The 11 Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players in 2024!

So you’ve been grinding it out on the course for awhile now. I mean, you’ve been putting in the work.

You can see the improvement. Obviously you aren’t a beginner anymore and those beginner discs? Pshhh, those are for the birds. You want something new. Some discs that will amp up your game and really show you exactly how good you can start to get at disc golf.

Well, I’m glad you’ve found this post. Because we’re gonna be looking at 13 of the best disc golf discs for intermediate players and hopefully helping you make a decision on buying a few discs.

Also in this post:

  • Why exactly I chose these intermediate  level discs.
  • How to make sure that you’re an intermediate level player


  • My #1 pick for the best overall intermediate level disc golf disc.

13 best disc golf discs for intermediate players

Distance Drivers

My #1 Overall Pick – Dynamic Discs Sheriff – stable

2. Discraft Hades – understable

3. Innova Destroyer – overstable

4. Prodigy D1 – very overstable

Control Drivers

5. MVP Volt – stable

6. Westside Discs Underworld – understable

7. Dynamic Discs Escape – overstable

Mid-Range Discs

8. Discraft Buzzz – stable

9. Discmania Origin – understable

10. Innova Roc – overstable


11. Infinite discs Tomb – stable

12. Latitude 64 Pure – understable

13. Axiom Envy – overstable

First off, why I chose these discs

  • They’re made for intermediate players: I won’t go too deep with this statement, but the discs I put on this list are perfectly molded to help intermediate players get the most out of their discs. Let me explain ⬇️.
  • They’re not too overstable (or understable): by the time you get to intermediate level disc golf, you may be starting to implement strategy into your game with varying shot types and throws (hyzers, anhyzers, flex shots, etc), but you’re still learning and working your way up with distance drivers. Other disc golfers will argue that at this point in your disc golf career you need distance discs that are very overstable and very understable for strategy purposes. I say that you need to use mid-range discs and control drivers for these strategy purposes. They’re right on the strategy but wrong on the distance drivers. At this point in your disc golf career, you should still be learning distance drivers and pushing the limits on your game. But don’t let me hold you back.
  • Strategy discs: the putters, mid-range discs, and control drivers I’ve put in this list are meant for intermediate players also developing strategy in their game. So that means I’ve included some very understable and very overstable options to help develop your overall strategy on the course.
  • They’re not too difficult to throw: the discs in this post are one step up above beginner discs and range from easy to moderately difficult.
  • Stability: I picked a stable, overstable, and understable disc in each of the four categories of discs (distance drivers, control drivers, mid-range discs, and putters). That makes 12 and I added in one advanced disc in as a surprise to make 13 pbenominal discs for intermediate players.

How to determine if you’re an intermediate player

  • The amount of time put into the sport: to be considered an intermediate player, you have probably invested around 200 hours or more into your game overall. This includes 40-50 complete 18-hole rounds and a significant amount of time practicing the different parts of your game.
  • Your distance: to be considered an intermediate player, you should be able to consistently throw your drives 300+ feet. You should also be able to have the majority of these drives hit the line that you are trying to throw the disc on AND feel confident in your driving ability. You should be able to throw all control drivers and be learning distance drivers.
  • Your putting: to be considered an intermediate player, you should have your putting on lock. That means you should be able to crush 75% of your putts or better from inside of the circle. You should also feel confident in your putting ability.
  • Your average round scores: in my opinion, to be considered an intermediate player, you must be able to consistently score par or or better during your rounds. You don’t have to be the best competitive player or even a really good player. You just have to be above average and should be able to play all your rounds without a bunch of practice shots or rethrows.
  • Your mindset: to be considered an intermediate player, you must meet the previous four categories and you must know and understand that you are an intermediate player. Be honest about your skill level. My skill level is not even close to advanced but I do consider myself an intermediate player. If you’re a beginner, just say so and keep practicing! You can check out my beginner tips post here on the site and intermediate tips post here on the site. But if you’re close to intermediate or you are an intermediate player, let’s get to those discs! Here are the 11 best disc golf discs for intermediate players.

13 best disc golf discs for intermediate players

Distance Drivers

My #1 Overall Pick – Dynamic Discs Sheriff (13, 5, -1, 2) – stable Best disc golf discs for wind

Man, I love the Sheriff. If you’ve read any of my other disc recommendation posts, you’ve probably seen the Sheriff on there and seen my love for this disc. Did I mention that I love The Sheriff? I put this disc as my #1 overall pick for intermediate players because I believe that this truly is one of the best discs for intermediate players. When I was a lowly newbie, with just a few rounds under my belt, I started throwing the Sheriff. Yes, a distance driver. And I threw it well. It’s actually a very forgiving disc and it helped me excel into intermediate play pretty fast. If you want to try the Sheriff, grab one here on

2. Discraft Hades (12, 6, -3, 2) – understableBest distance drivers for intermediate players

The Hades is one of my new favorite discs. It’s one of the newer discs in the Paul McBeth lineup of Discraft discs and this thing can really fly. It kind of reminds me of the Discraft Thrasher a little bit but this has a little bit more glide behind it. After throwing this disc, I immediately liked it. Its understability is perfect for Hyzer Flipping and it just goes. Plus, even though it’s a 12 speed disc, it’s not that hard to throw. If you want to try out the Hades, grab one here on

3. Innova Destroyer (12, 5, -1, 3) – overstableBest disc golf distance drivers 2021

The Destroyer is a little bit tough for an intermediate disc but one that you can easily work your way into after a little bit of practice and improvement. It’s fairly overstable, but once you can throw this disc, you’ll see why it’s the #1 all-time best selling distance driver. This disc rocks. It gets distance, it’s predictable, and it’s reliable to a T. Once you’ve got the skill, get a Destroyer for your bag here on

4. Prodigy D1 (12, 5, 0, 3) – very overstable Best disc golf discs for intermediate players

The Prodigy D1 is a really tough distance driver, especially for intermediate players. But I put it on this list because it’s a type of driver that you want to work up to when you get to intermediate player. This driver is very overstable and takes a bit to master, but can yield you really good results if you get the hang of throwing a disc like this. When you get to intermediate player, you need to build up to having a disc like the D1 in your bag. I just happen to like Prodigy, so the D1 is at the top of my personal list. If you want to try it out, grab one here on

Control Drivers

5. MVP Volt (8, 5, -0.5, 2) – stable Best disc golf control drivers

The Volt is a sweet piece of plastic from the fine people at Maple Valley Plastics. It’s got a little bit of turn on the end, but this disc is a straight shooter that can really help you improve your intermediate control driving game. If you want consistency from a stable control driver, grab a Volt here on Fantastic intermediate disc.

6. Westside Discs Underworld (7, 6, -3, 1) – understable best disc golf disc for beginners

What can I say about the Underworld? Well, for starters, this disc is super fun to throw. It’s also one of the easiest control drivers on the market, making it a good beginner level driver and a great intermediate level driver to start implementing different miscellaneous curving throws like the Hyzer Flip. The Underworld rocks. Grab one here on

7. Dynamic Discs Escape (9, 5, -1, 2) – overstable Best disc golf control drivers

The Escape is a very highly recommended, fairly overstable, intermediate level control driver. I like to think that this is the control driver version of the Sheriff. Similar flight ratings minus the speed of the disc (which is less). The Escape is absolutely perfect for any beginner to intermediate player to test out their control with tight, long lines. Because the Escape is reliable and will hold just about any line you put it on. If that’s what you need in your bag, grab an Escape here on

Mid-Range Discs

8. Discraft Buzzz (5, 4, -1, 1) – stable best disc golf disc for beginners

Man, there is just so much to say about the Buzzz. First off, it’s one of the best overall disc golf discs ever made. And that’s not just my opinion. If you were to poll the #discgolfcommunity, this disc would overwhelmingly get the most votes for the question, “What is the best disc golf disc of all time?” I mean there just aren’t a lot of discs with the track record of the Buzzz. For intermediate players, the stability and reliability of the Buzzz make it a Pure precision disc for when you need a disc you can truly rely on. It will go where you want it to. You can get a Buzzz here on

9. Discmania Origin (5, 5, -1, 1) – understable Best midrange discs for hyzer flips

The Origin is a relatively newer disc from Discmania. This disc, along with a couple of others that launched, were interesting because it showed their departure from the classic three letter names they’ve be one accustomed to (DDx, MDx, etc.). But so far, these new discs haven’t lacked in quality whatsoever. Even though the flight ratings show -1 turn, 1 fade, the Origin is fairly understable and can be a solid intermediate level disc. I also wanted to out a little bit of variation in this #9 spot instead of another Discraft disc that I had in mind. But if you’re looking for a different understable mid-range, check out my post on the 13 best understable mid-range discs here. If you want to go ahead and pull the trigger on the Origin, you can get one here on

10. Innova Roc (4, 4, 0, 3) – overstable Best disc golf discs for intermediate players

The Roc is another one of those all-time great mid-range discs…this time on the overstable side. It’s by far one of the most popular discs in the world and has been for awhile now. It flies on any angle you put it on and is extremely reliable for intermediate players looking to really improve their overstable mid-range game within about 300 feet. If that’s what you need, grab a Roc here on


11. Infinite discs Tomb (3, 4, 0, 1) – stable best disc golf putters for beginners 2021

I’ve REALLY liked the Tomb ever since I got one from Infinite Discs. This stable putter has helped me tremendously so far. In my opinion, this is a fantastic putter for intermediate players due to its stability and reliability.

Here’s what Infinite Discs has to say about the Tomb: “The TOMB is a flat-topped, low-profile, putt-and-approach disc with a comfortably smooth, beaded rim. The Tomb has just the right amount of stability to cover ground while threading the needle on approach shots, whether thrown forehand or backhand. It can also be used as a crossover mid-range, driving putter, or to hold the line while putting for distance or in moderate winds.”

You can get one here on

12. Latitude 64 Pure (3, 3, -1, 1) – understable Best hyzer flip discs

The Pure isn’t just a great beginner disc. It’s also a phenominal disc for those insanely straight flying Hyzer Flips. This is a precision, tunnel shot disc to say the least. If you put it on a slight hyzer angle, this thing will turn over a bit and hit any gap and fly ridiculously straight for you. On top of that, it’s a pretty great putter, too. Get a Pure here on

13. Axiom Envy (3, 3, 0, 2) – overstable Best disc golf discs

I love love love the Envy. It’s fairly overstable, but dang do I enjoy throwing this disc. This is a great disc for an intermediate player to pick up and play solo rounds with. In fact, I recommend that you just work on your technique and distance for a few rounds with only an Envy once you get up to intermediate play. Any putters will work, but the Envy fly really well. Grab an Envy for your bag here on

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