The 7 Best Disc Golf Carts in 2024: Our #1 Pick is…

I remember when I first started playing disc golf. I used to see people with disc golf carts and I thought that those players were super serious about the game.

I mean, why do you need a 200 dollar cart, on top of the cost of your bag, discs, and gear, to play disc golf? Well, you don’t, but I found out that a disc golf cart is more than just a cart to haul around all that stuff. Disc golf carts offer many benefits for disc golfers looking to really up their game and have more fun on the course.

After many years of disc golf, I still had never used one. I was curious. A buddy of mine had a very nice cart and wanted to try out a new quick bag that he had just bought. So he let me take the cart out for the day. That was awesome. I still use a bag sometimes, but that changed my mindset about disc golf carts and made me get one of my own.

If you’re on the fence about a disc golf cart, this list should give you all the information you need to make the right choice for you and all of your equipment. So let’s check out the 7 reasons why you absolutely need a disc golf cart.

Why you NEED a disc golf cart

1. If you’re older

Every age can benefit from a disc golf cart but especially older disc golfers. A cart takes all the weight from your bag off of your body. This allows an older person to simply pull the cart behind with reduced stress. It also allows you to get your normal amount of cardio in walking around the course, all while taking any and all weight strain off your back. It’s a win-win for any older disc golfer.

2. The comfort

Like I said a few moments ago, any disc golfer can benefit from a disc golf cart. One of these ways is through the comfort a cart allows. By pulling a cart, you take all the weight off of you. This can be a beautiful thing. Let’s look at some numbers. Say your bag weighs 10 pounds with all equipment and discs. If you play 18 holes, you will, at a minimum, have to pick up that bag about 3 times per hole (or after every throw). Picking a bag up 3 times per hole equals a total of 54 times picking up and putting down your bag, which is 540 total pounds each way. You also have to lug all of that weight around. A cart takes all the weight off and turns it into an easy-pull cart. Now that’s comfort!

3. Improved play

As we keep talking about how much bags weigh and the strain they can put on you, here’s something else to think about: all of that stress and strain from carrying can really a toll on your stamina and energy during your round. Even if you’re a very fit person. I, myself, am a young guy that takes fitness seriously…so I’m in good shape. But lugging a bag around for 2+ hours takes a toll. Most will agree that by the end of a normal 18 hole round, you’re tired and ready to call it.

With a disc golf cart, you take all of that weight off and you can save some of that stamina to put into disc golf game during that round. Believe me, a cart helps. And don’t even get me started on tournaments with multiple rounds. A disc golf cart can be a tremendous lifesaver for you.

4. Holds more discs or stuff

Theoretically, a cart can help you carry more items if you absolutely need to. Most carts can hold a fully-loaded Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag or Dynamic Discs Commander Bag (links to Amazon) AND more stuff (like this awesome putter pouch for discs golf carts on

On the flip side, if you get a cart, it can hold a fully-loaded bag. So you can just pack it in to your backpack bag and roll it on down the course.

5. Most carts have a seat for slow rounds

One more really cool feature that carts have is a built in seat. You won’t find this with every cart, but if yours has it, it can be convenient for a quick rest in the middle of a tough round.

6. You’ll take your game more seriously

So this isn’t a guarantee. But in my experience, and from some of the players I’ve seen, getting yourself a disc golf cart can motivate you to take your game more seriously. Why? Because you’re investing more into your disc golf game. I’ve found that the more I spend on disc golf, the more serious I tend to take it. This might just be from a financial perspective, but it could also be this: the more you spend on nicer equipment, the more you feel like you’re investing into your skills and ability to be great at disc golf.

7. They’re just plain awesome

I mean, you can clearly see how many advantages that a disc golf cart can offer. They can help you out if you’re older, they offer the comfort of not having to carry your heavy bag around, can allow you more stamina by not having to lug around all the weight of your bag, can hold even more discs and stuff, have seats, and allowing you the benefit of taking your disc golf game more seriously. Now that’s just plain awesome.

Alright, let’s get to those disc golf cart recommendations! Here are the 7 best disc golf carts:

7 best disc golf carts

Our #1 Pick – Dynamic Discs Compact Disc Golf Cart by Zuca


Best disc golf cart

The Compact Disc Golf Cart from Dynamic Discs is made by Zuca and is insanely nice. It is my #1 pick for a couple of different reasons:

1) It’s a cart that comes with a bag already assembled and built into it. I absolutely love that.

2) I also freakin’ love the look of this cart. It is designed and built really well.

3) It has a seat built in!

4) It’s fairly compact, yet can still hold a lot of discs and gear.

5) It comes ready to go! Just throw your discs and gear in and you’re ready to hit the course.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: 22” wide x 17” deep (with XL bottle holders attached) x 20” from the seat to the ground.
• 2 pencil holders
• Adjustable inner top shelf.
• Built in disc holder – can hold up to 15 discs.
• 2 elastic side pockets.
• 2 XL water bottle holders.
• 51 inch telescoping handle.
• removable tubeless foam tires for easier portability.
• Built in seat that supports up to 300 lbs.

If you want to read more about the Dynamic Discs Compact Disc Golf Cart, check it out here on Amazon.

2. Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart by Zuca

Best disc golf cart

The Backpack Cart from Dynamic Discs is another great choice when deciding between disc golf carts. The difference, though, is that this cart is frame only. That means that you have to have your own bag. Check out the pic below ⬇️.

Best disc golf cart

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: 15″L x 12″W x 27″H inches (including wheels)
• Sturdy frame that doubles as a seat during course play (supports 300 lbs)
• All-terrain off-road tires
• Fits most backpacks up to 9″D X 12″W X 19″H (with seat closed).
• Removable wheels for compact storage.
• Gear platform to help you carry more if needed.

For more on the Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart, check it out here on Amazon.

3. Dynamic Discs Backpack Disc Golf Cart LG

Best disc golf cart

Continuing on with really great choices for carts is the Dynamic Discs LG backpack cart. There’s nothing overly special about it, but it is slightly larger than the Dynamic Discs backpack cart at #2. Other than that, they’re fairly similar. Your choice at which one you want and/or need.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: 15″L x 12″W x 27″H inches (including wheels)
• Sturdy frame that doubles as a seat during course play (supports 300 lbs)
• All-terrain off-road tires
• Fits most backpacks up to 11″D x 16″W x 20″H.
• Removable wheels for compact storage.
• Gear platform to help you carry more if needed.

If you’d like to know more about the LG cart, check it out here on Amazon.

4. MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart

Best disc golf cart

So as you can see, Dynamic Discs and Zuca really dominate the disc golf cart market. Why? Well, there really aren’t any serious competitors quite yet. But MVP has come out with at least something to give people a choice. The Rover cart, though, is pretty solid. It allows you to carry your bag and and carry 2 water bottles as well. No seat on this one but it’s lightweight and easily maneuverable.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: storage platform Storage Platform 15.75″ Wide x 9″ Depth 51″ tall with handle.
• 51″ telescoping handle.
• 11 pounds in weight.
• Aluminum tube and plate construction.
• Low center of gravity, causing a smooth, balanced ride. 
• Two water bottle holders at the bottom.
• All-terrain, off-road wheels.

For more on the Rover cart, check it out here on

5. Dynamic Discs Transit Disc Golf Cart by Zuca

Best disc golf cart

Continuing on with another great disc golf cart is the Transit Cart. This is a nice, compact disc golf cart that DOES come with a bag that can hold up to 20+ discs. If you want a great cart for any type of play, this one can easily fit that mold.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: 22.5″H x 24″W x 16″D (including wheels).
• Bag Insert Dimensions: 10.25″H x 14.5″W x 10″D.
• Sturdy frame that doubles as a seat.
• All-season tubeless foam performance tires for all-terrain play.
• Removable wheels.
• Gear platform for extra cargo.

For more on the Transit Cart, check it out here on Amazon.

6. Dynamic Discs EZ Disc Golf Cart by Zuca

Best disc golf cart

The EZ Cart is a solid, affordable option when it comes to buying a quality disc golf cart. It does NOT come with a bag, but does have a good bag storage space and more storage underneath.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: 27 x 18 x 18 inches
• Sturdy frame with storage shelf.
• Fits large specialized backpacks.
• Off-road, all-terrain tubeless foam tires.
• Removable wheels.
• Gear platform to carry more stuff.
• 51” Telescoping handle

For more on the EZ Cart, check it out here on Amazon.

7. Gotta Go Throw Disc Golf GO CART


Best disc golf cart

Finally…another cart option that isn’t Dynamic Discs! Seriously, though, the disc golf Go Cart is a very sturdy and reliable option for your cart needs on the disc golf course.

Here are some of the features:

• Cart specs: Height – 40″ Width – 20″ (wheel to wheel).
• Lightweight with heavy duty aluminum.
• Hinged seat that can hold up to 300 lbs.
• Large diameter, all-terrain wheels.
• Great bag storage.

For more on the Go Cart, check it out here on Amazon.

Let’s wrap this up

I’m glad you’re making/have made the decision to get a new disc golf cart! They’re pricey, but can be a great investment in your disc golf game. You don’t have to have a disc golf cart, but with so many benefits, it’s almost unwise to not buy one. So keep checking out these carts and pull the trigger on the one you like the best. I guarantee it will be a great purchase.

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