17 Best Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

From the minute I started playing disc golf a few years ago, I loved the sport. Disc golf is entertaining, challenging, and can be very frustrating at times. It was that frustration in the beginning that caused me to seek out tips for getting better at this new hobby of mine.

I was pretty terrible for a few months and when I started scavenging the internet and asking others about how to improve, one of the things I was told was to “disc down.”

Basically, everyone told me to stop playing with my drivers and start practicing with mid-range discs and with my putters. Then someone said, “try playing only with putters. You’re a beginner, you need a couple of the best disc golf putters for beginners.”

So I learned about putters and how they could help you improve. Then I decided to put together a complete list of beginner putters to help you as a beginner, just as they helped me. So what are the 17 best disc golf discs for beginners?

The 17 best putters for beginners

1. Innova Aviar

2. Dynamic Discs Judge

3. Latitude 64 Ruby

4. Innova Wedge

5. Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn

6. Latitude 64 Pure

7. Prodigy PA-4

8. Innova Nova

9. Dismania P1X

10. Infinite Discs Scarab

11. Discraft Roach

12. Latitude 64 Mercy

13. MVP Atom

14. Gateway Wizard

15. Axiom Envy

16. Westside Discs Harp

17. Discraft Luna

Honorable Mention – Discraft Zone

Why putters are important for beginners

Putters are extremely important for beginners. They may not be flashy and they may not be the most exciting discs to start throwing, but you need to throw putters if you’re new to disc golf. Here’s why:

Easy to throw discs

Putters are just plain easy to throw. That’s simple and easy to understand. Even though they’re technically putters, and are used by most people for putting into the basket, putters are great for beginners when they drive and throw approach shots.

Putters have flight ratings that make them easy to throw for beginners. We’ll talk about flight ratings in a later section, but you need to know that putters are easy and will help you improve.

Putters can be used for all shots

Like I stated in the last section, putters are important because beginners can use them to play with. I talked about them being easy, so beginners should use putters when first starting to play full rounds with. I know I wanted to try and throw drivers because I just wanted to throw as far as possible. But I was bad…and it was because I was throwing discs that are hard to throw for a beginner players.

Once I switched over to playing putter-only rounds, my skill in disc golf improved dramatically. But why?

Can help you focus on your technique while learning distance and other skills

As you’re learning the game, using putters will help you learn a bunch of different skills. Those skills are as follows:

Technique: discing down will allow your flaws to come out. If you’ve got bad form and technique, and then you use putters, all of it will be exposed. Using putters will help you focus on learning better technique and not just throwing the disc as far as you possibly can.

Throwing power: discing down can help you learn how to throw the disc harder without sacrificing technique. With putters, you’re training your body to throw the disc hard to get distance with your discs instead of relying on your fast speed discs for distance.

Distance: because you’ll be learning how to develop your throwing power, your distance will develop just as well.

Strategy: lastly, playing with putters can help you develop your overall strategy. Now that you’re not throwing with high-speed or max distance discs, you’ll need to learn new shots or how to approach your shorter throws to figure out how to get to the basket. This will quickly help you learn and improve on the disc golf course.

So you can see that, If you use putters, you’re game will improve tremendously. But let’s talk about a couple other quick things before we get to the list.

What about mid-range discs?

So just because this is a post about why putters are good for beginners, that doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend mid-range discs. The mid-range is also a really good option to try out for major beginner improvement. But we’re going to stick to putters for this post. We do have a couple of great posts, though, for you to check out if you’re looking for mid-range discs (or if you’re moving up to fairway drivers).

The first post is,“The 37 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners (You Need These).”

The second post is, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Mid-range Discs for Beginners.”

How to choose the best putter: flight ratings

In disc golf, we choose discs based on flight ratings, or a series of four numbers on a disc golf disc.

The four numbers on a disc golf disc are a flight ratings system that represent the true characteristics of a disc golf disc as it flies through the air, including the speed, glide, turn, and fade of the disc. From left to right, these numbers include:

Speed: how fast the disc must be thrown. The first number. Ranges from 1 to 14 with 14 meaning the disc has to be thrown very fast.

Glide: how the long the disc can stay in the air. The second number. If the disc is thrown at the correct speed, it will glide appropriately. Ranges from 1 to 7 with 7 being the most glide.

Turn: how much the disc turns to the right when first thrown (rhbh thrower). The third number. Ranges from -5 to 1 with -5 being the most turn.

Fade: how much the disc turns to the left at the end of it’s flight (rhbh thrower). The fourth number. Ranges from 0 to 5 with 5 being the most fade.

All of these numbers mean that a disc will fly a certain way if thrown correctly.

So when choosing discs as a new player, you really want to pay attention to the flight ratings and learn how they affect each disc.

When choosing a putter, if you prefer to find your own (instead of the recommendations below), here are some guidelines that you’ll want to follow:

1. Speed: keep the speed low. I recommend keeping the speed below 5 as a new player. That’s why putters are so great for new players. You don’t even really need to worry about speed when picking a putter because almost all putters are below 5. Every disc on the recommendation list below is below a 5 speed.

2. Glide: you want as much glide as possible. It’s tough with putters because they only give you up to around 4 or 5 glide at the most (the most is 7). But still, putters with a rating of 3 or more are fine. Every putter on this list is at least a 3 glide or higher.

3. Turn: you want at least a little bit of high-speed turn on your disc when you’re a new player. For right hand back hand throwers (rhbh which is most throwers), the more high-speed turn, the more the disc will turn to the right when first thrown.

The more turn, usually the easier it is to throw at first for brand new players. Remember, turn is -5 to 1, so you want around a 0 to -3 amount of turn (0 is fairly straight and will turn more as you get to -3). Every disc on the list below ranges from 0 to -3.

4. Fade: as a new player, you want as little low-speed fade as possible. For rhbh throwers, low-speed fade means the disc will turn to the left at the end of flight. Remember, fade is 0 to 5, with 5 being the most fade. We recommend you stay around 0 to 3 fade, but try to keep it as minimal as possible. All of the discs on this list range from 0 to 3, but try to stay under that if you can.

The discs at the beginning of this list are easier to throw. While the discs at the end are a little bit harder to throw. I did this on purpose to show you the easiest first all the way to the hardest. Now we’ll go through the recommendations list and I’ll show you the 17 best disc golf putters for beginners. Check it out and grab you a couple!

The 17 best putters for beginners

1. Innova Aviar (2, 3, 0, 1)

The Aviar is the king of putters. It’s the most popular putter in the world and has been for awhile. The #discgolfcommunity has picked this disc as the #1 disc golf putter and it’s the #1 recommendation for a putter for new players. With it’s super straight flight, the Aviar is good for much more than just putting. Approach shots and short drives normally hit exactly where you want them too (and those putts usually always go in afterward).

When picking up an Aviar, don’t go for anything fancy. Just grab a regular Innova Aviar (link to Discgolfunited.com).

2. Dynamic Discs Judge (2, 4, 0, 1)

The Judge is hands down my favorite putter and is one of the most popular putters in the world at the moment. The Judge has such a great feel to it and it flies exactly how you want it to almost every time. It’s a low-speed putter but it glides forever after you throw it (not surprising with a glide rating of 4).

I would give the judge the #1 spot, but the Aviar is more popular and is the most recommended disc in the disc golf community for beginners. But the Judge isn’t far off. I would give both the Aviar and the Judge a test drive because most people like one or the other. For me, it’s the Judge. Get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Latitude 64 Ruby (3, 5, -3, 1)

The Ruby is a phenominal disc golf putter for new players and is part of Latitude 64’s “easy to use” line of disc golf discs. It doesn’t require a lot of speed on the throw to fly extremely far as it has a glide rating of 5! It is very understable, but that is what you want as a beginner. This disc will turn quite a bit in the beginning as a result and will correct at the end of flight with a small amount of low-speed fade. The Ruby is definitely a disc to get if you’re brand new to the game. Get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Innova Wedge (4, 3, -3, 1)

This mid-range putter is a great option for newer disc golfers looking for a great-feeling putter to start their #discgolfjourney with. The Wedge is highly understable, meaning that for rhbh throwers, the disc is going to turn a bit to the right at the beginning of flight. This is completely okay though for new players as that turn will help you ease into disc golf play. Once you start to get better, the Wedge can be used for a variety of shots and shot shaping. Get a Wedge here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn (3, 3, -2.5, 0)

The Swan 1 Reborn has made it’s way into a couple of my top discs lists because of how great is is for newer players. Westside used the original mold from the Swan, but designed the Swan 1 Reborn to be a bit more understable (and thus, better for beginners). The flight ratings are 3, 3, -2.5, 0, which can serve a new player through learning all parts of the game. The Swan 1 Reborn can make a great all-around use disc for learning how to drive, approach, and to putt, so it is definitely recommended by myself for any players, especially new ones, looking for an overall great putter. Check the Swan 1 Reborn out here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Latitude 64 Pure (3, 3, -1, 1)

The Pure is a really nice putter from Latitude 64 and is used frequently by disc golf pro Kristin Tattar. The Pure has a good deal of glide and is extremely beginner friendly because of its straight flight characteristics (probably Lat 64’s straightest flying disc). The feel of this disc is similar to how the Westside Disc Harp is designed: more of a mid-range style. If you’re not a fan of how putters feel, but still need to play with them, consider the Pure. You can get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Prodigy PA-4 (3, 3, -1, 1)

The PA-4, though different in flight characteristics, feels a lot like an Aviar in the hand. But the PA-4 is a much more beginner friendly throwing putter than the Aviar. I use mine more for throwing than putting, but it still occasionally gets some use as a putting putter. Grab a PA-4 here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

8. Innova Nova (2, 3, 0, 0)

The Nova is an extremely popular putter in Disc Golf. It is hailed as one of the straightest Disc Golf discs ever made and it is a really great starter putter for those new to disc golf. It’s a very predictable disc and once you start learning angles and shot shaping, the Nova is a really handy disc. The #1 Disc Golfer in the world, Paul McBeth, crushed it with this disc when he was sponsored by Innova. You can get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

9. Dismania P1X (2, 3, 0, 0)

The P1X “is an ultra straight flying putt and approach disc with a bead,” according to InfiniteDiscs.com. This disc is often compared to the Innova Nova because of its insanely straight flight pattern. The P1X and the Nova are similar in flight ratings and share the love from a lot of disc golfers, but the P1X has one advantage: it is WAY more durable. Grab a P1X here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

10. Infinite Discs Scarab (2, 4, 0, 1)

The Scarab is one of Infinite Discs’ newest putters on the scene and it’s making some noise already. A lot of players loved the Infinite Discs Myth putter, but have picked up the Scarab to find that they like it just a bit more.

The Scarab is a really straight-flying disc with just a tiny touch of fade on the end. If I were to actually give this disc flight ratings, I would rate it more of a 2, 4, 0, 0 just because of how straight it goes. If you like the Innova Nova, you’ll love the Infinite Discs Scarab. Check current prices for the Scarab here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

11. Discraft Roach (2, 4, 0, 1)

The Roach has been a staple putter for Discraft for a long time (alongside the other great classic molds by Discraft). Marked as the 2015 Discraft Ace Race disc, the Roach will give you straight flight and incredible glide. This disc was also the putter used by Paul McBeth after he first signed with Discraft (before the Luna was introduced). It is marked and designed for flight, so don’t be afraid to pick one up and let it fly. Get a Roach here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

12. Latitude 64 Mercy (2, 4, 0, 1)

The Mercy is a really fun disc to throw and has a ridiculous amount of glide. Out of the last three discs with a 2, 4, 0, 1 flight rating (Scarab, Roach, and Mercy), this disc flies the truest to those ratings. The other two discs are a bit straighter and tend to stay that way. While the Mercy flies straight and gets pulled just a bit by the fade on the end of its flight. The Mercy is a great throwing putter, so don’t be afraid to grab one here (link to InfiniteDiscs.com) for your bag.

13. MVP Atom (3, 3, 0, 1)

The MVP Atom is a great beginner disc golf putter. InfiniteDiscs.com states that “the Atom is based on the [Axiom] Envy core with an all-new 10mm overmolded wing design.” This stable-straight flyer has been known to be a really nice throwing putter, again similar in feel to the Axiom Envy, but with the ability to be shaped in flight just a bit better. The Atom is worth a shot. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

14. Gateway Wizard (2, 3, 0, 2)

The Wizard is an extremely popular putter in the #discgolfcommunity and is a great putter to start out with. While it will fade on you a little bit near the end of flight, this putter is very easy to throw and does fly fairly straight. This putter, even with only a 3 glide rating, has been known to glide very well making it a great disc for approach and tee shots. You can get a Wizard here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

15. Axiom Envy (3, 3, 0, 2)

The Envy is the last disc on this list that I would recommend to the true beginner. Even still, the Envy is going to fade just a bit at then end of flight. But it’s a fairly straight-flying disc.

I’m personally a big fan of this disc as a way to improve on the course and have named it the #1 putter on my “best discs to play a solo disc round” list (behind the Buzzz and Roc mid-range discs). It definitely is one of the best all-around disc golf discs available. You can get an Envy here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

16. Westside Discs Harp (4, 3, 0, 3)

I’m a huge fan of the Harp. It’s a really fun putter to play with and it feels great to throw. The Harp reminds me of a Dynamic Discs EMac Truth mid-range and it flies like it, too. But the Harp is just a bit too much disc for a true beginner, just like the next two discs – the Luna and the Zone. I would recommend them, and the Harp, to beginners who have a few rounds under their belts.

The Harp is technically a “mid-range putter” as the disc indicates. But it’s still a great disc and it deserves to make this list. You can get a Harp here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

17. Discraft Luna (3, 3, 0, 3)

The Discraft Luna is a recent addition to the Discraft Line and has been making waves because of its ability to fly REALLY far. We’ve all seen Paul McBeth park this baby under a basket from 450 feet out. If you haven’t, check out the video below.

Credit: JomezPro – link to video on YouTube

The Luna is a fantastic putter but I would definitely throw a few other discs on this list first because the Luna is a bit too overstable for a brand new player. That means that it is going to fade just a bit too much to the left (rhbh thrower) for a true beginners. Once you get some rounds under your belt, the Luna is a great disc to step up to. Grab a Luna here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Honorable Mention – Discraft Zone (4, 3, 0, 3)

The Zone is a pretty good little putter from Discraft but I think comes up just a bit short of what it takes to be a good beginner putter. I did go ahead and give it an Honorable Mention because it’s a good transition disc for once you start getting a little bit better at disc golf.

For example, if you had an Innova Aviar or an Axiom Envy, your next step up could be the Discraft Zone. That would make sense and would allow you to then step up to a tougher mid-range disc. The Zone requires a little bit of speed to throw, flies fairly straight, and then fades quite a bit on the end. More so than the Harp or the Luna, which is why those two discs got the last spots and the Zone got this spot. But it’s still not too hard to throw. Grab yourself a Zone here on InfiniteDiscs.com.


If you’re new to disc golf, or just want to improve in general, using putters to play can make a huge impact on your game. Ever since I started playing putter rounds, I’ve seen my game improve at least 10X. It may not be flashy and it may not be fun. But if you’re patient, put in the work with putters, and use a couple good putters from this list, you will be a great disc golfer in no time at all.

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