Recommended Disc Golf Baskets

In this section, I’m going to give you two top picks of mine because there are two types of portable baskets you can buy…or I should say that most people buy. You can obviously buy a basket that goes in the ground like those on courses, but those are very expensive and you can’t really move them around. Those are non-moveable baskets. I’d say 98 out of 100 players will buy moveable baskets. Here are my top two picks. Metal baskets are what I call Non-Portable because you can’t really take them from place to place (other than around your house). Portable baskets are made out of durable materials that can be folded up and taken from place to place.

Non-Portable Metal – Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

This basket provides tremendous value and quality from once of the top disc manufacturers in the game. It’s a little bit on the pricier end, but you get what you pay for. Almost all metal baskets will last a long time indoors, but the DD Recruit will hold up for years outside. For those that have the space and want to practice a lot at home, this is the route to go. Pick one up here on

Portable Non-Metal – Innova DISCatcher Pro Basket

This basket is probably your best overall option when buying a basket because of durability, maneuverability, and price. For those on the move, this basket will no doubt suit you better. Grab one here on

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