7 Best Disc Golf Discs That Fly Straight as an Arrow

I remember the first time I played disc golf. I stepped up to hole number 1 on my buddy’s disc golf course and threw that high-speed distance driver as hard as I possibly could. The basket stood just 200 feet away and down a steep incline. Unfortunately, a 6 inch wide pine tree stood directly in the middle of the fairway. And you can guess where my disc went. Yep, right into that tree.

Now clearly every part of that first paragraph was wrong. From the distance driver I used to me trying to throw the disc as hard as possible. But at least my first disc golf throw ever went straight. Ever since then, I’ve been searching for disc golf discs that fly dead straight. Discs that can thread the needle and absolutely crush those insanely narrow tunnel shots. There are quite a few, but I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of the best ones. So here are the 7 disc golf discs that I believe can fly as straight as an arrow.

The 7 best disc golf discs that fly straight

Our #1 Pick: Innova XT Nova – Putt and Approach (2, 3, 0, 0)

Disc golf discs that fly straightWhen it comes to a straight-flying disc golf disc, our #1 pick is definitely the Innova XT Nova. It is, by far, the most popular straight flying disc on the market. The Nova is a great disc because of its ability to be very versatile and useful in a couple of different ways. It putts phenominally, crushes approach shots with ease (the grippy plastic helps it grab the ground and not run), and it is a very reliable flier for short drives. It will really hold whatever line you put it on and is awesome for any skill level player (especially beginners). The Nova, by a long shot, is the most recommended straight-flying disc in the #discgolfcommunity.

Here’s what InfiniteDiscs.com has to say about the XT Nova: “The Innova Nova, a straight-flying Aviar type putter, utilizes two different plastic blends to provide a unique flight and feel. The outer rim consists of a very soft grippy plastic that grabs the chains. The inner flight plate is firm, but tacky. This tall two-piece putt and approach disc is described as having the high-speed stability of the Big-Bead Aviar with minimal low-speed fade. It’s the perfect finesse disc that can handle the power of ‘modern players’, while providing precision accuracy. The unique thing about the Innova Nova compared with other over-mold discs is that it has slits approximately one inch apart throughout the rim.”

Get one here on Discgolfunited.com.

2. Latitude 64 Pure – Putt and Approach (3, 3, -1, 1)

Disc golf discs that fly straightThe Pure is one of Latitude 64’s best and highest-rated disc golf discs. Infinite Discs states that, “the Pure is arguably Latitude 64’s straightest flying disc,” and that, “for a pure controlled flight,” consider this disc.

The Pure offers you a number of options starting with being a fantastic overall putter. It’s great on approaches and makes itself known on those short drives where you may need nothing other than a straight line. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Infinite Discs Anubis (5, 5, 0, 0)

Disc golf discs that fly straightThe Anubis mid-range from Infinite Discs is slowly becoming one of my favorite discs. It’s got to be one of the straightest flying discs I’ve ever seen. That’s actually why I put it ahead of the Buzzz. But I’ve only been able to test it a few times so reliability is still an unanswered question for me with this disc. I’ve liked it so far, though. If you want to test one out, get it here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Discraft Buzzz (5, 4, -1, 1)

Disc golf discs that fly straightThe Buzzz is amazing and by far considered to be the best disc golf disc ever made. It is an incredibly straight mid-range that I would hand to just about any level of player. Brand new players will benefit from its straight stable flight and reliability, while more advanced players can use it to hold any line it’s thrown on. The Buzzz just goes ⬆️. Get yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com. 

5. Innova Mako3 (5, 4, 0, 0)

Disc golf discs that fly straightI would say that the Mako3 is probably the 2nd most popular straight-flying disc in the #discgolfcommunity. Over the years, through researching discs that fly straight, the Mako3 has come up more times than any other disc out there except for the Nova. The Nova is great but if you’re looking for a longer drive, go with the Mako3. You can grab one here on Discgolfunited.com. If you want something even longer, grab the next disc.

6. Innova Leopard (6, 5, -2, 1)

Disc golf discs that fly straightI’m a really big fan of the Leopard. If it weren’t for the fact that the disc is shaped like a driver, you might mistake this disc for a mid-range based on the flight ratings. I wouldn’t recommend this disc for any new players but it definitely is a great transition disc once you start learning the game a little bit. Once you feel comfortable with a mid-range, grab this driver and start crushing those super straight shots on the course. Grab yours here on Discgolfunited.com.

7. Dynamic Discs Sheriff (13, 5, -1, 2)

Disc golf discs that fly straightBy a long shot, the Dynamic Discs Sheriff is my favorite disc golf disc. It just flies so well and fits my throwing style perfectly. On top of that, it is a straight laser on the course for me. If you’ve read almost any of my other disc golf recommendation posts, this disc has been in them and near the top of the list.

However, I do not recommend this disc for beginners. I did receive this disc as a beginner and had a tough time with it at first. But it wasn’t long until I was throwing it like a champ. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player looking for a high-speed, super straight disc, grab a Sheriff here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

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