13 Best Understable Distance Drivers (My #1 Pick is…)

As I was researching and writing my last post, The 13 Best Overstable Distance Drivers, I started thinking about the rounds when I first started playing disc golf. Those beginner rounds were horrendous and the discs I used were way too tough for me to throw. So I started learning about what discs you needed as a new player and came across something called understability.

Now newer players need discs that are understable, which in the simplest way of putting it, are easier to throw if you suck at disc golf. That was me, baby, all the way. So I started using understable discs working my way up to distance drivers. Finally, I got good enough to play with these distance discs.

Today we’re going to go over a few things including an explanation of what understability is, 3 reasons why you need understable discs, and the 13 best understable distance drivers out today.

What is understability in disc golf?

Understability is a disc’s tendency to turn over to the right (RHBH thrower) when first thrown and doesn’t need as much speed and spin on the disc to fly as such.

You’ll often hear the terms high-speed turn and low-speed fade associated with stability. Normally, a disc with a lot of fade makes a disc overstable and a disc with a lot of turn may make the disc understable. So discs on this list will feature more turn and less fade.

To put it simply, though, understable discs are just easier to throw and will turn more to the right for you (if you’re a RHBH thrower). This makes understable discs fantastic discs for beginners and newer players. They’re just plain easier to throw.

For more on stability in disc golf, check out our post, The Complete Disc Golf Stability Guide. It’s very important to understand stability and this post can teach you everything you need to know.

3 reasons you need an understable disc

1. If you’re a newer player

Like I said, easier to throw. When I was new, I didn’t understand stability at all. I was bad at disc golf and the discs I chose to play with were way too tough for me to play with. Now I normally don’t suggest distance drivers to brand new players, so if that’s you, I’d recommend starting with a couple discs from our best discs for beginners list here. But if you’ve played a few rounds and absolutely cannot wait to play with distance drivers, this list has you covered. These discs are the best understable distance drivers to throw and can benefit you in many ways.

2. Shot shaping

With understable discs, you have the ability to perform a couple different shots that allow you to creatively bring yourself options on challenging holes. There are three different, highly effective shot types that you can perform with understable disc golf discs.

  • Hyzer Flip – this is a tough shot used often by skilled disc golfers. In order to achieve this, you have to throw an understable disc with a hyzer throw. As the disc is released and begins curving to the left (RHBH thrower), the understability will kick in and make the disc curve to the right. Check out Eric Oakley’s quick demonstration of this shot in the video below ⬇️.

Link to video on YouTube.

  • Turnover shot – the turnover shot is another way to avoid challenging obstacles. With this shot, you’ll use an anhyzer throw with an understable disc. Your throw will start out curving to the right and continue to curve around to the right because of understability. This allow you to curve the disc around obstacles with the shape of the shot similar to that of a half circle. For more on this, check out DiscGolfKyle’s quick tips in the video below ⬇️.

Link to video on YouTube.

  • Roller shot – the Roller is a really cool way to try and get distance while attempting to maneuver through multiple obstacles like trees. Basically, this is an extreme turnover shot using a very understable disc. The disc will completely turn on its side and fall to the ground. Once it hits the ground, the disc should be on its side and will start rolling and hopefully slicing through any obstacles you may be up against. To learn how to throw this, check out Eric Oakley’s video on Rollers below ⬇️.

Link to video on YouTube.

3. Distance

Lastly, understable discs can be used to get a little bit of extra distance on your throws. The understability allows the disc to stay a little bit straighter before it fades due to more high-speed turn. This can help you get some extra feet of flight on your throws, possibly leading to better overall scores at the end of the day.

The 13 best understable disc golf discs

My #1 pick – Discraft Thrasher (12, 5, -3, 2)

I’m personally a huge fan of the Thrasher. It’s a disc that’s got quite a bit of understability, but to me, it flies perfectly for my skillset (which is about intermediate play). Now the Thrasher is just about the ultimate Karma disc for me.

One day I was out playing and I found an old beat up Thrasher. I hit up the dude who owned it and he was so pumped because it had been his favorite disc. He was two hours away so I mailed it to him, and in return, just asked that he do the same for somebody one day. He graciously said he would.

One day a couple months later, I was out on my local course and noticed something on top of the second basket. It was a brand new Thrasher with not a single scuff mark on it. I flipped it over and there was nothing on the bottom. I returned a disc and found a brand new one just months later. Tag it and bag it!

Performance: the Thrasher is not a hard disc to throw. With a 12 speed, you need to put just a little bit on it, but the -3 understability really helps players get it down the fairway. When I first found it, I didn’t like it very much. That’s because I was still new to the game and shouldn’t have been throwing it at that point anyways. But I’ve since gotten better and have worked my way into this being one of my favorite drivers. It’s excellent for transitioning from control drivers into distance drivers.

The speed is not too much. It has excellent glide. The understable nature allows for less experienced players to be able to throw it. And the fade on the end is highly predictable, but won’t overwhelm and throw off your shot. The Thrasher is a fantastic understable disc, making it my #1 pick for understable distance drivers. In my opinion, this disc is the best balanced understable distance driver out there. The Thrasher is also one of the best discs for turnover/anhyzer shots. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Infinite Discs Sphinx (9, 6, -3, 1)

The Sphinx is a recent addition to my bag and is starting to become a nice little understable crossover disc that seems to really want to find a good deal of distance for me. This disc does not need to be thrown very hard to get you that distance either.

Here’s what Infinite Discs has to say about it: “The Sphinx is the perfect disc for new players who want a distance driver / control driver crossover that won’t fade too soon while covering as much distance as possible. With an understable release and manageable speed rating, the Sphinx can fly with accuracy and ease.” The Sphinx is the best crossover understable distance driver for newer players transitioning into distance drivers from control drivers. You can get one here on their website.

3. Innova Tern (12, 6, -2, 2)

This disc is one that I feel flies just a bit different than the flight ratings suggest. It’s called the Tern for a reason. Even though it only shows a -2 turn rating, it flies with about a -3 flight rating and if you throw it hard enough, possibly a -4 turn rating. I like the Tern, as it’s a decent understable choice for your bag. The Tern is one of the best discs for the turnover/anhyzer disc golf shot. Grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

4. Innova Mamba (11, 6, -5, 1)

The Mamba is one of the most understable disc golf discs ever made and sports a ridiculous -5 turn rating (turn ranges from 1 to -5, with -5 being the most turn). The Mamba is the best disc on the market for roller shots. Grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

5. Prodigy D4 (12, 6, -3, 2)

The D4 is, first and foremost, a great disc and probably Prodigy’s best overall distance driver. It’s really not a hard disc to throw and can benefit your distance quite a bit. This disc is great for performing S-shots, which are similar to hyzer flips in flight pattern but just released flat instead. Grab a D4 here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Discraft Avenger SS (10, 5, -3, 1)

The Discraft Avenger is a very popular understable distance driver from Discraft. It can make a great crossover driver if you’re looking to get into distance drivers and is reliable, controllable, and predictable for less skilled disc golfers. The Avenger can be one of the best discs for hyzer flips as it will always give you good turnover at first flight. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Dynamic Discs Freedom (14, 5, -3, 3)

The Freedom from Dynamic Discs is extreme. What I mean by that is this disc flies even crazier than Innova’s Katana, the so-called “sidewinder on steroids.” I say that because the Freedom has the potential, with even more speed, to allow you to shape a ridiculous line and get you a ton of distance.

This disc is best for something that I’m calling the sidewinder shot, which is simply an overly exaggerated hyzer flip. If you throw this with a hyzer, it will curve to the left, then turnover hard to the right because of understability, then fade back hard to the left with its fade rating of 3. Get this crazy disc here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

8. Discmania TD Rush (10, 6, -2, 1)

Discmania’s TD Rush is a really cool, fairly easy-to-throw understable distance driver. The TD has amazing glide and is the best understable distance driver for newer players looking to get more distance. Get yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

9. Axiom Excite (14.5, 5.5, -2, 2)

The Axiom Excite is able to do for you exactly what it’s named: excite the disc golfer. The Excite is moderately understable and needs a ton of power put on it to fly correctly. The Excite is one of the fastest disc golf discs available right now, with a 14.5 speed. If you think you can handle it, get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

10. Latitude 64 Bolt (13, 6, -2, 3)

It’s lightning quick and ready to get you distance. The Bolt is one of the easiest 13 speed discs to throw, making it a great step up from crossover distance drivers when you’re working into intermediate play. Get a Bolt here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

11. Legacy Cannon (14, 5, -3, 3)

The Cannon is one of the best understable distance drivers for pure distance. Jason Cortella currebtly holds the “Longest Forehand/Sidearm Flight Distance” record with this disc at an amazing 624 feet. Get your record-breaking disc here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

12. MVP Catalyst (13, 6, -2, 2)

The Catalyst is a really well built disc from MVP. It’s also one of the highest rated understable discs in disc golf.

Here’s what Infinite Discs says about it: “The Catalyst can bring huge distance to advanced and beginner players alike, as it remains consistent even when thrown with less power. The Catalyst is more stable than the Orbital, but still an understable disc. Big arms will be able to control rollers and sky anhyzers. Less powerful arms will get great distance with the Catalyst’s glide and understability.” Get one off their site here.

13. Westside Destiny (14, 6, -2, 3)

The Destiny is incredibly fast and has amazing glide. Advanced disc golfers will want to make this disc their go-to, long-range distance driver. I would not recommend this disc for anyone that hasn’t played for awhile and can’t throw at least 300+ feet. If you think you’re good enough, bag a Destiny from InfiniteDiscs.com here.

Understability summarized

So, from everything I’ve written today, hopefully you’ve been able to see how important understable discs can be to your disc golf game…and distance drivers, too! Once you’ve got a few rounds under your belt, be sure to start transitioning your way into these awesome distance discs. And while you’re here, definitely grab a disc or two to throw in your bag!!

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