Friction Gloves Review: Why I’ll Never Play Without Them Again

Not long ago, I was pretty terrible at disc golf. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know by now that I pretty much brag about how bad I used to be. It was almost impressive. But one thing that really hindered my game and held me back from becoming a better disc golfer was inconsistent grip. I mean, grip lock is real, y’all.

I played a lot of rounds my first year and I did improve, but not at the rate that I thought I should have. My issues with inconsistent grip continued to frustrate me. So I started researching about how to improve grip for better disc golf throws. That’s when I found out about Friction disc golf gloves. I bought a pair and have liked them so much that I wanted to write an in-depth Friction gloves review for those players on the fence about getting one or a pair.

Quick side note: I bought just one glove for my throwing hand. You don’t have to have two gloves unless you just want to buy one for each hand. But your throwing hand is the main hand that needs a glove. So your choice, really.

Pros: here’s why you should buy Friction disc golf gloves

1. Grip

If you don’t buy them for anything else, buy them for the absolutely phenomenal grip they provide. It is top notch and maintains grip on your disc in many different weather conditions. I’ve used my glove in most moist conditions (including hot and humid weather, rain, wet ground, and snow) and it has performed in every single round without fail. You can throw your wet disc at just about full power with these gloves and then watch your buddies struggle without gloves.

They’re also just great for gripping your disc during normal, dry rounds. I’ve found that my issues with inconsistent grip have almost completely gone away while wearing my glove.

I want you to know that these gloves do not have too much grip during dry rounds or cause any kind of grip lock. Today, I put my glove on before every single round.

2. Comfort

I’ve got to say, first off, that I wasn’t expecting the comfort provided in my Friction glove. It feels absolutely fantastic. I used the sizing chart provided by Friction and my glove fit perfectly snug to my hand. If you get the sizing right, these gloves wrap around your hand perfectly and feel great to wear.

The cool thing is that they’re so comfortable, you stop noticing you’re even wearing them after a round or so. They also provide just a little bit of protection in the cold and aren’t too hot in the heat.

3. Quality and Price

Friction gloves reviewAs of today’s date, I’ve played probably 12 or 13 rounds with my glove. So I can’t yet speak to the overall durability of it. I will say that it has held up so far with no signs of wear and tear yet. **I will update this post a little ways down the road on the durability of this glove.

But these gloves so far have been really nice to wear, look great, yet are very inexpensive for the overall value they provide. You can buy one glove like I did for around $16 dollars or you can buy the set for about $24 dollars for both hands. Your choice.

4. They’re Legal!

If you’re still on the fence, just remember that these gloves are totally legal in all PDGA tournaments and competitive play. Yep, you got that right! According to PDGA rule 813.02 “Illegal Device:”

“Devices that reduce or control abrasion to the skin (such as gloves, tape, bandages, or gauze) and medical items (such as knee or ankle braces) are allowed.” So gloves are allowed because they help to reduce or control abrasion to the skin.

You can find this rule here on the official PDGA website.

You can also check out our post, “Are Disc Golf Gloves Legal to Wear?” here on our site.

Cons? Hardly…

1. No touch-screen for phones

First world problems, right? But seriously, if you’re the kind of disc golfer that likes snapping pics or using UDisc, you won’t be able to operate your phone with these on. I have a blog about disc golf, so I’m constantly trying to get good pics to use in my posts. Solution? I have just one glove so that I can use my phone with the other hand. Or If you don’t even need your phone, you should be good to go!

2. Winter protection (2023 EDIT > NEW WINTER GLOVES!)

These gloves are meant to be more for grip and abrasion control than anything else. So during those really really cold rounds, these gloves aren’t going to give you much protection in the cold. They do help a little bit, though, so I’m not really complaining about this.

Overall, though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and those cons are just a couple of things that I found that could get on people’s nerves a little bit. But I don’t really mind either one.

2023 EDIT: Friction has come out with all new winter disc golf gloves. They have the grip and a warm fleece-lined inside! Check out the Friction Warms here! Check out the Friction Warms here on Amazon!

What Friction has to say about their disc golf gloves

“We’ve taken our best selling ultimate gloves and added features that disc golfers will love. Whether driving on a long par 5 or putting for birdie, Friction DG’s will help!

Our Friction DG’s feature grip on the throwing fingers to provide excellent control of the disc for both forehand and backhand throws. Friction DG’s are available for just your throwing hand or as a complete pair. They are allowed in PDGA play. They are fantastic for playing in wet, cold, dusty, or humid conditions. Bring consistency to your game with a consistent grip in every condition!”

A couple places you can get some Friction gloves

There are two places where you can get these gloves. Either one is fine.

1. they have very competitive prices on all of their disc golf gear and sell either one glove or the pair for a really decent price. Check them out here on their site. Any glove purchases through Infinite helps them out, helps Friction Gloves, and helps us make a small commission to support our blog.

2. infinite has a great selection of gloves that you can find here on their site. 

3. The Friction Gloves website: you can get some gloves directly from the source here on the Friction website. You can also get some cool merch from their online store as well.

Final thoughts

Friction disc golf gloves are a fantastic addition to any disc golfer’s disc golf game. They offer phenomenal comfort and unparalleled grip during every single disc golf round. If you’ve stayed on the fence about getting these up until now, go get yourself a pair of these gloves. I mean, why not? What if you got them and they improved your game tenfold? What if these gloves helped you go from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced? I think every disc golfer deserves to throw better and that’s what Friction offers you with their world-class disc golf gloves.

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