How Much Does a Disc Golf Basket Cost?

The disc golf basket. An icon for a generation of disc golfers and something that makes a cool “ching” sound every time you hit it with a disc. Yeah, you see them out on the course and you may have even seen a personal basket at your buddies house. But how much do those baskets cost? And which basket should I get?

How much does a disc golf basket cost?

A good-quality, personal disc golf basket normally costs between $100 and $200 dollars with the average cost around $140 dollars. Mounted baskets are a bit more expensive and cost around $400 dollars.

Why you need a personal basket

There are a couple of great reasons why you need a disc golf basket:

1. Take your game to the next level: while having a practice basket won’t help you with every facet of your game, it will help you with putting. Putting is extremely important and can mean the difference between winning and losing a round. So grab a basket and start winning!

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2. Practice whenever you want: having an at-home personal practice basket allows you to get some putting practice in whenever and wherever you e got the basket. Sometimes I putt at 10pm just because I can.

3. They’re somewhat cheap: most of the personal disc golf baskets that you can buy are right in the $100 to $150 dollar range. The majority are less then $200 bucks, so for the price, getting a basket is a great investment. The permanent mounted baskets do cost a bit more than $200, but are still great options if you’ve got more to spend.

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The 3 types of personal disc golf baskets

1. Portable metal

Even with portable fold-up baskets hitting the disc golf scene, personal metal baskets will always be the favorite among most disc golfers. They’re just a sturdy, good-looking landmark at your place that tells other people people you’re serious about the sport that we all know and love. If you’re ready to grab a personal basket, hop on over to Amazon and check out their supply of personal metal practice baskets. If you’re unsure, check out all of the baskets below.

The 3 best portable metal baskets

1. Axiom Pro: Axiom makes a great basket in their Pro version. Coming in at about $140, this basket is probably the best quality for your money besides maybe the MVP Pro basket. You can check out the Axiom Pro here on

2. Dynamic Discs Recruit: the recruit is a great basket that can be found here on This 26 chain basket is super nice, but at $199 dollars, it’s a bit on the expensive side.

3. MVP Black Hole Practice: I’m a fan of the MVP line. I just like how their baskets look. But they also play just as well as most others and the price is pretty reasonable at $120 here on This basket is a 24 chain design that they claim can disassemble in about a minute.

2. Portable fold-up

I’m a big fan of portable fold-up baskets. There’s just something cool about being able to throw some discs at your basket, fold it up, throw it in the trunk, and take it to a buddy’s barbeque where you guys can practice some more (or the local park or wherever you want…you get the idea). These baskets are probably the cheapest of any of the baskets you can buy. They range from $100 to $140 dollars. Check your options out at the bottom of this page here on

The 3 best portable fold-up baskets

1. Innova DISCatcher Traveler: there’s a lot of good things to say about the Traveler basket. This is my favorite portable fold-up basket because I like how it looks, it feels really durable, and it only costs $130-140 dollars here on Amazon. The Traveler is also one of the most popular portable fold-up baskets in the disc golf community. So it wins this category hands down.

2. DGA Mach Lite: the Mach Lite, made by the Disc Golf Association, was designed to closely resemble a real metal basket. And I’ve gotta say, it looks a lot like a metal one. But of course it folds up so there’s that. I put it second, though, because it’s not the most popular fold-up basket. Still a great, highly-reviewed portable basket choice. You can get the Mach Lite for around $175 bucks here on Amazon

3. Innova Skillshot: I put the Skillshot last because I’m not a huge fan of it. But it’s still perfectly fine for a practice basket. The positives for this basket? It folds up smaller than the other two baskets on this list and comes in at about $135 dollars here on Amazon. Not too shabby if you need something cheaper.

3. Permanent baskets

Permanent baskets are an absolutely fantastic option for you if you’ve got your own place and can permanently mount that basket somewhere on your property. A Permanent basket is something like what you would see at your local disc golf course: a fixed basket that is mounted into the ground. This is an awesome way to enjoy a personal basket if you’re able to go for this option, but it can be much more expensive, ranging from $299 dollars up to about $425 dollars. Check out the 3 best permanent fixed baskets below or shop for some of these here at

The 3 best permanent baskets

1. Innova DISCatcher: the DISCatcher is pretty much your standard permanent disc golf course basket. If you’ve ever played on a public disc golf course, this is the basket you’ve thrown into. This 28 chain basket is one of the most well-made baskets on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive. The DISCatcher retails here on for about $525.00. If you want the best tournament grade basket on the market, this is the one that you should get.

2. MVP Black Hole Portal: the Portal is a really nice permanent option if you choose to drop the $399.00 dollars for it. It has 30 chains and is a very good looking basket. They say that this basket is tournament quality and It certainly looks that way. I chose the Portal for this list because I really like MVP’s line of baskets. You can check this one out here on

3. Dynamic Discs Patriot: I really like this basket because it’s what I call a dual-purpose basket. Not only can you permanently mount it, but it comes with a portable base if you decide that mounting it is not for you. I’ve only played on a Patriot once that I can remember, but it plays very solid and the basket has a very nice appearance to it as well. This basket is quite a bit cheaper than the DISCatcher and the MVP, coming in at around $299.00 on But cheaper doesn’t mean less quality. This 26 chain basket is very well made by an extremely reputable brand in Dynamic Discs. If you can’t swing the $425 for the DISCatcher or $399 for the MVP Black Hole, this should be your go-to basket for permanent course mounting.


A Personal disc golf basket is a really fantastic way to improve your disc golf game for a ridiculously reasonable price. I love personal baskets and I think every serious disc golfer should have one. If it’s not to improve your game, why not get one to just have a little bit of fun at home? New to the sport and looking for a cheap way to get better? Why not drop $150 bucks and get you a basket? If you want to get better, you need one. So get out and get one today!

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