The 7 Best Disc Golf Mid-Range Discs of 2023!

I seriously cannot believe that it’s 2023! This will be the 4th year in a row that I’ve been doing these best discs lists and it feels like yesterday when I was last talking about 2020, then 2021, and then 2022.

But we’ve made it to the new year again and it’s looking up to be a great year! With the Covid Pandemic getting farther and farther behind us, supply chains are improving, and disc golf companies are getting back into full swing. That means a bunch of awesome new discs for disc golfers.

So, in this list, I’m bringing you 7 of the absolute best mid-range discs of the year. 6 of the 7 discs on this list are brand new, with the exception of the Discraft Buzzz. The Buzzz has been in almost all of my best mid-range discs lists and will probably continue to be, because it’s simply a great disc. The others? All new and ready for your bag.

Before we check out that list, here’s a couple reasons why you need some of these discs:

Why mid-range discs are important

They’re easier to throw and control

First things first…mid-range discs are just, in general, discs that are easier to throw and control. When you’re a newer player, putters and mid-range discs are exactly what you need to be throwing (because they’re easy). Once you get a little better, mids are still extremely important because they become the most controllable discs in your bag.

They’re extremely versatile

The definition of versatile is “able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.” That is exactly what a mid-range is made for. Going a little bit further with that last section, we know that they’re the easiest discs to control when you’ve got the ability to throw almost all discs.

But mid-range discs can be adapted to a lot of different shots and serve many different roles in your bag. The option of having this versatility can really expand your game and help you start to develop a strategy for how you’re going to play each hole or each round. This is HUGE if you’re working on becoming a competitive disc golfer.

Provides an option for throws in between putters and drivers

Mid-range discs can just, in general, give you the option of having a disc that provides you with options in between putters and drivers. Putters are normally only good for about 250 feet, while drivers are normally 350 feet plus. Mids provide you with a middle of the range, 300 foot option (hence why they’re called mid-range discs).

But those aren’t the only reasons why you need mid-range discs. Check out a couple of quick reasons why below ⬇️:

  • They fly better on a low line approach shot than a putter.
  • They push through wind better than putters.
  • They tend to be more forgiving with mid to long range forehand approach shots than a putter and…
  • They fade less and settle down on the ground with less skip than drivers.

So you can clearly see the benefit of owning a mid-range. I’m sure you already understand that but having a great mid-range can truly make all the difference in your disc golf game. Alright, let’s check out the 7 best mid-range discs in 2022!

The 7 best disc golf mid-range discs of 2023!

My #1 Pick – Doomsday Discs FragBest disc golf discs 2023

My #1 pick on this list is the Doomsday Discs Frag. It’s #1 for a couple of reasons:

First, Doomsday is new on the block and they deserve a little bit of recognition. They’ve come out with a bunch of awesome new discs and I want people to know about them.

Second, Doomsday disc golf discs have been extremely popular so far. The reviews from the disc golf community have been insanely positive.

Third, this is a really interesting disc. This mid-range, with flight ratings of 5, 2, 0, 5, is a super beefy utility mid-range that you’ll basically throw with the intention of getting it drop like a grenade. Because this disc is REALLY overstable. Honestly, it’s probably the most overstable disc on the market right now (highly comparable to a Discmania Tilt).

Here’s what Doomsday Discs says about the Frag: “Sometimes you need a disc that is so overstable that it tilts and finishes vertical, no matter how you throw it. You can throw the FRAG both forehand and backhand and it will fade hard and fall hard on an extremely steep angle.”

Get yours here on on Infinite Discs.

2. Mint Discs LobsterBest disc golf discs 2023

This new disc from Loft Discs is very overstable and ready to be your new workhorse mid-range on the course. With flight ratings of 5, 4, 0, 3, the Silicon is tough, yet ready to get some work done for more advanced players.

Grab one here on

3. Discraft BuzzzBest disc golf mid range discs 2023

The Buzzz has been on almost all of my best mid-range discs list for the last few years for serveral reasons: it’s a great, stable disc golf disc, it flies incredibly straight, it isn’t hard to throw, and it’s perfect for almost all players. The Buzzz is truly the multi-tool of disc golf discs because of how versatile it is. With flight ratings of 5, 4, -1, 1, the Buzzz is the one disc that should be in every single disc golfer’s disc golf bag.

If you don’t have one, it’s time to pick on up here on

4. Remix TorpedoBest disc golf discs 2023

Probably the least hyped release of the year. But might be worth a shot. They’re not PDGA approved but have a niche following of players that really like them! You can check out the Remix Torpedo here on on Amazon.

5. MVP UplinkBest disc golf mid range discs 2023

The Uplink is a brand new disc from the awesome people at Maple Valley Plastics. With flight ratings of 5, 5, -3, 0.5, this understable beast has stormed the disc golf scene and received rave reviews from almost all players that have used it. Definitely a great mid-range disc.

Here’s what states about the Uplink: “The Uplink is a very understable mid-range in the MVP line. It’s an ideal utility mid-range for tail winds or when you want to hold a short anhyzer line. Or it’s a perfect disc for new players who have difficulty avoiding an early fade.”

Grab an Uplink here on

6. Loft Discs SiliconBest disc golf discs 2023

This new disc from Loft Discs is very overstable and ready to be your new workhorse mid-range on the course. With flight ratings of 5, 4, 0, 3, the Silicon is tough, yet ready to get some work done for more advanced players.

Grab one here on

7. Innova ToroBest disc golf mid range discs 2023

The Toro is one of Innova’s newest discs and has been decently popular since its release.  This flat, very overstable disc is beefy and will always fade on you. So it has to be thrown pretty hard to keep its line. Otherwise, this can be a precise mid-range with a predictable ending fade for those shots that you really want to sit down quickly and not travel or roll after landing. If you need a very overstable mid-range for your bag, the Toro is for you. Flight ratings of 4, 2, 0, 4.

Grab yours here on

The final say

So that’s the list. You’ve just seen 7 of the absolute newest and best mid-range discs of this year – 2023. Hopefully, you’ve been able to find a couple of great new mid-range discs. If not, no worries, be sure to check out more of our best discs posts to find exactly what you need. Once you do that, grab a few discs, and then get out on the disc golf course!

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