The 23 Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023 (Check These Out)!

Best disc golf discs 2023
I seriously can’t believe it’s already 2023!
Wow, 2022 went by incredibly fast and produced a number of great disc golf discs.

With the Covid Pandemic getting farther and farther behind us, disc golf is back in full swing and companies aren’t hurting quite as bad with supply chain shortages. So that means great disc golf companies are back to making great discs!

So, here we go again. This list marks the 4th year in a row that I’ve created a “best disc golf discs” list. And this year, we’ll be looking at all of the great additions from both big and small companies.

All of the discs this year are brand new, with no older discs making the list. So this list is going to be epic! Are you ready for all these new discs?!

Why you need some of these discs

1. you deserve some new plastic: with a new year, we’re going to see some epic new plastic types, new molds, and new designs. That means it’s time for you to pick up some of that awesomeness. Why not? You’ve played well and I think you deserve it! 😉

2.  these discs are FRESH: the newest of the new, fresh off the press and ready for new rounds of disc golf!

3. new players in the game: there are a ton of new companies with new discs to try out. Grab a few from Doomsday Discs, Streamline Discs, Mint Discs, Thought Space Athletics, Loft Discs, or Remix Discs. New players, but really great quality plastic.

6 Quick notables from This Year’s List

1. Drivers dominate as always: for the last 4 years, every new list has featured many different distance and fairway/control drivers. Why? Because drivers are sexy. This list for 2023 is no different. Drivers dominate once again.

2. Mid-range discs were overlooked: I was really surprised that there were only a few brand new mid-range discs this year. I’m a huge fan of mid-range discs and there weren’t really that many to pick from when I was looking for new discs.

3. A LOT of putters again: just like last year’s list, there were a bunch of brand new putters hitting the market, from the little guys AND the big guys.

4. New companies getting into the mix: just like last year, I’ve seen a bunch of new names popping up. Glad to see more competition amongst disc golf companies. This will promote better quality stuff for disc golfers. With that being said…

5. Big companies better step it up: the smaller companies are producing more discs and better quality plastic every year. So big-name companies better turn the dial up a notch or else they’re going to be losing out on some business.

6. 2023 is going to be AWESOME: all of the releases up to 2023 have been great, so I’m stoked to see what 2023 has in store for brand new releases. I’ve heard some rumors about some big-name and brand new discs on the horizon, so keep an ear out.

The 23 Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023

My #1 Pick – Doomsday Discs Plague – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The plague is a brand new distance driver from Doomsday Discs. I shot this disc to the top of my list based on its sheer popularity and the fact that this new company deserves some recognition. With flight ratings of 12, 5, -1, 2.5, this is a fairly stable driver that feels great in hand and is somewhat easy to control.

The plague is great for doomsday survivors and “will spread infectiously through ruined civilizations and dystopian landscapes for many decades and centuries to come.”

Check it out here on

You can also get it here on Amazon.

2. Loft Discs Bohrium – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The Bohrium is a really fast, mostly overstable distance driver from the people over at Loft Discs. They’re still new to the scene, but continuously coming out with new plastic that has exceeded expectations. The Bohrium, with flight ratings of 14, 6, -3, 1, is just another disc in that awesome lineup.

Check it out here on

You can also grab one here on Amazon.

3. Discmania Eagle McMahon Rainmaker – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

For the first putter on this list, we have the Discmania Eagle McMahon Rainmaker. Obviously, this disc was designed by none other than Eagle MacMahon himself, and features flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0.5.

What Eagle McMahon says about the disc: “What makes the Rainmaker special to me is the fact I was heavily involved in the design process. The Rainmaker represents everything I want in a putter. I will primarily use it for putting, but the shape of the disc also makes it an incredible point and shoot throwing putter with great glide.”

So if you want something that puts well, approaches well, and throws well, get this disc here on

You can also get it here on Amazon.

4. Discmania Razor Claw 3 Meta Tactic – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

The Razor Claw 3 Meta Tactic is the third installment of their super popular Razor Claw putter. With flight ratings of 4, 2, 0, 4, the Razor Claw 3 is a VERY advanced disc for players that know how to throw overstable discs well. New players need to stay away. But for those that can handle it, it can be the perfect overstable putter for whatever your needs are on the course.

Grab yours here on Amazon.

5. Thought Space Athletics Omen – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

I love Thought Space’s disc designs. A lot of other people do, too, because almost all of their discs have been popular in the last couple of years. It also helps that their plastic is high quality as well. The Construct is no different, in plastic or design. With flight ratings of 9, 4, 0, 4, this distance driver might seem to be easy to throw, but it’s a VERY overstable, low-speed, finesse distance driver with a lot of beef. It fights you to go to the ground, so it still needs to be thrown fairly hard (even though it’s only a 9 speed).

Get one here on

You can also grab one here on Amazon.

6. Infinite Discs Dynasty – Fairway DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The Dynasty is one of Infinite’s newest discs and it has the reviews to back up its popularity. This disc is fun to throw, with flight ratings of 9, 5, -1, 2, and is very accurate to boot. If you want an insanely precise fairway driver, this is it.

Here’s what Infinite has to say about the Dynasty: “The Dynasty is a stable fairway driver. This control driver offers enough stability to provide a consistent “S-curve” flight. Also, it can still fly most any line you would want. Making this into a highly controllable disc. All the while it can achieve good distance for beginner and advanced players alike.”

Grabs yours here on

7. Innova IT – Fairway DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

Y’all, this disc is IT! No, seriously, this disc is actually called, “IT.” Not really a very popular new release, but an interesting new fairway driver from Innova Discs that sports flight ratings of 7, 6, -2, 1. The IT is a fairly understable, fun, control/fairway drivers for all kinds of players. If you’re newer, you’ll appreciate the understability. If you’re more advanced, the understability is perfect for long hyzer flips.

If you’d like to try out the IT, grab yours here on

8. Loft Discs Silicon – Mid-rangeBest disc golf discs 2023

This new disc from Loft Discs is very overstable and ready to be your new workhorse mid-range on the course. With flight ratings of 5, 4, 0, 3, the Silicon is tough, yet ready to get some work done for more advanced players.

Grab one here on

You can also get one here on Amazon.

9. Streamline Discs Ascend – Fairway Driver Best disc golf discs 2023

Streamline is another brand that just keeps pumping out great new discs. The Ascend only continues that trend. This excellent fairway driver aims to please all players, but is a really great starter driver for newer players (with flight ratings of 6, 5, -3, 0.5).

Grab one here on

You can also get it here on Amazon.

10. Mint Discs Lobster – Mid-rangeBest disc golf discs 2023

The Lobster is the newest disc from the guys over at Mint Discs and it hasn’t disappointed yet. With flight ratings of 5, 5, -3, 1, this disc has the potential to be a great mid-range for all skill levels.

You can get one of these here on Infinite Discs.

11. Doomsday Discs Frag – Mid-rangeBest disc golf discs 2023

The Frag is another awesome disc from Doomsday’s brand new lineup of disc golf discs. This mid-range, with flight ratings of 5, 2, 0, 5, is a super beefy utility mid-range that you’ll basically throw with the intention of getting it drop like a grenade. Because this disc is INSANELY overstable. Honestly, it’s probably the most overstable disc on the market right now (highly comparable to a Discmania Tilt).

Here’s what Doomsday Discs says about the Frag: “Sometimes you need a disc that is so overstable that it tilts and finishes vertical, no matter how you throw it. You can throw the FRAG both forehand and backhand and it will fade hard and fall hard on an extremely steep angle.”

Get yours here on on Infinite Discs.

Or grab one here on Amazon.

12. Doomsday Discs Bleak – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

The Bleak is a phenomenal new putter from Doomsday discs. With flight ratings of 2, 4, -1, 1, this disc can be a great disc for just about any player.

Here’s what Infinite Discs says about the Bleak: “The Bleak by Doomsday Discs is a top-notch, high-quality, straight-flying putter that perfectly describes the look of the future. While the future may look bleak, your putting doesn’t have to if you use one of the best beadless putters on the market. It feels great, looks great, and flies great, whether putting at the basket or tossing the Bleak across the fairway.”

Grab yours here on

You can also get one here on Amazon.

13. Prodigy PA-5 – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

\The PA-5, with flight ratings of 3, 4, -2, 0.5, is one of Prodigy’s newest approach putters. This disc is a fairly straight, mostly stable disc that is great for all kinds of different shots including putts, approaches, longer fairway throws, and short shots off the tee. The premium plastic is really nice and it feels great out of the hand. Definitely a great putter.

Grab yours here on Infinite Discs.

Or you can get one here on Amazon.

14. Prodigy A5 – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

The A5 is the second Prodigy disc on this list. They’ve cranked out a bunch of awesome new discs and the A5, with flight ratings of 3, 4, -1, 1, has been another great release. This stable disc has had rave reviews so far, with most disc golfers calling it very precise and great for accuracy under low power.

If you want to try out the A5, grab one here on

Or get one here on Amazon.

15. Remix Torpedo – Mid-rangeBest disc golf discs 2023

Probably the least hyped release of the year. But might be worth a shot. They’re not PDGA approved but have a niche following of players that really like them! You can check out the Remix Torpedo here on Amazon.

16. Innova Xero – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

The Xero will fly about as straight as any other disc on the market today, including Innova’s other disc, the Nova. Both of those are pretty similar in stability and flight, so either of those will be great for your bag if you want a SUPER straight-flying disc. Flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0.

Grab a Xero here on

You can also get one here on Amazon.

17. Latitude 64 Flow – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 have been fairly quiet this year so I was surprised when I saw this disc. The Flow is a fun, new, somewhat overstable distance driver that can be the perfect driver to step into once you start throwing fairway and distance drivers. With flight ratings of 11, 6, -0.5, 2, I think you’ll like the Flow.

Grab yours here on

18. Prodigy H7 – Hybrid Control DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The Prodigy H7 is an interesting “hybrid control driver” from Prodigy. With flight ratings of 9, 5, -4, 1, “the H7 is a fast, very understable driver from Prodigy. The H7 will be a useful tool for a wide variety of players. It’s understability will help beginners and lower arm-speed players throw long turnover shots. Players with more power will achieve hyzerflip turnovers and long rollers.”

Grab yours here on

19. Thought Space Athletics Construct – Hybrid Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The Construct from Thought Space is another really awesome-looking design. This is a slower distance driver with decent stability and a definitive ending fade. Y’all, I just love their designs.

Here’s what Thought Space has to say about it: “Coming in at 10, 6, -1, 2, and the epitome of glide, the Construct will find a comfortable home in your bag when you’re looking to push for more distance than your standard fairways or scale down from a distance driver when a straight flight is required from start to finish. With a harmonious balance of manageable rim-width and glide with a straight flight out of the box, the Construct is sure to bridge a gap many players are eager to fill.”

Grab one here on

20. MVP James Conrad Zenith – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

Big fan of James Conrad. Ever since his epic win at the PDGA World Championship in 2021, I’ve been keeping up with him. That, and he’s a fellow Virginia native.

The Zenith looks to be just as epic, with flight ratings of 11, 5, -0.5, 2. It’s the first distance driver in Conrad’s disc lineup and it aims to please. Intermediate players on up will love the Zenith, with moderate overstability and excellent fade on the end.

Grab yours here on

21. Westside Discs Bear – Control DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

I’m excited about this one. I’ve been a fan of Westside Discs for awhile now and I’m very ready to test out this disc. With flight ratings of 8, 6, -0.5, 2.5, the Bear appears to be a somewhat overstable, yet slower control driver. From what I’ve seen about this disc, if you bag the bear, you control the fairways.

Get yours here on

22. Discmania P1 – PutterBest disc golf discs 2023

Discmania has definitely come out with some really nice discs in the last 12 months. From the crazy popular Eagle McMahon versions to the less popular P1, they’re all great discs. This company puts a lot of heart into making great products and it shows in everything that they release. The P1 joins that list. With flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0, this disc is a straight shooter, matching flight profiles with the Innova Xero on this list. Super straight disc!

Grab a P1 here on

23. Streamline Discs Lift – Distance DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

The Lift is an excellent new distance driver from Streamline Discs. With flight ratings of 9, 5, -2, 1.5, this disc can fit the bag of most players except for brand new beginners. If you have a little bit of skill, this disc shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Get a Lift here on

Extra – Latitude 64 Glory First Run – Fairway DriverBest disc golf discs 2023

With flight ratings of 7, 5, 0, 3, the Latitude 64 Royal Grand Glory is a dependable overstable fairway driver with A LOT of fade.

Infinite Discs states that, “the Glory is made for the advanced player, but players with slower arm speed will definitely enjoy the overstability during windy days.”

If you’d like to try out the Glory, check it out here on

Extra – Dynamic Discs Culprit Prototype – Putter Best disc golf discs 2023

I’m excited about this prototype. More to come soon!

Once it’s released, you can get one here on

The final say

You’ve just seen 23 of the absolute best new disc golf discs in the game today. As of 2023, these discs are fresh and ready to be added to your bag. If you want the newest of the new, these discs are it. So go get a few of these awesome discs and get out on the course!

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