13 Best Overstable Mid-Range (My #1 Pick is…)

Not long ago, I couldn’t even dream of throwing overstable discs. I was about as bad as bad can be in disc golf. Every throw, regardless of how much anhyzer I felt I was putting on the disc, would fade like crazy to the left and just crush any desires I had to birdie or par the current hole. But I was a beginner.

Eventually I learned that I needed to start correcting my technique, do field work, learn more about how discs work, slow everything down, and disc down from the drivers I had started playing with. That’s when my game improved. I went from slow-flying putters to understable mid-range discs and finally up to stable and overstable mid-range discs. I slowly worked my way up and now overstable mid-range discs are fun as hell to throw.

So If you’ve been able to work up to a decent skill level in disc golf, overstable mid-range discs should fit right into your game. And that’s what I’ve got for you today.

The 13 best overstable mid-range discs

1. Innova Roc

2. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

3. Discmania MD3

4. MVP Vector

5. Latitude 64 Trident

6. Dynamic Discs Justice

7. Innova Shark

8. Prodigy M2

9. Infinite Discs Ra

10. Kastaplast Kaxe

11. Axiom Pyro

12. Westside Discs Gatekeeper

13. Discraft Malta

What is overstability

Overstability is a disc’s tendency to fade to the left, (RHBH thrower) against the direction of the spin, earlier on in flight than stable or understable discs.

You’ll often hear the terms high-speed turn and low-speed fade associated with stability. Normally, a disc with a lot of fade makes a disc overstable and a disc with a lot of turn may make the disc understable.

As we just stated, overstable discs tend to fade to the left earlier in flight, more, and at higher speeds compared to other stable or understable discs. This is because overstable discs need to be thrown harder and with more spin. That makes overstable discs tough for Beginners and gives most heavily overstable discs the the label of “meathooks” because of how much the may hook around to the left at the end of flight.

3 reasons you need an overstable disc

1. Distance control: For the intermediate players on up who are good at disc golf, an overstable disc offers better accuracy and control. Overstable discs tend to fly more predictable flight paths if thrown up to speed. That’s why highly skilled players love them…well, one of the reasons.

2. Flex shots: these kind of shots are really cool and offer the skilled disc golfer a really great option on the course. This shot is extremely tough to master, though, but is a great shot to have in your thrower’s toolbag. The thrower will throw the disc with an anhyzer release, meaning the disc will start to turn the disc to the right. Then the overstability kicks in and allows the disc to wind back and fade left.

3. Windy rounds with headwind: lastly, overstable discs are fantastic for wind. Overstable discs in the wind resist flipping and turning over more than stable or understable discs. These more stable discs tend to be able to handle stronger headwinds.

So for all of those reasons, check out our list below ⬇️ and grab a couple of the best overstable disc golf mid-range discs in the game today!

Word of caution about overstable discs

Our word of caution today is regarding why you shouldn’t play with overstable discs. Now there are a lot of reasons why you should play with overstable discs, but if you’re a newer player, we caution you to stay away from anything overstable.

Overstable is very hard for beginners and newer players because these discs are made for players who can throw harder and can get a disc to fly straighter before it starts to fade to the left (RHBH thrower). Newer players tend to not be able to get discs up go speed and normally can’t get overstable discs to fly straight during flight. Most new throwers will throw an overstable disc and it will break hard to the left and continue left. This makes for bad throws and lack of improvement. Newer players need understable discs for just this reason.

But if you’re an intermediate to advanced player, overstable discs can be a brilliant addition to your bag.

The 13 best overstable mid-range discs

Our #1 pick – Innova Roc (4, 4, 0, 3)

Some may argue this with me, but the Roc is hands down one of the best and most popular overstable mid-range discs used today. Even though it’s fairly overstable, the Roc is a simple disc that is fairly easy to throw and will 100% percent hold any line you throw it on. A lot of pros use the Roc to hold anhyzer lines and get them the dependable ending fade. It’s also extremely forgiving if you somehow manage to mess up your throw.

Although I wouldn’t give this disc to a true beginner, when bought in DX, newer players can benefit from a more stable version of the Roc and significantly improve their game. Honestly, almost everyone can potentially benefit from having a Roc in their bag. Grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

2. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth (5, 5, 0, 2)

Man, this disc is the truth! Seriously, the EMac Truth holds true to your lines and can get you some serious distance due to it’s increased stability and high glide. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how far this disc really flies. It just goes and goes.

If you thought the original Truth was good, you’ve got to check out the EMac Truth. You will not be disappointed. Grab yourself one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Discmania MD3 (5, 5, 0, 3)

The MD3 is another one of those very super popular mid-range drivers that was designed with the power player in mind. This awesome disc is fairly overstable, so it’s not really a good option for newer players, but is really meant for the advanced disc golfer who wants something that will absolutely fly out of your hands. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. MVP Vector (5, 4, 0, 2)

The Vector is an extremely underrated mid-range disc and one that I’ve recently become a huge fan of. Here a couple of the best features of the Vector: extremely straight flight, ability to hold lines very well, accurate, works well for backhand or forehand throws, and the fade is predictable yet slightly less than the ratings suggest. Overall, the Vector absolutely rocks. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Latitude 64 Trident (6, 4, -0.5, 3)

The Trident is a true meathook disc. It’s also true to the flight ratings bestowed upon it. First off, it’s a fast disc. If you’re looking for something to up your hyzer game or provide a strong, ending fade, you might look toward the Trident to get the job done. This disc is great for sharp hooks and doglegs on the course as well as just about anything you need a ridiculously overstable disc golf disc for. To grab yourself a meathook, check out the Trident here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Dynamic Discs Justice (5, 1, 0.5, 4)

So, yeah, I know we just talked about a super overstable disc in the Trident. But here’s to the holy grail of meathooks…the Justice! Oh, sweet meathook Justice, we long to throw you and watch your sweet plastic silhouette come to life with a straight throw and just about a 90° degree angle fade at the end of your flight. Tis’ Meathookery!

On a serious note, this disc has been known to fade just a little bit at the end of flight (I’m so sorry, the sarcasm was just building up inside me). If you want a “maybe-a-bit-too-overstable-for-just-about-everything” disc, the Justice should fit perfectly into your bag.

Ok, no, seriously, the Justice is a truly consistent utility disc that you can count on. It was made to be that utility, strong hyzer, meaty disc. It will be, hands down, the most overstable disc that you’ve ever thrown. But it will help you in ways you never thought possible in a disc. Oh yeah, and it crushes headwinds. If you play in a windy area, this disc has to be in your bag. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Innova Shark (4, 4, 0, 2)

The Shark is an absolutely awesome mid-range disc that’s just a bit overstable, but great for the beginner disc golfer. It’s actually a part of Innova’s DX starter set so beginners can benefit from the little bit less stable version of this disc. Even if beginners bought this in champion plastic or other plastics, they can still benefit from this disc. It’s just an awesome, straight-flying mid-range with good range and excellent glide. It’s also easy to control, very smooth, and doesn’t have an overwhelming fade on the end of flight. You can get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

8. Prodigy M2 (5, 4, 0, 2)

The M2 is a nice overstable disc from Prodigy. This is a great disc if you’re trying to handle strong headwinds or if you need a consistent flight and subtle ending fade. The M2 is very predictable in that way. This disc has a good feel and is fairly similar to the other M-line discs from Prodigy. So if you like any of those, you’ll like the M2 as well. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

9. Infinite Discs Ra (5, 4, 0, 2.5)

Ra Ra Ra! It’s the Ra! I’d say a pretty great overall overstable mid-range disc from our friends at Infinite Discs. They did a nice job with it, and if you’re a Roc or a Buzzz OS fan, this disc is a pretty adequate substitution for your bag. If you need a go-to overstable mid, give the Ra a throw or two. You’ll definitely get one for your bag. Grab yourself one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

10. Kastaplast Kaxe (6, 4, 0, 3)

The Kaxe is a fast, overstable mid-range that’s great for a lot of things including: predictable and accurate flight, ability to handle wind well, a multi-tool for a variety of shots, ability to get a lot of distance, and ability to get you a decent ending fade. Grab a Kaxe here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

11. Axiom Pyro (5, 4, 0, 2.5)

The Pyro is Axiom’s take on the EMac Truth and they did good with this one. They made a disc that is very smooth, highly controllable, and great for forehand drives.

Here’s what InfiniteDiscs.com states about the Pyro: “The Pyro is an overstable mid that will hold the hyzer line. You may get some straight flight out of it before it fades, but it will always come back.” Grab a Pyro here on their site.

12. Westside Discs Gatekeeper (4, 5, 0, 2)

The Gatekeeper is Westside’s attempt at an overstable mid-range disc. And they did pretty good with this one. I’d say that, of all the discs in this list, this is one of the most underrated. It can be a nice addition to your bag and flies somewhat similar to a beat in Roc. The Gatekeeper usually stays pretty straight and has the ability to hold most lines with ease. If you like the Roc, check out the Gatekeeper from Westside Discs here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

13. Discraft Malta (5, 4, 1, 3)

Last but definitely not least comes the Malta. This is a newer disc but it has come a long way in such a short period of time. Though I do like this disc, and it is a good overstable mid-range, it doesn’t feel quite as overstable as the numbers suggest (turn more like a 0 and fade more like a 2). But the Malta is a reliably straight disc with very good glide. I would rate the glide as close to a Buzzz. And it’s fairly comfortable in the hand, with a large bead to help you with clean releases.

Here’s what Discraft has to say about their new McBeth disc: “The Malta has a low profile and pronounced bead for clean releases and consistently stable flights. The Malta’s name continues the greek mythology theme of the PM line derived from the greek word for Honey, which is fitting for this sweet disc!”

Up to this point, if you’ve liked the Discraft Anax control driver, the Malta will be perfect for you. Get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.


The discs on this list represent some of the best overstable mid-range discs on the market today. Hopefully, we’ve been able to provide you some good information so that you can get one or a couple of these awesome pieces of plastic! Once you do that, get back out on the course and go play!

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