7 All-Time Best and Easiest Disc Golf Discs for Beginners!

It’s been a few years now since I started playing disc golf. But I remember it pretty well. On my first day out, I was given a few discs that were not meant for beginners – a distance driver and a control driver – two discs absolutely horrible for new players.

I got hooked on disc golf, but it took me a long time to improve because I wasn’t playing with the right discs. I needed easy, beginner-level discs to play with and I had no idea. Eventually, I started looking up tips on how to get better and found a few. I got the right discs and I got better.  That’s why I’ve written so many beginner-level posts with disc and gear recommendations. Because beginners need the right stuff.

So that’s why I brought you this post. I wanted to bring you a short list of the absolute best and easiest disc golf discs for brand new players. The following 7 discs are the easiest 7 to throw in all of disc golf.

Before I get to that list, let me quickly go over why I chose these discs.

Why I chose these discs

There are two huge reasons why I chose the 7 discs on this list ⬇️.

1. They fly straight: stable to understable discs are great for beginners because they offer more high-speed turn on the disc (they’re stable to understable). This helps players who can’t throw as hard to throw discs straighter for longer distances. Beginners want understable discs and these are it.

2. They’re just plain easy to throw: overall, the 7 discs on this list are incredibly easy to throw. They’re all very low in speed, have decent glide, a lot of turn, and very little fade (i.e. easy discs). Grab a few and get out on the course!

Word of caution on drivers

Before you go out and start slingin’ distance drivers like I did when I first started, hear me out:

I never recommend any drivers to a brand new beginner…EVER.

Why? Because they’re hard to throw. Most drivers have to be thrown with power and good form in order to fly correctly. You probably don’t have either of those traits yet. So your discs will be all over the place and that causes bad habits to form.

Now I know I put the Innova Leopard on this list. It’s a very easy control driver but I still wouldn’t recommend it on day 1. Learn the game and come back to this disc after a few weeks or months.

Alright, so let’s get to those discs!

7 all-time best and easiest discs for beginners

Our #1 Pick – Latitude 64 Ruby – putt and approach (3, 5, -3, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners
The Ruby is easily my #1 pick because this disc is hands down one of the easiest discs to throw in all of disc golf. If you want a true day 1 disc for a brand new player, the Ruby can take that job to the next level.

This putt and approach disc doesn’t take much power to get it up to speed (it’s only a 3). It has great glide (5), a lot of turn (-3) and only a small amount of fade (1). All of those ratings add up to an easy-to-throw, beginner-level disc golf disc.

Grab yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Discraft Magnet – putt and approach (2, 3, -1, 2)

Best disc golf discs

The Magnet is another super easy disc to play with. This disc is very large in diameter and is probably the most frisbee-like disc actually still made for disc golf (besides the Comet). That makes it easy for new players to transition from actually throwing frisbees to playing disc golf.

As for flight, this putt and approach won’t get you much distance, but it will fly insanely straight for you. It doesn’t require much speed and has decent glide. A little bit of turn and a moderate amount of fade make this disc fantastic for newer players. This disc is fairly stable, with a little bit more fade than a new player would probably want, but the fade isn’t too much to handle. So this disc wont be a problem at all for brand new disc golfers.

If you’d like to try the Magnet, grab it here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Dynamic Discs Judge – putt and approach (2, 4, 0, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners
The Judge is, by far, my favorite disc golf putter. I love Dynamic Discs and they did a really great job with the Judge. This disc is amazing for putting and holds its own as a driving putter as well.

It is very easy to throw and has very good glide. It doesn’t have much turn or fade, allowing for this thing to fly very straight through almost all of its flight.

Grab a Judge here on InfiniteDiscs.com

4. Discraft Buzzz – mid-range (5, 5, -1, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners
The Buzzz is hands down one of the most popular disc golf discs ever made. This disc is just built to be thrown really well. The flight ratings of this disc represent a really reliable disc that flies well and shoots straight every time. This disc goes where you want it to go and is great for all types of players, but can benefit new players tremendously. This is the disc that I give out the most to new players because it’s just an overall awesome disc golf disc.

To get yourself a Buzzz, check it out here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Axiom Paradox – mid-range (5, 4, -4, 0)

Best disc golf discs 2022
The Paradox is a new disc out from Axiom as of the end of 2021. This disc, so far, is extremely interesting. It’s highly understable and pretty popular so far (according to all of the reviews on InfiniteDiscs.com). The extreme understability of this disc makes it great for 2 things: first, it’s an incredibly easy disc to throw. And second, this is a great disc for specialty shots like s shot, turnover shots, and rollers.

If you’d like to try out the Paradox, grab one here  on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Innova Panther – mid-range (5, 4, -2, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners
The Panther is a phenomenal and extremely easy-to-throw, beginner-level disc. With a speed of 5, the Panther isn’t hard to throw at all. It has decent glide, a good deal of turn, and only a little bit of fade. All of those ratings indicate a beginner disc golf disc but you have to throw it to see how great of a disc it is.

If you’d like to try out the Panther, get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

7. Innova Leopard – control driver (6, 5, -2, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners

The Innova Leopard is awesome. This disc is a control driver with the flight ratings of a mid-range. Very rare to find a driver that is this easy to throw. Now I still wouldn’t recommend day 1 beginner players to use it, but it isn’t very hard to throw, so it can be useful after only a short time learning the game. Steer clear of other drivers, though, until you improve A LOT.

This disc is easy to throw, has tremendous glide, decent turn and a small amount of fade. It’s a perfect beginner driver. Just work your way up to it. If you started with the Innova Panther, this disc would be an easy step up.

If you’d like to try out the Leopard, grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

So that’s it

You’ve just seen 7 of the best and easiest disc golf discs for beginners. This list has some great discs that can help you learn the game, improve, and work your way into higher-level plastic. Hopefully these recommendations have helped you and you start out your #discgolfjourney the right way. For more awesome content, check out the related posts below!

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