The Ultimate Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Review

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag
Let me just start by saying that I love large backpack disc golf bags. I’ve personally got a Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Bag that I’ve had for years now and I highly recommend all disc golfers look at. That bag is awesome. But over the course of my improvement on the course, I slowly started to want a smaller bag. I dwindled the amount of discs that I actually use down to about five to seven discs. And sometimes, I don’t want to carry a large, clunky bag with a ton of discs, accessories, and everything else.

Cue the Infinite Discs Slinger Bag – a small, single-strap backpack style bag that holds 10-12 discs and has just enough room for a drink, a snack, and one or two other accessories. I’d been thinking about getting a smaller bag for a while, but just couldn’t pull the trigger because I didn’t really like most of the choices I had. There are some pretty nice small bags but either they’re too expensive or I just didn’t like how they looked.

Finally, I saw the Slinger Bag. Hey, why not? I am an affiliate for Infinite Discs anyway so I decided I was going to give this bag a shot. I bought it, field tested it and came to really like the functionality and overall look of this awesome bag. In this post, I’m going to go over why I bought this bag, the cool features it has, the pros, the cons, and where you should go to get one of these.

Why I bought the Slinger bag

• Less discs: I’m a huge advocate for trimming down the amount of total discs that you throw in order to master just a few. But I felt like a hypocrite still carrying around almost 20 discs. So I wanted to force myself down into less than 10 discs total. So far, I’ve been carrying about eight to nine discs with the Slinger Bag.

• Less stuff: I will always be glad I chose the Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag back when I started. But I just needed a smaller bag with less clutter. Instead of everything, I have just a couple of essentials and my discs. The Slinger helps me declutter.

• Quality for the price: finding the best quality bag at the lowest price was my goal before buying the Slinger bag. I wanted a cheaper price but I also wanted quality and durability. I found a happy medium with this bag. The Slinger appears to be sturdy, durable, and was very inexpensive at around $20-25 bucks. That’s exactly what I wanted.

• The go-bag: lastly, I wanted a go-bag. The go-bag is something you have ready for play at a moment’s notice to quickly get out and breeze through 18 holes. Essentially, you grab it and you’re ready to go. I’ve got discs, one protein bar, and a bottle of water ready to hit the course. That’s the main reason I bought this bag.

Here’s what says about their bag

“The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort on your quick disc golf rounds. We wanted to provide a quality bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.”


Now this is a very minimalistic bag so there’s not a ton of different features. But that’s the point, isn’t it? If you want a crazy bag with 20 plus features, go buy a huge backpack bag.

• Single strap: I really like the single strap this this bag comes with. It’s padded and distributed the very little weight perfectly when wearing it. Even with 10 discs, it hardly feels like you’re carrying anything.

• Front putter pocket: I like this putter pocket on the very front. I’ve used it both for an extra water bottle and for the disc that I’m going to use the most in a quick round. Pretty convenient.

infinite discs slinger bag• Outside towel hooks: the double eye-hole on the top of the bag allows for easy clipping of your towel and bag tags.

infinite discs slinger bag• Water bottle holder: simple single bottle holder that expands so it can hold a pretty large bottle. Like I said earlier, if you need an extra bottle, use the front putter pocket.

• Rear storage pocket: this cool little pocket on the rear right side of the bag can hold your wallet, keys, disc golf glove and other small accessories for your rounds.

infinite discs slinger bag• Inside extra disc pockets: so within the bag itself, they’ve added a really cool set of individual disc pockets. There are two of these that can hold one disc each.

infinite discs slinger bag

• Minimalistic yet functional: this is one of the best parts about the Slinger bag. I wanted a minimalist bag that had just enough features to make it functional if ever needed for a competitive setting. This bag is a perfect mix of minimalism and functionality.

• Lightweight: this bag is super light, even with 10 discs, some water, and a few miscellaneous items inside. The single backpack strap helps to disperse the little bit of weight even more.

• Quick rounds: like I’ve already said, this is the perfect go-bag for quick disc golf rounds. Keep it in your car or wherever ready to go!

• The price: $20-25 bucks for everything! I bought mine with one of the Infinite Discs Starter Sets so I got an even better deal.


• Minimalistic: this pro can also be a con if you like a lot of features in a bag. If you need a bag with everything, don’t get the Slinger. It’s meant for the disc golfer who wants to slim down their bulky bag.

• Only fits about 11 discs: if you like to carry a lot of discs, the Slinger is not for you. The most discs I could comfortably fit in the bag was about 10. Then I stuffed it to see how many I could actually get in there. The bag fit about 12-13 discs (but I wouldn’t keep it like that).

• The zipper sticks a little bit: the only real gripe I’ve had is that the zipper has stuck just a little bit on the bag. It catches sometimes about half way zipped up and tough to fully zip at the top. Otherwise, the zipper is pretty smooth. But really, for the price, that’s not even an issue for me. Hopefully, the zipper lasts on the bag but I’ll update this later after some use.

Note: as I put some wear and tear on this bag, I’ll update the post accordingly. So far, it has only seen a few rounds but has held up well.


I really like this bag so far. It’s got style, functionality, and it’s only like $20-25 bucks…all of that says that the Infinite Discs Slinger Bag is a win in my book. I would say that, while it may not be the best bag on the market, it is hands down the best sling/quick/minimalist bag in the game. So my recommendation is to go a get you one of these today. Check out the best places to get this bag below.

A couple of places you can get this bag

There are two places to grab this bag. According to the Infinite Discs, either is fine.

1. the best place to get the Slinger is straight from the source. Infinite Discs is a fantastic company that provides all of the best disc golf discs and gear at prices that are very reasonable. They offer a couple of different colors and have plenty in stock. Grab a Slinger bag here on their site.

2. I’ve spoken with Infinite and they’ve stated that they’re really looking to grow their business through Amazon. Now you’re still technically buying from Infinite Discs, but if you’re just an Amazon person, get yourself a Slinger bag here on Amazon.

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