The 7 Best Disc Golf Putters of 2023!

Welcome to 2023! I’m glad we’ve made it to the new year again and I’ve got some great discs in store for you on this list – the 7 best disc golf putters of 2023!

I know the last couple of years have been rough. But we’ve finally made it through the Covid Pandemic and seem to be returning to some semblance of normalcy.

But the one thing that’s remained constant in our lives has been disc golf. I know it’s helped a lot of players get through tough times. And because of that, disc golf has flourished. On top of that, there are a bunch of new companies that have hit the disc golf market. I’ve made sure to highlight a few of those companies here in this post.

Before we get to that list, here’s a quick note:

3 reasons why you need a good putter

Distance shots, approaching, and putting

Having a good putter is extremely important because you’ll need it for more than just banging chains. A good putter can perform in every way. If your disc can drive well, approach accurately, and catch chains when needed, you’ve found a great, well-rounded putter. Look for discs that can do it all because that’s crucial to lowering your score on the course.

You need to feel good to play 😌

If you like how your disc feels – the plastic, the way it flies, and how it putts – you’ll feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll play even better. You need that confidence on the course and it all starts with a good putter.

“Drive for show, putt for dough”

Lastly, if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “drive for show, putt for dough,” you probably know how important putting is to your overall disc golf game. The phrase itself means that, while driving is important to get distance, it’s all for show. Putting is what actually helps you close out each hole and is ultimately what helps you win (and win the money).

Alright, so that’s enough of all that. Let’s get into the 7 best disc golf putters of 2023!

The 7 best disc golf putters of 2023!

My #1 Pick – Doomsday Discs BleakBest disc golf discs 2023

The Bleak is a phenomenal new putter from Doomsday discs. With flight ratings of 2, 4, -1, 1, this disc can be a great disc for just about any player.

Here’s what Infinite Discs says about the Bleak: “The Bleak by Doomsday Discs is a top-notch, high-quality, straight-flying putter that perfectly describes the look of the future. While the future may look bleak, your putting doesn’t have to if you use one of the best beadless putters on the market. It feels great, looks great, and flies great, whether putting at the basket or tossing the Bleak across the fairway.”

Grab yours here on

You can also get one here on Amazon.

2. Discmania RainmakerBest disc golf discs 2023

For the next putter on this list, we have the Discmania Eagle McMahon Rainmaker. Obviously, this disc was designed by none other than Eagle MacMahon himself, and features flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0.5.

What Eagle McMahon says about the disc: “What makes the Rainmaker special to me is the fact I was heavily involved in the design process. The Rainmaker represents everything I want in a putter. I will primarily use it for putting, but the shape of the disc also makes it an incredible point and shoot throwing putter with great glide.”

So if you want something that puts well, approaches well, and throws well, get this disc here on

You can also get it here on Amazon.

3. Discmania Razor Claw 3Best disc golf discs 2023

The Razor Claw 3 Meta Tactic is the third installment of their super popular Razor Claw putter. With flight ratings of 4, 2, 0, 4, the Razor Claw 3 is a VERY advanced disc for players that know how to throw overstable discs well. New players need to stay away. But for those that can handle it, it can be the perfect overstable putter for whatever your needs are on the course.

Grab yours here on Amazon.

4. Prodigy PA-5Best disc golf discs 2023

The PA-5, with flight ratings of 3, 4, -2, 0.5, is one of Prodigy’s newest approach putters. This disc is a fairly straight, mostly stable disc that is great for all kinds of different shots including putts, approaches, longer fairway throws, and short shots off the tee. The premium plastic is really nice and it feels great out of the hand. Definitely a great putter.

Grab yours here on Infinite Discs.

Or you can get one here on Amazon.

5. Discmania P1Best disc golf discs 2023

Discmania has definitely come out with some really nice discs in the last 12 months. From the crazy popular Eagle McMahon versions to the less popular P1, they’re all great discs. This company puts a lot of heart into making great products and it shows in everything that they release. The P1 joins that list. With flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0, this disc is a straight shooter, matching flight profiles with the Innova Xero on this list. Super straight disc!

Grab a P1 here on

6. Prodigy A5Best disc golf discs 2023

The A5 is the second Prodigy disc on this list. They’ve cranked out a bunch of awesome new discs and the A5, with flight ratings of 3, 4, -1, 1, has been another great release. This stable disc has had rave reviews so far, with most disc golfers calling it very precise and great for accuracy under low power.

If you want to try out the A5, grab one here on

Or get one here on Amazon.

7. Innova XeroBest disc golf discs 2023

The Xero will fly about as straight as any other disc on the market today, including Innova’s other disc, the Nova. Both of those are pretty similar in stability and flight, so either of those will be great for your bag if you want a SUPER straight-flying disc. Flight ratings of 2, 3, 0, 0.

Grab a Xero here on

You can also get one here on Amazon.

Extra – Dynamic Discs Culprit PrototypeBest disc golf discs 2023

I’m excited about this prototype. More to come soon!

Once it’s released, you can get one here on

The final say

So that’s the list. 7 of the best disc golf putters of 2023! Fresh out of the factory and ready for rounds on the course. I know that I’m super excited for this year and I’m so ready to hit the course. You should be, too! 2023 is going to be a good year. So make the most of it by grabbing some new discs, working on your disc golf game, and crushing it on the course!

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