The 17 Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners [2023 Update]

We all love disc golf. Those of us who have played the game for a while probably have a good selection of discs. But what about if you’re a beginner or relatively new to the game? Do you have the right discs to play?

Well, if you don’t, I’m here to show you 17 of the best starter sets on the market today.  But first, let me quickly give you some background on these starter sets and explain why they could be the right choice for you.

Why choose starter sets?

Well, there are 2 huge reasons:

  1. The price – whenever you buy a starter set, you are almost always getting a deal. It may not be a whole lot cheaper, maybe just a few bucks, but buying discs together in a starter pack already assembled will usually be cheaper than buying them separately. For example: the Innova DX starter pack costs around $23-25 dollars for all 3 discs. If you bought them separately, it would cost you about 30 bucks total. The same goes for almost all the starter sets in this post.
  2. Your inexperience – a lot of the time, especially as a new player, inexperience shines through when trying to pick out discs. My first disc choice was an Innova Beast and a Prodigy F1 – a control driver too fast for me and a really overstable distance driver that should never have touched my hands at first.

So basically, buying beginner sets can help give you the best disc golf discs for your skill level (i.e. not very good aka beginner). These sets are put together with the beginner in mind and start you out with a complete set (control driver/mid-range/putter). You may not know to pick these types of discs out, but eventually you’ll be glad you grabbed a starter set.

Is a starter set worth it?

In a nutshell, I’d say, “yes.” Starter sets are cheap, have all the right discs for your skill level, and are built with cheap plastic for beginners. These discs are meant to be torn up as you gradually build up your immunity to every kind of obstacle under the sun and start learning to throw farther.

These sets are definitely worth it…at first. Once you start getting better at disc golf, you will learn all about the different types of discs (check out our post, “What Are the Different Types of Disc Golf Discs?” for more info on this). Once you learn about what discs you use on the course, you’ll be able to try out different discs and figure out your individual playing style. Then you can buy individual discs that suit you.

Use the beginner to intermediate sets at first, then figure out what individual discs you like from there.

As a beginner, do you have to get a starter set?

Absolutely not. As a new player, I recommend starter sets because they’re easy and cheap. But my goal is to help you pick out the right discs for you. And that starts with slow-speed, easy-to-throw discs that are literally made for new players. A lot of the starter sets have these discs. But you don’t have to get any of them if you don’t want to. If you want to make it easy on yourself, pick out one of the starter sets below. If not, check out my post, the 37 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners (You Need These) to put together the perfect set for you.

Okay, so let’s get down to business. Here are the best disc golf starter sets for you as a new player.

What are the 17 best disc golf starter sets for beginners?

1. Innova DX standard starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThe DX starter set is legendary. It has been around for a long time and has 3 of the best beginner disc golf discs on the market today: the Leopard control driver, the Shark mid-range, and the Aviar putt-and-approach. All 3 of these discs are ready to help the true beginner go from newbie to intermediate player in no time. These discs are made of DX plastic, which is very easy to grip and are excellent in many different weather conditions.

The DX set is one of the most popular disc golf sets sold today, as it’s both a great set and a great deal at a just a bit over $23 dollars. I put this set first because it’s just about the best 3 discs you could start out with as a newbie on the course. You can grab one of these from Innova here on

2. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst starter set

Best disc golf starter sets

I love the Dynamic Discs Burst starter set because of the great selection of discs in it. The Judge (putt and approach) is hands down my favorite putter and the Truth (mid-range) is a really great approach disc. I like the Escape (control driver) as well because it’s a decent, straight-flying driver for new players who aren’t quite ready for distance drivers. Grab a set from Dynamic Discs here on Amazon.

3. Discraft DSSB starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThe Discraft DSSB starter set is Discraft’s best selection of discs for brand new players. If you choose this set, you will get a Magnet (putter), Buzzz (mid-range), and either a Heat, Stratus, or Avenger (driver). Some sets vary in that regard but you will always get the first 2 discs. Beyond that, either of those 3 drivers are completely fine for new disc golfers. This set normally runs about the same price as the DX set or the Easy to throw set. You can grab yours here on Amazon.

4. Innova DX upgraded starter set by Innova

Innova has a new set out for those who have a few rounds under their belt. This set includes the Aviar, the Teebird, the Roc3, the Leopard, and the Destroyer. All phenomenal disc golf discs. Grab yours here on Amazon. 

5. Axiom Discs starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThis starter set from Axiom Discs is a great set for beginner disc golfers. It includes the Envy (putter), the Alias (mid-range), and Wrath (driver – not to be confused with the Innova Wraith). The beginner should have a pretty easy time throwing with these as they are designed for new players. But this set is also a good booster pack for other Axiom fans. Grab yours from Axiom Discs here on Amazon.

6. MVP Premium starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThis premium set from MVP Disc Golf features 3 great discs for the beginner to intermediate disc golf player. This set has a Relay (driver), an Axis mid-range, and an Ion (putt and approach disc). All 3 of those are very balanced and decent choices for the beginner disc golfer. You can grab this set here on

7. Latitude 64 Retro Burst Advanced starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThe Latitude 64 Advanced starter set may sound like it’s for the pros, but the discs it comes with are great for newer disc golfers. The discs include the Saint (driver – awesome disc with superior control), the Fuse, and the Pure. All of those are easy-to-throw, low-speed discs that will help you advance your disc golf game tremendously. These discs also make a great addition to an already started beginner bag. Grab this set from Dynamic Discs here on Amazon.

8. Viking Discs 8-disc starter set

Viking Discs has really grown on me in the last couple of years. I was lucky enough to receive a lot of these discs to review and I’ve enjoyed every round with every disc I’ve played with. So I can tell you that you’ll most definitely enjoy this awesome starter set. It includes 8 discs – the Viking Discs GROUND RUNE x2 Viking Discs GROUND AXE Viking Discs GROUND COSMOS Viking Discs GROUND BARBARIAN Viking Discs GROUND RAGNAROK Viking Discs STORM RUNE Viking Discs STORM ODIN.

Viking Discs states that the “Viking Ground plastic is a more beginner friendly plastic, that is slightly less durable and more soft in feel. Storm plastic is a premium plastic blend with higher durability.” So you’ll definitely love this awesome set. 

Grab your set here on Amazon. 

9. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst starter set with small Cadet bag

This set is pretty straight forward. Similar to the Dynamic Discs Prime Burst set above but it adds the Cadet small bag. Grab one here on Amazon. 

10. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst starter set with Cadet backpack

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThe Prime Burst set with Cadet backpack is basically just the previous set with a bigger backpack bag to hold your discs. I actually like this set better because of that. Though, they do switch out the Truth (mid-range) with another great disc – the Evidence. You can grab this set from Dynamic Discs here on Amazon.

11. Innova Gstar Premium starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThe Innova Gstar premium plastic starter set is a great addition to your disc golf bag. On top of a great set for beginners, this is a decent transitional disc golf set for new disc golfers who have played a little bit of disc golf already and already have some discs. I say that because this set does not come with a mid-range. They give you a Valkyrie (distance driver), Leopard3 (fairway driver), and an Aviar (putter). So you’ll just have to make sure you have a mid-range already. You can get this set from Innova here on Amazon.

12. Latitude 64 SPZ beginner-friendly starter set

The new Latitude 64 SPZ starter set by Dynamic Discs is one of the most beginner friendly starter sets on the market. It’s great for younger players, ladies, and those with weaker arms. And it’s super cheap as well. So give it a shot here on Amazon. 

13. Latitude 64 Retro Burst 5-disc upgraded starter set

This starter set is fairly similar to the Latitude 64 Prime Burst set above with two added discs – the Ballista and the River. That makes this entire set absolutely amazing. All the discs in this set are freaking amazing pieces of plastic. Grab your set here on Amazon.

14. Infinite Discs 3-disc starter set

Infinite Discs brings you this ultra-premium 3 disc starter set including their popular putter the Alpaca, the awesome Anubis mid-range, and the Sphinx fairway driver. All 3 disc will help you up your game, while learning how to throw really great discs all at the same time. Grab this set here on Amazon. 

15. Divergent Discs Easy-to-throw starter set

This awesome little set, brought to you by Divergent Discs and sold by Infinite Discs, is everything you need as a brand new disc golfer. 3 easy-to-throw, lightweight discs, with easy flight ratings. If you’re a day 1 beginner, grab this set here on Amazon. 

16. Nite Ize Flashlight disc golf set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersNow I like this flashlight set from Nite Ize because the entirety of all of the discs light up. This is good because they’re brighter than glow discs or LEDs, you don’t have to worry about lights falling off during flight, and the light is over the whole disc (not just one spot on the disc). The only problem I have is that these are just generic discs, although they do fly okay. The set comes with a stable putter, stable mid-range, and an understable driver. If you’re thinking of playing at night, check out our post, “How to Play Disc Golf at Night (in 6 Easy Steps),” then grab a set of these discs here on Amazon.

17. Infinite Deals Box starter set

Best disc golf starter sets for beginnersThis final starter set in this post is a bit of a surprise, I should say. The Infinite Deals Box starter set is basically a mystery box that can send you with a bunch of discs that usually make up a set and include all types of plastic (sometimes premium plastic which are really good discs). Infinite Discs has 4 levels of this box including:

• Deals Box Jr.

• Deals Box (most popular)

• Deals Box XL

• Deals Box Extreme (awesome deal)

You can check them out on the Infinite Discs’ package sets page here on their site.


Buying a starter set as a new player is just the right move because of how cheap it can be for the right beginner discs. Don’t waste time with trying to figure out individual discs at first. Grab a beginner set, get out on the course, and go have a blast! I know you’ll do great!

Great job!

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