Can You Putt in Disc Golf with a Mid-Range Disc?

As a newer player, disc golf can be a bit complicated. Especially when other disc golfers find out that you’re new. And while those more experienced players may have good intentions, you might still get conflicting advice. It’s just gonna’ happen.

So, because you’ve found this post, you’ve probably heard all of the following: “it doesn’t matter what you putt with,” or, “mid-ranges and putters are both fine,” or even, “putters only for putting!” But what advice is right?! Well, that’s what this post is for. In it, we’ll talk about all of the following:

  • Can you putt in disc golf with a mid-range disc?
  • What does a mid-range disc do?
  • 3 reasons why you shouldn’t putt with a mid-range
  • What does a disc golf putter do?
  • What’s the best disc to putt with? And…
  • 3 tips to drastically improve your putting in just 30 days.

Alright, I won’t waste any more time. Let’s get to it!

Can you putt in disc golf with a mid-range disc?

Since you’re asking this question, you’re probably new to the game. So here’s the real answer to your question (as well as some more info to point you in the right direction) – Can you putt in disc golf with a mid-range disc?

While you can technically putt with a mid-range disc, it is highly recommended by most disc golfers that you have putters or putt and approach discs in your bag to putt with. If you don’t have any other options, mid-ranges are the best alternative. But putters always work best for putting!

A quick note on putting with mid-range discs

Here’s a quick note on putting with mids: like I said above, you can technically putt with mid-range discs but it isn’t recommended. However, I often recommend solo disc rounds for improving in disc golf. In that instance, putting with mids is acceptable. But for the sake of your future improvement, in any other situations out in the course, you should be using putters for putting. You’re just going to do better with them, period.

What does a disc golf mid-range do?

A mid-range disc is the middle ground between putters and drivers. Mids are meant for any level of player and are fairly easy to handle. Most players would agree that mids are the staple of a disc golf bag and provide the most stability, accuracy, and consistency when throwing.

The mid-range is kind of like an iron in ball golf – not really meant for putting and mainly used for shorter approaches, shorter drives, and shots from about 350 feet or less. Some players try to use mid-range discs as often as possible because they’re the multi-tool of disc golf discs. They can be used in SO MANY situations out on the disc golf course.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t putt with a mid-range

1. Mids are faster than putters: because mids are faster than putters, this means that they‘ll fly faster on putts and could cause you to miss otherwise easy putts. The speed could cause the disc to fly faster and completely miss the basket. That could lead to disaster if the disc goes too far. Imagine having to putt a third time after missing the second shot.

2. Mids aren’t designed for putting: mids just aren’t designed for use in putting situations. Every type of disc is uniquely designed to either putt and approach, provide medium distance and control, provide longer distance and control, or provide extreme long distance out on the disc golf course. Mids were not designed to putt so don’t use ‘em for putting!

3. If you want to be an elite player: if you truly want to be a great disc golfer, you need to learn all aspects of the game. Master everything including how exactly each disc is used, starting with a basic concept – putters are for putting.

What does a disc golf putter do?

A disc golf putt and approach is a simple disc. Everyone should know what a putter is because it’s similar to a putter in ball golf: it’s what you use at the very end of each hole to putt and complete the hole. The only difference is that, in disc golf, putters in disc golf can be used in a variety of other situations, compared to putters in ball golf.

The putter is a very thick and boxy-looking disc. Disc golf putters aren’t the biggest or widest discs, but do have the least amount of rim to hold onto on the underside of the disc. All of that makes putters slow, fairly accurate, yet harder to handle than mid-range discs.

As for use, putters are mainly used for putting situations, but can be used for short throws to approach and for your initial drives on shorter holes. A lot of players use these for initial drives but most keep putters in their bag for approaching and putting.

However, putters are great for newer players to play with and learn the game/work on their form and distance. So don’t take putters for granted. They’re great discs. But they work best for putting.

What’s the best disc to putt with?

1. Dynamic Discs Judge

Best disc golf putters 2022

The Judge is hands down my favorite disc golf putter and has been for years. The sheer consistency of this disc in my hands has been a true testament through hundreds of rounds on the disc golf course. If you want a great disc, grab a Judge here on

2. Infinite Discs Tomb

best disc golf putters for beginners 2021

The Tomb has really surprised me ever since I got my hands on one. It may not have the same flight ratings as the Judge, but the Tomb has been my other go-to for awhile now. If you’d like to try the Tomb, check it out here on

3. Innova Aviar

Best disc golf discs for women

The Innova Aviar is one of the most popular disc golf putters of all time. This disc has helped thousands of disc golfers improve their putting skills and absolutely crush it on the course. Not my favorite putter, but still a great choice. Grab one here on

3 tips to drastically improve your putting in 30 days

1. Personal practice basket: you might be dropping $150-200 bucks on a nice basket, but the amount of practice you’ll get out of a simple, metal practice basket is almost infinite (as long as you take care of the basket). I can’t tell you how much of a difference this one simple tip can do for your overall putting game. For some good recommendations, check out my post here – The 17 Best Disc Golf Baskets (Updated for 2023)!

2. Daily putting practice: besides just getting a practice basket, another way to improve your putting skills is to actually, you know, practice your putting. That’s obvious. But some don’t realize that there’s much more to this concept of practice.

We suggest, when trying to improve any aspect of your disc golf game, especially putting, is to practice daily. Whether you hit the course or use your personal practice basket, try to practice your putting every single day. If you do, you’ll be a fantastic putter in just a few months.

3 Your mindset: as you continue to physically improve, this will help you mentally. You can also start changing your mindset toward a positive outlook and an understanding that you’re becoming an elite disc golfer. If you can build that mindset, you’ll be unstoppable!


The reason you shouldn’t use a mid-range for putting is pretty simple: putters are designed for putting. Now on the off-chance that you’re playing a solo-disc round with mid-ranges, yes, you technically can use those for driving, approaching, and putting.

But for every other round on the course, you should be using putters, mid-range discs, and both types of driver. They all have their own unique purpose, so use them correctly! If you do, you’ll surely become a great disc golfer one day. So learn the game, use the right discs, and get out on the course today to start really improving your disc golf game!

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