7 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners: 2024 Edition

Back when I first started playing disc golf, I was pretty bad and I made a lot of mistakes. Those days were spent practicing A LOT. I mean when I say bad, I was B.A.D. PERIOD. But over time, I improved my game. It took a lot of rounds but eventually I became pretty decent at disc golf. I’ve continued to look into why I was so bad back in the day and a few things came to mind.

The biggest thing that I think held me back from getting better in disc golf was that I didn’t use beginner disc golf discs. I started with advanced discs that were hard to throw, but I didn’t know that. I just played and trudged through rounds while there were easier discs that could’ve doubled my skill in half the time. Now if you’re new to the game and are looking for the best disc golf discs, this list is for you.

I’ve compiled seven of the absolute best disc golf discs for beginners this year. Six of these discs are discs that you could pick up and use for every throw on the disc golf course. The seventh disc is a beginner driver that I’ve hypocritically added because it can be a great step up after you’ve gotten the game down a bit but still consider yourself a beginner.

Before you get playing, stay away from…

As a beginner, there are four kinds of discs to stay away from. If you, as a new player, were to throw these discs, your game would suffer tremendously and it will take you a long time to improve.

1. Drivers

Although I’ve got one driver on this list, my general rule is, as a brand new beginner, you need to completely stay away from all drivers. Why? Because drivers need to be thrown fast and with a lot of force. That’s often tough for new players and will result in your disc going nowhere you want it to. If drivers aren’t thrown hard enough, they won’t fly correctly and will make your throws erratic.

2. Overstable discs

Overstable discs are discs that will fade more quickly to the left when thrown by a right-handed backhand (rhbh) thrower. That makes an overstable disc very difficult to throw. As a beginner, you want understable discs, or discs that turn more to the right for that same rhbh player after being thrown. Understable discs are much easier to throw and will help beginners. Stay away from the overstable discs.

3. Shiny, new, advanced models

This is something I’ve had a problem with and I want you to heed my warning: stay away from those shiny, new, advanced discs that the pros use. Those discs might seem awesome and those discs might actually be really great – like the Discraft Zeus for example – but they’re usually too hard to throw for new players. Pros throw them because they’re, well, pros and thus are very good at throwing discs. Odds are you are not. So stay away from these discs until you get better at disc golf.

4. Discs that don’t feel good to you

Lastly, even if someone recommends a disc and it’s perfect for new players – like the Discraft Buzzz on this list – but you don’t like how it feels when you throw it, don’t keep throwing it. Find a disc that you like to throw and that feels good when you throw it.

Putters and mid-range discs

As a new player, you’re going to stay away from those four kinds of discs i just talked about. Now as for picking discs, you want to stay with putters and mid-range discs. These discs fly a little slower and usually a little straighter. This makes them easy to play with and excellent to learn with. If you stick with these discs, your disc golf skill will improve tremendously. So let’s take a look at seven of the best disc golf discs for beginners below ⬇️.

The 7 best disc golf discs for beginners!

My #1 pick – Discraft Buzzz

The Buzzz is the truly the king. It is hands down one of the most popular discs ever made and is bagged by the majority of disc golfers. It’s also the perfect disc for beginners. Looking at this list, you may already have a Buzzz (even if you’re a beginner). If you don’t have a Buzzz, you need to get one of these discs. They’re awesome in feel and flight. They fly super straight, hold almost any line, and can be relied upon in just about every scenario on the course. You can grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Latitude 64 Pearl

The Pearl is a great starter disc for true beginners. Women, kids, and transitioning ultimate frisbee players stand to benefit from the heavily understable, very light mid-range. It’s also part of Latitude 64’s “easy-to-use” disc golf line. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Dynamic Discs Prime Judge

I love the Judge. I’ve had one in my bag since I started playing. It’s an all-around fantastic disc and is one of the best choices for brand new players. If you could only play with one disc, I would tell you to use the Buzzz or the Judge. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Innova Aviar

The Aviar is one of the most popular putters in the world today. This is definitely a disc that you should check out as a beginner. It is easy to throw, very forgiving, and controllable – everything a beginner player needs in a disc. But this disc is much more than that. It’s truly a staple in any level player’s bag and is trusted by pros all over the world. Pick one up here on Discgolfunited.com.

5. Infinite Discs Anubis

I’m already a big fan of the Anubis. This disc has really made me like the Infinite Discs brand more and more. They’ve also got a really great stable and overstable mid-range in their lineup. The Anubis, though, is one of the best understable mid-range discs out there today for beginner disc golfers. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Innova Atlas

The Atlas is one of my favorite disc golf discs because of how unbelievably straight it flies and how forgiving it is when you mess up your throw a little bit. The Atlas is perfect for beginners and I highly recommend getting one for your bag. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Innova DX Leopard

Now I know I said to skip drivers as a beginner but I just had to put the Leopard on this list. I put it on here because it really plays a lot like a mid-range disc and doesn’t have to be thrown very hard to get you a decent amount of distance. I still wouldn’t recommend this disc to brand-new, first-day-out beginners. But after a couple of rounds, this disc shouldn’t be very hard to pick up and throw well. Grab a Leopard here on Discgolfunited.com.

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