to video on YouTube.

Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

If you can’t find it there, check it out here on Amazon.

2. Innova DISCatcher Traveler Fold-up BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The DISCatcher traveler basket could be a great addition to your disc golf gear collection. It’s a portable target, so it’s not a full-scale metal basket. But it is a decent practice basket that folds up for easy portability. That pretty much means it’s easy to take wherever you want. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Dynamic Discs Recruit BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The DD Recruit is a tremendous basket that would’ve gotten my #1 pick if it was any cheaper. I believe that this is just about the best basket on the market but it will run you about $225 dollars. But if you want a heavy duty basket,  this one is it. This is Dynamic’s version of the DISCatcher Pro.

Here’s what Infinite Discs has to say about the Recruit: “The Dynamic Discs Recruit is a heavy duty disc golf basket at a portable basket price. This quality target has 26 chain strands and weighs 60lbs. With 13 outer and 13 heavy duty inner chains, the Recruit will surely catch your putts. The pole, tray, and top of this basket are stylishly powder coated, while the chains are zinc coated to protect your basket from the elements.

The DD Recruit can quickly be unassembled, and is small enough to fit in the trunk of a compact car. The portable version has a wheel base that makes it easy to move around.

If you’re looking for a great back yard practice basket, you’ll want to invest in your putting game by purchasing the Dynamic Discs Recruit.”

Grab one here on their website.

4. DGA Mach Lite Fold-up BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Mach Lite is another really cool portable fold-up basket that could easily be your go to practice basket. It’s very well made and features 16 chains for all of your putts. It assembles and folds up in seconds so there’s no wasted time wherever you decide to set this basket up at. Get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Dynamic Discs Scout Portable BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Scout is Dynamic’s new ultra portable fold-up practice basket. It’s a little expensive at around $150, but it is a REALLY nice basket and could replace even your nicest metal basket. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Axiom Discs Lite BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Axiom Discs Lite Basket is relatively new to the market, and up to this post, I had no idea that it even existed. But after researchijg this basket quite a bit, I’ve found that it is an excellent, inexpensive option for those that don’t want to spend more than $100 bucks on a practice basket. Until this basket came out, the best metal basket was no cheaper than $130 dollars. Then Axiom came out with this Lite basket and has really changed the game.

Now there are actually a few baskets out now that are comparable around $100 dollars. But the Axiom Lite Basket is top of the line for being only $100 bucks. Honestly, I can see them increasing the price because it’s too well made for only $100. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

If you can’t find one on Infinite Discs, grab one here on Amazon.

7. Innova DISCatcher Pro BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The DISCatcher Pro is the most commonly found basket at local disc golf courses nationwide. Why? Because it’s well-made, reliable, and it’s got a nice, yellow top 💛.  All jokes aside, the DISCatcher is one of the best on the market but it comes with a price of about $525 here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

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