The 7 Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2023!

Whoa…2023? Yep, we finally made it and it feels pretty weird. I mean, just a little while ago we were all talking about how strange the years 2020 and 2021 were and now we’re here. Don’t even get me started about the Covid Pandemic…thank God that it’s finally over.

But as we roll into 2023, disc golf is as popular as ever. And it makes me happy that you and me are a part of that. So to celebrate, I’m bringing you this post (and all the other best of 2023 posts): the best disc golf baskets of 2023.

In this post we’re going to look at two things:

  • A couple of reasons why you need a disc golf basket this year and…
  • The 7 best disc golf baskets of 2023.

Alright, you ready? Let’s do it!

Why you need a disc golf basket in 2023

Take your game to the next level: whatever skill level you are on the course, I’m going to tell you same thing – you have to practice A LOT if you want to improve. Easy enough, right? The right question is actually, “what does it take to improve?” A lot of practice, yes, but specifically, a lot of driving practice, approach practice, and putting practice.

Right now, I’ll tell you that one huge way to improve your putting and take your game to the next level is by buying a personal practice basket. Because if you own a basket at home, that’s a huge incentive to practice more. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get. I mean, it’s inevitable that you’ll get better with a practice basket at home.

Practice whenever you want: going further with owning a practice basket comes the convenience of being able to practice whenever you want to. Instead of trudging everything to the course to get some practice in, you can simply get some practice in right at home. Get practice in at 6am, 2pm, 12am if you want to (note: be thoughtful of neighbors if you live close to other people). Hell, you can sit on your couch and putt into the basket in your living room if you want to. Seriously though, a personal practice basket offers convenience and the ability to get practice whenever you want to.

They’re inexpensive: on top of the first two reasons, the thing that convinced me to buy a disc golf basket was how inexpensive baskets are actually are. A good quality metal basket will run you about $150-200 dollars. The majority of baskets on this list fall within that range. That’s actually very cheap for the quality of basket and for how much practice you could get out of it. I’m talking years of practice if you keep the basket nice. All in all, it’s probably one of the best ways to spend your money if you’re a serious disc golfer.

For more reasons why you should get a basket, check out my post, “11 Reasons Why You Need a Disc Golf Basket in 2023.”

The 7 best disc golf baskets of 2023

My #1 Pick – Axiom Discs Pro BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Axiom Pro Basket has been my #1 pick for the last few years simply because it’s just a great basket. It’s insanely high quality, looks really nice, and has a ton of features that make it many other disc golfers’ #1 choice for a basket as well.

Here is what you get with the PDGA Approved Pro basket:

  • Solid, 2-inch Header Band.
  • 24 Zinc-coated heavy duty chains (12 outer chains; 12 inner chains).
  • Sturdy, all-metal construction.
  • Compact, easily transportable basket.
  • A variety of colors to choose from including: red, royal blue, light blue, yellow, orange, and lime green.
  • Price of about $150-170 dollars.

Here’s what Axiom has to say about the Pro basket: “The Axiom Pro Basket brings the inescapable visibility for which Axiom is known to the design and quality known from the MVP Black Hole Pro! The Axiom Pro Basket is designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course, and is a phenomenal practice target while still being highly portable. For those looking for that extra edge in their practice, the Axiom Pro offers tremendous value and performance. Ideal for experienced or beginning players looking to improve, pick up a Axiom Pro today and take your game to the next level!

If you’d like to grab the Pro basket from Axiom, you can get it here on Amazon.

2. Hive Disc Golf Practice BasketBest disc golf baskets 2022

The Hive is an interesting little basket. Well, it’s actually not that little. This is a full-sized basket that has gotten rave reviews from those who have purchased it. To date, I haven’t gotten a chance to actually use a Hive basket, but it seems like it could be a decent, budget basket for those who don’t want to spend $150 plus dollars on a practice basket.

Plus, Hive utilizes Maple Valley Plastics (MVP Disc Sports) to help manufacture their baskets. This pretty much guarantees that you’re getting a high quality product straight from an awesome company (kind of like Infinite Discs using Innova to manufacture their plastic). All of that makes the Hive a great value.

Here what you get with the Hive Practice Basket:

  • Double chains version.
  • 24 total chains, two-tiered for reliable catching.
  • Threaded tension connections and light weight frame make the Hive Practice Basket easy to set up, break down, and bring to your next disc golf adventure.

Here’s what Hive says about their practice basket: “Hive is dedicated to filling the needs of disc golfers by producing innovative and affordable accessories. Our mission is to solve the market’s barriers of cost and compromise so that our passion for disc golf can be shared with millions of new players around the world.”

If you’d like the Hive Practice Basket, grab one here on Amazon.

3. Innova DisCatcher Traveler Fold-up BasketBest disc golf baskets 2022

I’m a huge fan of the DisCatcher Traveler practice basket. This basket looks really cool, is built REALLY well, comes in a variety of colors, and is completely portable. This basket is simply awesome. Innova has done a great job with it, which is why it’s the number one selling portable fold-up basket in the world and the most popular.

Here’s what you get with the Innova DisCatcher Traveler Basket:

  • Simple one-action setup.
  • 15lbs, one of the lightest portable baskets on the market.
  • 12 steel chains.
  • Extra-wide basket tray made of a durable, quick-drying mesh fabric.
  • Sturdy base, attached anchor rings, and included anchor stakes for putting on uneven surfaces.
  • Matching tote bag for easy transport and storage.

Here’s what Innova says about the Traveler Basket: “The DISCatcher Traveler Target is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. The DISCatcher Traveler is our lightest, most portable Disc Golf target at just 15 pounds. The Traveler sets up with ease and take down is a breeze…The DISCatcher Traveler is always ready to go, yet it is great for backyard putting practice as well. The DISCatcher Traveler is not intended for permanent outdoor installation.”

If you want a Traveler Practice Basket, grab one here on Amazon.

4. Dynamic Discs Recruit BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Dynamic Discs Recruit is a super nice basket but this one is a little bit pricier coming in at $299.99. It may seem pricey, but you get what you pay for. This basket is midway between the Dynamic Discs Lite and the Dynamic Discs Veteran basket. But this basket isn’t any less nice than other baskets on this list. I mean, unless you go for a Dynamic Veteran or a DisCatcher Pro, there really isn’t a better quality basket on the market. And $300 bucks is really not that much money for a top of the line product.

Here are the features of the Recruit:

  • 26 chain target.
  • The pole, tray, and top of the basket are stylishly powder-coated.
  • Chains are zinc-coated.
  • The Recruit can quickly be unassembled, and is small enough to fit in the trunk of a compact car.

Here’s what Dynamic Discs says about the Recruit: “The Recruit Basket is perfect as it is tournament quality at practice price. This basket can be put together and taken down in about 2 minutes. It also comes with all the necessary hardware and tools. Weighing in at approximately 60 lbs, the basket is sturdy and with the built-in wheel on the base, it is very easy to move. Get ready for tournaments. Get better. Get the Recruit.

To grab one for yourself, check the Recruit out here on Amazon.

5. DGA Mach Lite Fold-up BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

This isn’t the most popular fold-up basket on the market but it sure is a cool-looking target. DGA has done well with the Mach Lite Fold-up Practice Basket. It’s a very well made, very hefty portable target. Even though the Innova Traveler is more popular, the Mach Lite is a better quality. Again, though, you get what you pay for. The Traveler is a cheaper fold-up basket, while the Mach Lite comes in at around $215 dollars. It’s expensive, but high-quality.

Here are the features of the Mach Lite:

  • Full-size collapsible disc golf target.
  • Catches like a championship-level target.
  • 16 chains.
  • Comes with a durable carrying and storage bag
  • It’s a lightweight and portable target
  • Zinc-plated steel frame and a stylized nylon mesh flexible colorful cover.

Here’s what DGA has to say about the Mach Lite: “Take disc golf with you anywhere. The DGA Mach Lite is the essential leisure lifestyle basket. You can take it to the park, the beach, camping, anywhere you can imagine setting up a basket. The Mach Lite is perfect for test hole layouts when planning a course and is great for school PE programs or camps. Easily packs up for convenient storage in the garage, closet or the trunk of your car.”

If you’d like to give the Mach Lite a chance, get it here on Amazon.

6. Dynamic Discs Scout Portable Fold-up BasketBest disc golf baskets 2021

The Scout is a really awesome newer portable fold-up target from Dynamic Discs. Just a few years ago, Dynamic Discs didn’t have much skin in the game when it came to disc golf baskets and targets. But they stepped it up with multiple championship-level baskets like the Recruit, Patriot, and Veteran. Not long after that came the Scout, a perfect portable fold-up complement to their other metal baskets.

Out of all of the portable fold-up baskets out today, I think the Scout looks the most professional and just awesome. It’s a beautifully designed basket that is highly functional and super high-quality.

Here are the features of the Scout:

  • Durable canvass top.
  • 16 zinc-coated chains.
  • Sturdy center pole.
  • Collapsible tripod style base for easy setup/disassembly.
  • 24 pound, lightweight basket that can be used anywhere.

Here’s what Dynamic Discs says about the Scout: “We want everyone to go out, get active, and play disc golf. Sometimes, especially if a course is a ways away, you might be taking that enjoyment to your yard or over to the park. For this reason, we’ve developed the Scout basket, a portable, affordable, and easy-to-assemble solution designed to get you playing disc golf anywhere and improving your score whenever you have the time.”

If you’d like to get the Scout, check it out here on Amazon.

7. MVP Black Hole Precision Portable Disc Golf BasketBest disc golf baskets 2022

The definition of precision is, “the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.” I’d say that that’s exactly what you want on the disc golf course. You want accurate and exact putting, so you need a practice basket that can help you get the precision that you’re looking for. The MVP Black Hole Precision Practice Basket is that basket. It’s a really cool way to take your putting game from good to great to elite putting master.

The Precision Basket features a 2 inch header band on a narrow frame, 12 zinc-coated heavy duty course-weighted chains, sturdy, all-metal construction, and the ability to setup and disassemble quickly.

The Precision’s chains are narrowed so that the target size is small. This forces you to putt within a very small window. If you miss the narrow chain window, you miss the chains and miss the putt. This basket forces you to really learn how to putt. And once you master the precision basket, you’ll easily be able to putt better on the larger course baskets.

To grab a Precision Basket, check it out here on Amazon.

The final say

You’ve just been through 7 (plus that extra basket) of the best disc golf baskets in the game for 2023. Like I said earlier, the list didn’t change a whole lot from the year earlier. But I’m honestly pretty okay with that. Because there are a ton of great baskets that have been out a few years and don’t really need to be upgraded. So make 2023 your year with a brand new disc golf basket!

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