The 7 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers of 2023!

Welcome to 2023, everybody! I’m glad you’ve found this post and I’m looking forward to showing you some great new discs in this year’s list.

Man, we’ve been a lot in the last couple of years. 2020 and 2021 was all about the Covid Pandemic. And 2022 finally saw us go back to some semblance of normalcy. But it’s still been weird. Through all that, though, comes disc golf.

Our sport has flourished in the last couple of years. And I’m glad to see it.

With supply chains finally getting back on track, there have been loads of new disc releases in the last year. I’ve highlighted all of those new discs in this post and the following posts:

  • The 7 Best Fairway/Control Drivers of 2023!
  • The 7 Best Disc Golf Mid-Range of 2023!
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If you’re a beginner…

Before you start out your disc golf career with a big mistake, I want to caution you against throwing distance drivers!

You see, when you first start out, you won’t be able to throw discs that hard. It takes time, practice, and patience to develop your ability to throw discs both fast and accurate.

Distance drivers are almost always about a 9-10 speed on up, which means they need to be thrown VERY hard to fly correctly. As a beginner, you probably won’t be able to get them up to speed, so I would stay away from them until you’re comfortable throwing putters, mid-range discs, and then fairway/control drivers.

However, if you have the skill, let’s get to that list!

Quick note

One more quick note: I was much happier with this year’s selection of new distance drivers. Last year, I had to make a 2022 list with a couple of older discs added. There weren’t enough new releases to make a full list. But this year, we’re good to go. Let’s check out the 7 best disc golf distance drivers of 2023!

The 7 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers of 2023!

My #1 Pick – Doomsday Discs Plague Best disc golf discs 2023

The plague is a brand new distance driver from Doomsday Discs. I shot this disc to the top of my list based on its sheer popularity and the fact that this new company deserves some recognition. With flight ratings of 12, 5, -1, 2.5, this is a fairly stable driver that feels great in hand and is somewhat easy to control.

The plague is great for doomsday survivors and “will spread infectiously through ruined civilizations and dystopian landscapes for many decades and centuries to come.”

Check it out here on

You can also get it here on Amazon.

2. Loft Discs Bohrium Best disc golf discs 2023

The Bohrium is a really fast, mostly overstable distance driver from the people over at Loft Discs. They’re still new to the scene, but continuously coming out with new plastic that has exceeded expectations. The Bohrium, with flight ratings of 14, 6, -3, 1, is just another disc in that awesome lineup.

Check it out here on

You can also grab one here on Amazon.

3. Thought Space Athletics Omen Best disc golf discs 2023

I love Thought Space’s disc designs. A lot of other people do, too, because almost all of their discs have been popular in the last couple of years. It also helps that their plastic is high quality as well. The Construct is no different, in plastic or design. With flight ratings of 9, 4, 0, 4, this distance driver might seem to be easy to throw, but it’s a VERY overstable, low-speed, finesse distance driver with a lot of beef. It fights you to go to the ground, so it still needs to be thrown fairly hard (even though it’s only a 9 speed).

Get one here on

You can also grab one here on Amazon.

4. Doomsday Dystopia Best disc golf distance drivers 2023

This new distance driver from Doomsday Discs looks to be something special. With flight ratings of 11, 6, -1, 2, the Dystopia will be a little bit easier to throw than the Plague, but could easily be a starter distance driver for players looking to step up from fairway/control drivers into something faster.

Here’s what Infinite Discs says about the Dystopia: “Doomsday Discs is sorry to inform you that the end is near. But in the meantime, they proudly present the Dystopia, a distance driver for the common man. This driver will fly true for players at all levels without too much turn or fade. If you survive the coming apocalypse, you’ll be happy that you have a stockpile of Dystopia drivers to throw across the ruinous landscapes of the future.”

Grab yours (for the end of the world) here on

Or you can get it here on Amazon.

5. Latitude 64 Flow

Best disc golf discs 2023

Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 have been fairly quiet this year so I was surprised when I saw this disc. The Flow is a fun, new, somewhat overstable distance driver that can be the perfect driver to step into once you start throwing fairway and distance drivers. With flight ratings of 11, 6, -0.5, 2, I think you’ll like the Flow.

Grab yours here on

6. Thought Space Athletics ConstructBest disc golf discs 2023

The Construct from Thought Space is another really awesome-looking design. This is a slower distance driver with decent stability and a definitive ending fade. Y’all, I just love their designs.

Here’s what Thought Space has to say about it: “Coming in at 10, 6, -1, 2, and the epitome of glide, the Construct will find a comfortable home in your bag when you’re looking to push for more distance than your standard fairways or scale down from a distance driver when a straight flight is required from start to finish. With a harmonious balance of manageable rim-width and glide with a straight flight out of the box, the Construct is sure to bridge a gap many players are eager to fill.”

Grab one here on

7. MVP James Conrad Zenith

Best disc golf discs 2023Big fan of James Conrad. Ever since his epic win at the PDGA World Championship in 2021, I’ve been keeping up with him. That, and he’s a fellow Virginia native.

The Zenith looks to be just as epic, with flight ratings of 11, 5, -0.5, 2. It’s the first distance driver in Conrad’s disc lineup and it aims to please. Intermediate players on up will love the Zenith, with moderate overstability and excellent fade on the end.

Grab yours here on

Extra – Streamline Discs LiftBest disc golf discs 2023

The Lift is an excellent new distance driver from Streamline Discs. With flight ratings of 9, 5, -2, 1.5, this disc can fit the bag of most players except for brand new beginners. If you have a little bit of skill, this disc shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Get a Lift here on

The final say

I hope you enjoyed that list. There are actually 8 of the best distance drivers for your rounds this year in 2023. But keep checking back in. I’ve heard some rumors of a few big disc releases, so I’ll try to add to this post when new distance discs are released. Other than that, grab a few discs off this list and get out on the course!

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