The Complete Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review!

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

Did you know that there are over 4 million disc golfers in the world? Yep, and altogether, those disc golfers play millions and millions of regular rounds every year.

But after playing for months or years, those regular old rounds just get boring. And sometimes we need some more excitement in our disc golf game.

So let me introduce you to the Disc Golf Frenzy card game by a company called Niced Nation!

A super fun new way to play disc golf that has changed my game for the better in just a few short rounds.

So in this post, I’ll be reviewing Disc Golf Frenzy and we’ll talk about:

  • Why I got the Disc Golf Frenzy card game
  • What Niced Nation says about their game
  • Features of the game
  • What I loved about Disc Golf Frenzy
  • Negatives of Disc Golf Frenzy
  • A quick word about their mini marker disc! (Yes, they sent me this, too!)
  • A couple of places where you can get their products!
  • And my recommendations for Niced Nation going forward!

Disc Golf Frenzy is a nicely designed, well-thought-out disc golf card game that offers players a variety of challenges, a demanding experience, and more fun than I could’ve imagined, all in one small deck of cards. Let me show you how.

Why I Got the Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game

First off, I did not purchase this card game. Niced Nation sent me this game for free, in exchange for an honest and thorough review. Up to this point, I had never played a disc golf card game, so I was very excited to give it a try.

My first thoughts: very interesting game to say the least. Great design. And the first few cards really made me laugh when I imagined what this round was gonna’ look like with all these crazy shots.

What Niced Nation Says About Disc Golf Frenzy

So before we get into the meat of this post, let me tell you just a little bit about the company behind the game:

Niced Nation was founded in 2022 by an awesome group of disc golfers based out of Europe. And their mission is simple: “Enhance the Disc Golf experience through innovative, fun and practical products.”

As the Niced Nation crew were playing their disc golf rounds, they began to find themselves in certain random beginner situations that needed creative solutions. Thus, their first product was born – a cheat sheet called The Ultimate Disc Golf Pocket Guide!

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

For more information on that guide, check it out here on

That cheatsheet helped them remember trajectories and other useful information they learned while playing. After that, they state, “the creative spark was lit!”

Next, they created their 2-in-1 disc golf mini marker with a built-in bottle opener. We’ll talk about that later in this post!

Wanting to broaden the spectrum of their product catalogue, they brought a few other cool products to market, including the Disc Golf Frenzy card game! Let’s see what Niced Nation has to say about it ⬇️.

What Niced Nation says about Disc Golf Frenzy:

“Disc Golf Frenzy is a card game for disc golf players who want to enjoy the game in a completely new way. Shuffle the deck, pull a card, and see what’s the challenge for the next hole.

The game consists of 25 different challenge cards that will take you out of your comfort zone. You will be able to practice new situations, improve your skills and also have lots of fun while competing with friends and seeing how each one of you is doing in each challenge round. 

The Disc Golf Frenzy card game has challenges for players of any skill.

The Disc Golf Frenzy card game also has very simple yet exciting gameplay. Simply draw a random card before each hole to reveal the next challenge that will apply to all players in the next hole.

Practice, have fun & enjoy a new level of competitiveness!”


1. Fun card game for disc golf

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

Disc Golf Frenzy is so much fun for all involved. If you’ve bought this game, it’s sure to help you and your friends have a great time out on the course. If you’re bored of your normal rounds, try this out.

2. 25 challenge cards (with different ways to experience the game)

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

Disc Golf Frenzy has 25 different challenge cards in the deck. But there’s not just 25 ways to experience the game. Between different courses, different holes, different discs, and different challenge cards, there’s almost an unlimited number of ways to enjoy Disc Golf Frenzy.

3. Solo play or rounds with multiple players

I played Disc Golf Frenzy both ways – with friends and without – and both were awesome.

With friends, it’s more about which person pulls the funniest and most ridiculous card. Without, I was able to reflect on what I got and try to strategize a little bit more.

I found that I actually did better on holes with challenge cards than those I didn’t have any challenge. Funny how that works, right?

4. Price

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

As of the writing of this post, Disc Golf Frenzy is retailing for $14.99. The price for a ridiculously fun game like this – less than the price of one disc golf disc – is easily worth the cost. I’d say definitely go get it, even if the price goes up a little bit by the time you read this post!

What I loved about Disc Golf Frenzy

1. All-around fun card game: from the time I started my first round, this was the most fun I’d had in disc golf in a long time. Aside from trying to figure out the strategy, this was a super amusing game. I mean, I was laughing almost every time I picked a card and regularly saying, “how the F am I gonna’ do this?!” As of the writing of this post, I have thoroughly enjoyed the game each and every time I’ve gone out to play it.

2. Helps disc golfers of all skill levels have fun: disc golf definitely has a learning curve. And sometimes it’s tough for newer players to learn fast enough to keep up with better players.

Beginners can often feel confused, inexperienced, and just plain bad during these rounds. That’s not fun and doesn’t always promote the enjoyment of our sport to new players. Obviously, most advanced players try not to let this happen, but it’s almost inevitable. Disc golf is tough.

However, this game flips the script and challenges every level of disc golfer, allowing every level of disc golfer to have fun together at the same time. Problem solved.

3. Makes disc golf challenging for better players: now I don’t consider myself advanced or elite, but I’m fairly decent at disc golf. And I found Disc Golf Frenzy to be quite challenging.

Sometimes better disc golfers need that challenge to avoid being average players. Better players need something to help them think and strategize again, instead of just trying to get their disc into the basket for the next 18 straight holes. Disc Golf Frenzy can help with that.

If your game has hit a plateau, consider picking up this card game. Because it is an entirely new way to experience the game and it WILL help you improve. Sometimes regular rounds are boring and this game can help spice things up! As Niced Nation says, Disc Golf Frenzy “takes you out of your comfort zone.” Love that.

4. Variety of challenges: I don’t want to give all the challenges away, but here are just a few as advertised on their site and in their pictures…

  • Luck or skill each player makes their first throw twice and continues playing from the worst position.
  • Savior or enemy other players choose the disc for your first throw.
  • Left or right each throw must be done with your non-dominant hand (hand you don’t normally throw with).
  • One man army each player uses only 1 disc of their choice for all throws (including putting).
  • Sky is the limit the first throw of this hole must be a Tomahawk or a Thumber throw.
  • Second life you have 1 chance to try another throw after a failed throw of your choice.
  • Roller derby your first throw must be a roller.
  • Free riders every player makes the first throw as usual. The second throw can be made from any other player’s disc location.

So as you can see, the variety of cards is awesome…with 25 cards and 25 different challenges to try out. But it doesn’t stop there. Every time you play, whether it be a different course, a different group, or just picking different cards on different holes, your experience with this game will almost always be different.

5. You can play solo or with others: so the first few times I played, I didn’t have anybody to go out with. So I played it alone. And the game was still very interesting every time.

However, Disc Golf Frenzy was insanely fun to play with others. Me and my friends had a blast and they have all since asked me about where I got it. Of course, I’ve referred them over to

6. Price is not bad: for only $14.99, you can get your hands on Disc Golf Frenzy. That’s nothing…less than the cost of a single decent disc for tons of fun and excitement on the course (for you AND others). Plus, like a great disc golf discs, Disc Golf Frenzy can be used over and over again. Once the cards wear out, you can just buy another set 😉.

7. Overall colors and design: lastly, I love the overall color palette and card design of Disc Golf Frenzy. The box design is very nice and the cards look great, too. Much better looking design-wise than other competitive disc golf games.

Negatives of Disc Golf Frenzy

1. Just a little more expensive than other card games like it: so there is one other card game like Disc Golf Frenzy on the market. I won’t name it, but it does beat out Disc Golf Frenzy in price by just a couple of dollars. It may not seem like much, but a couple dollars could mean the difference between making a sale and losing a sale.

Now, while most disc golfers really won’t care about a few bucks, price could play a factor in a few sales. However, if you make a premium product, you should sell it for a premium price. I think $14.99 is a perfect price because this card game is designed better than its competitor.

2. Can’t play regular rounds of disc golf: you’re obviously not buying a fun card game to play regular disc golf rounds. But I’ve got to warn you – if you try to keep score like a regular round, it might be tough. I’d encourage you to forget about the score and just have fun. If you do keep score, don’t be hard on yourself if your score doesn’t reflect a normal round. Sometimes you gotta’ let loose and get your game on!

3. This is a fairly challenging game: if you’re looking for easy, this game is not it. And while it might be simple and easy to understand, playing through different holes with all of the unique challenges is actually pretty tough. For me this isn’t a problem. But some may not like it and prefer normal rounds of disc golf.

A quick word about their mini marker disc!

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

Along with the card game, Niced Nation was kind enough to send me another item to review – their mini marker disc and bottle opener.

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

Now obviously this tiny disc-like object is overall a really cool little mini marker disc. You can get it in a few different colors and it’s perfect for the disc golf course.

Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy Card Game Review

But it has a secret: it also doubles as a bottle opener. When you flip it over, you’ll see that this mini has a built in bottle opener for whatever your bottle-opening needs are on and off the course. This was a really great little mini and retails on their site for $16.99 (as of the writing of this post).

Check current price of their mini marker with built in bottle opener here on

A couple of places where you can get their products!


As you’re reading this post right now, you can get the Disc Golf Frenzy card game directly through Niced Nation on their site. There are a couple of other places to get it, but I highly recommend that you buy it off their site. That will not only help them out, but cut down on costs to supply the middleman (i.e. the two affiliates below).

Grab the Disc Golf Frenzy card game and other awesome gear here on


If you love Infinite’s selection of disc golf gear, you can get Niced Nation’s gear here as well

Grab the Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy card game here on


If you’d rather grab Disc Golf Frenzy off of Amazon, you can feel free to do so here. You’re still buying from Niced Nation, but they get a little bit less money. If you’re just grabbing it on there to save on shipping, we highly recommend spending a couple extra bucks and getting it on the Niced Nation website to help them out. Let’s support Niced Nation!

My recommendations for Niced Nation going forward!

1. Keep the price down: if possible, see if you can keep the price of Disc Golf Frenzy the same for as long as possible. I wouldn’t try to lower the price. You’ve got a premium-quality and well-designed disc golf card game in your catalogue so it should sell for a premium price. But keeping it at about $15 bucks will allow almost all disc golfers to justify picking up a deck. $15 bucks is super affordable and cheaper than the cost of a nice disc.

2. Focus on the customer: keeping costs down is all good and well. But if you’re unable to keep costs down because of the inflation we’ve seen, well, all over the world at this point, focus on keeping the customer happy with high-quality products. If production costs go up, don’t focus on keeping the price down and decreasing the  quality. Keep the same quality and up the price a little bit. Disc golfers will pay for quality. Focus on your customers and they will be loyal to you forever. Especially those in the disc golf community.

3. Make a second version!: disc golfers seem to really like games like this. I would HIGHLY encourage you all to come out with a couple new versions of this game to supply the players that want it (and those who don’t know they want it yet). Plus, you want to show disc golfers that you all 100% have the better disc golf card game. I think you do. Time to show that to the world.


I am an avid disc golfer and lover of the sport. My mission with is to reach as many people as possible to help them love disc golf, too!

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