7 Best Disc Golf Discs for Your Solo Disc Round

Back when I first started playing disc golf, I was bad…like ridiculously bad. So bad, in fact, that I came very close to quitting pretty early on.

I mean it was truly embarrassing. And even when I thought I had a good throw, I would hit a tree. I went out and did everything completely wrong. But finally, I learned a little bit about the game and stopped trying to fling drivers as far as I could possible get them.

That’s when I learned about discing down and playing solo disc rounds with putters and mid-range discs. That changed everything. I finally got a little bit better. Along the way, I picked up a few more tips on how to play solo disc rounds and found some of the best discs to play these rounds with. So today, that’s what we’re going to be talking about: solo disc rounds, some tips on playing them, and 7 of the best discs to use while you play.

7 best disc golf discs for your solo round

1. Discraft Buzzz

2. Innova Roc

3. Axiom Envy

4. Westside Discs Harp

5. Discraft Luna

6. MVP Tangent

7. Innova Nova

What is a solo disc round?

I’m going to keep this one short, simple, and sweet. We’re going to be talking about solo disc rounds today. So what exactly is a solo disc round?

A solo disc round is a disc golf round where you play with a single disc or with a single type of disc (like a putter or mid-range). This kind of play is not to get confused with regular solo rounds (playing rounds by yourself).

Why do we play solo disc rounds?

• Distance: instead of distance drivers, we use mid-range discs and putters to play with. While you practice, your distance with these discs should increase. This will help your overall distance with control and distance drivers.

• Technique: solo disc rounds allow us to take focus off trying to throw as far as we can with distance drivers and just work on throwing technique.

• General practice: with this, you can just get out and work on your game with slower discs in a relaxed setting. You can choose to play in any way you want, with any easy short-range disc. You can practice with different shot types, angles, or distances, all while steadily improving.

A couple quick things to think about

• Clear your mind: I know you’re practicing, but take some time to just throw and get better. Focus on your play but clear your mind. Relax a little bit.

• Use multiple discs: I know these are “solo disc” rounds, but buy a couple of the same disc to play with. It’s easier and quicker to play with the same 2 Harp putters than just 1 putter. I took it even further and bought 3 of the same disc to throw with. Just makes it easier for me, so it could help.

• Use only an “all-around” disc: finally, you don’t have to use any of the disc recommendations below if you don’t want to. That’s no problem. But I definitely want you to understand this final point before we get to my 7 recommendations below. I want you to use a disc that is good in all types of throwing situations i.e. a good “all-around” disc. This disc should be good for putting, approach shots, and drives. If you have a disc that does this for you, that’s great. If not, check out the discs below. I’ve put together a list of 7 discs that play well in just about every disc golf situation.

7 best solo disc golf discs

1. Discraft Buzzz – Mid-range

The Buzzz has to make #1 on this list. It’s one of the most popular mid-range discs in the world and is a really phenominal all-around disc golf disc for solo disc rounds. The Buzzz has flight ratings of 5, 4, -1, 1, making it a very straight, reliable, and dependable disc golf disc. I didn’t really like the Buzzz at first, but it grew on me and is now my main solo round disc golf disc.

Grab a Buzzz for your solo disc rounds here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Innova Roc – Mid-range

The Roc is one of the most popular disc golf discs in the #discgolfcommunity today. A lot of people use it for a lot of different situations on the course, but it’s especially a great disc for solo rounds. The Roc has flight ratings of 4, 4, 0, 3 and flies a bit overstable. But with a glide of 4, this disc really flies.

Grab a Roc here on Discgolfunited.com.

3. Axiom Envy – Putt and Approach

The Envy is one of those sleeper discs. You know the ones: the disc that you really knew nothing about but found out that it was actually really popular. Then you throw it and immediately understand why everybody loves it. With flight ratings of 3, 3, 0, 2, it’s a very safe, straight putter with an easy, reliable ending fade. The Envy is similar in flight to the Discraft Luna but just a tiny bit more understable. Overall, the Envy is one of the best solo round discs on the market.

You can get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Westside Discs Harp – Putt and Approach (“Mid-range Putter”)

I’m a huge fan of the Harp. It’s hands down one of my favorite disc golf discs because of how fun it is to throw. It sports flight ratings of 4, 3, 0, 3, so it’s fairly overstable, but it isn’t hard to throw. The subtle fade on the end of your throw isn’t very harsh either.

I like the Harp, though, because of the feel. It’s used primarily as a putt and approach disc, but the label on it says “mid-range putter.” I would say that’s more accurate as it feels good in your hand as an approach disc and as a short-range driver. It also feels very similar in design and flight as the EMac Truth that I own. So the Harp for me has been an excellent all-around disc and will be used again and again for solo disc rounds.

You can get a Westside Discs Harp here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Discraft Luna – Putt and Approach

The hugely popular Discraft Luna has become infamous because of recent play by Paul McBeth (yeah, he threw it 450 feet and parked it by the basket).

Check out that video below.

Credit: JomezPro – link to video on YouTube

Now granted, Paul is a helluva disc golfer and can absolutely crush it with any disc. But just from that one throw, I could tell that the Luna would be a good option for solo disc rounds. After throwing it, I realized that this disc was fairly overstable due to the flight ratings of 3, 3, 0, 3, but still felt great in the hand and flies a lot straighter for me than the numbers suggest.

If you want to try this disc, grab the Discraft Luna here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. MVP Tangent – Mid-range

With flight ratings of 4, 4, -0.5, 0.5, the Tangent is an awesome all-around mid-range that just deserves to make this list. This disc is great for new players and powerful throwers alike, which means it’s a good disc that can handle a lot of different types of shots on the course. All of that adds up to an interesting choice for a solo disc round. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Innova Nova – Putt and Approach

Straight off the rack, the Nova comes out just about as straight-flying as almost any other disc on the market. As a putter, this disc is great. But as an approach disc and a short driver, this disc just plain rocks. With flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0, the Nova can be your go-to all-around solo round disc golf disc (wow, that’s a mouth full). Even though it’s last on this list, the Nova is a really great disc. You can get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5 quick tips to improve your disc golf game

1. Disc. The. F*ck. Down.

So if you haven’t understood the premise of this entire post up to this point, I’m going to enlighten you now. YOU’RE LITERALLY READING A POST RIGHT NOW ABOUT DISCING DOWN (or dropping from discs that are too fast for you, like distance drivers, to slower discs like mid-range discs and putters). Please tell me you understand. I’m sure you do.

But you have to disc down to get better. We use easier to throw, slower discs, along with the next tip on this list, to improve our game. Every great disc golfer does it and has done it. If you don’t, you’re seriously missing out on some improvement to your game.

2. Learn technique

Learning and understanding proper technique is one of the fastest ways to improve in disc golf. Check out our post, “7 Steps to the Best Disc Golf Technique and a Perfect Throw,” to learn more.

3. Try using a frisbee

This might sound weird so bear with me for a minute. I know that we don’t use regular frisbees in our rounds. We use disc golf discs. But what if you used a frisbee? Do you know that they are just like giant sized aviars or some of the clunkier disc golf discs? I’ve talked with more than a few highly competitive disc golfers that use a frisbee every once in awhile to work on accuracy and distance. Why not give it a try. You can get a Discraft Ultimate Frisbee disc here on Amazon.

4. Try competing

One of the ways that I personally got better was by competing with others. Now you don’t have to join a league or play in tournaments (though I would suggest both of these as they can benefit you tremendously). But you should get out on the course with a competitive friend or family member that also wants to improve. Challenge each other to see who can throw straighter, fling it farther, and putt more accurately for the win.

5. Read our 101 tips post

Once you’ve looked over the previous 4 tips, check out our epic blog post on the 101 best disc golf tips to really keep expanding your knowledge of disc golf. This post is absolutely packed with the best disc golf information available today.


Your solo disc rounds might be some of the most important rounds that you ever play. They might be somewhat boring and they might take a lot longer than normal rounds. But the development you get from these practice rounds can make or break your disc golf career.

So I hope that you’ve seen why the solo disc round is something every competitive disc golfer should add in to their game. It’s pretty d*mn important. So grab a couple of the discs we recommended above, collect your gear, and go play!

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