The Mini Marker: What is a Mini Disc Golf Disc Used For?

In this post we’re going to be looking at the mini disc golf marker disc and showing you exactly when, where, and what it can be used for.

Now the mini disc golf disc marker is a small and interesting part of the game that you can use in every throwing situation to give yourself just a little bit more of an advantage while you’re playing. And while the advantage is small, the disc golf mini marker serves a purpose that has been cemented into the game of disc golf.

So what is a mini disc golf disc used for?

A disc golf mini marker disc is used to “mark” a player’s lie on the course after throwing. The mini marker helps a player to keep track of where they will throw from on the next shot. The marker is also used so that a player can pick up their disc after throwing.

What is a lie?

 As a Before we get into all the technical stuff in the next section, let’s quickly talk about what a lie is.

According to our disc golf terminology guide, a lie is “the area on the course where a disc comes to rest and where the next disc will be thrown from. This spot will be marked by another disc or a mini marker disc.”

It’s very easy: as soon as your disc stops moving, and the disc is at rest, that is its lie. You will now go ahead and mark this spot with your mini marker.

This is very similar to ball golf and was adopted as such to help players mark their lie with some kind of marker. In ball golf, you use a tiny one inch to two inch round marker (about the size of a quarter). But larger diameter markers are used in ball golf. We will look at the specs of a mini marker after the next couple of sections.

PDGA rules

In order to understand how to use a mini marker correctly, let’s dive into a couple of different rules and guidelines for using them.

According to the PDGA rule 802.06(B), as an alternative to 802.06(A), “the player may mark the lie by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface, touching the front of the thrown disc on the line of play.”

But you may simply mark your lie by allowing your throw to stop on its own and come to rest. The disc at rest will be your lie and you throw from behind that.

If you do choose to use a mini marker, you need to make sure that it complies with PDGA technical standards (downloadable pdf). Their technical standards say this: “Mini Marker discs must have a circular shape, with a diameter ranging from 7 cm to 15 cm and a height not exceeding 3 cm. Mini marker discs can be made from a variety of materials (e.g. plastic, metal, wood).” That makes it all very simple to understand. Go by those specs and you should be fine.

Do I have to use a mini marker?

When playing disc golf, whether socially or competitively, you do not have to use a mini marker to mark your discs out on the course. If you don’t use one, you’ll simply throw your next shot from behind the lie of your last thrown disc. 

So if you’re out on the course playing, whether you want to use a marker or not just depends on the situation you’re in. If it’s just a casual round, then you don’t have to. You can use another disc or just pick up your disc and throw from that general area. No big deal.

You also don’t have to use a mini marker in competitive play either. That PDGA rule 802.06 states that you may use a mini marker as long as it complies with PDGA technical standards. Otherwise, the position of the disc at its lie can mark the spot. If you wanted to use that disc twice in a row, though, you would need a mini marker.

What is the best mini marker?

When it comes to whether a disc golf marker is “good” or not, it’s almost completely irrelevant to your play. I say this because, when it comes to competitive play, you aren’t using the actual marker in flight. So its ability to be a great mini marker doesn’t really matter. When it comes to the best mini marker, you just need to remember two things:

Remember the rules and make sure your marker is compliant with all PDGA rules like those listed in the paragraphs above and…

Find a cool one. Get a mini marker that you actually really like. This will help you use it more and continue to develop your competitive strategy.

Where can I find a mini marker?

When you’re searching for a good mini marker, there are several places to choose from. But before I go on, let me say this:

Always try to purchase from retailers that are in the disc golf community. Why? Well, we want to always try to grow the sport if we can. If you purchase from retailers in the dg community, you will be helping them continue to thrive and support disc golf even more.

You can first off get mini markers at local disc golf stores. That’s the easiest if you’re nearby. Most local stores are awesome and give good discounts to loyal disc golfers.

The next couple of places are online. I like to check Amazon’s awesome selection here. because there are always a bunch of good companies and designers that make really cool discs. A lot of them are less than $10 bucks and can be ridiculously customized to your liking. Ebay is also a good place to find cool minis. They’re usually pretty cheap and sold by those who either sell disc golf stuff or play disc golf.

Another place look is on They always have a decent selection on hand, are really cheap, and those discs will do the job for you.

Lastly, you can check out Innova’s selection here on on

Facebook is good for finding cheap disc golf stuff, too, in used disc golf gear groups. This place is a little trickier, though, as you have to have to scroll and scroll and you may not find what you want. But it is just an extra place to look.

So to close this post out…

I really just want you to understand the concept and use of mini marker discs. There isn’t a whole lot of complexity behind their use, but you have to know when to use them. It’s so simple. You use mini markers to mark the area directly in front of where your disc landed (i.e. the lie). Make sure you follow all PDGA rules when playing competitively and you will do fine. Otherwise, do your best to keep up with how to play the game the right way. Alright, thanks for reading disc golfers. Now get out there and go throw!

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