Recommended Disc Golf Discs

Before I give recommendations for each skill level of player, I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the different types of disc golf discs. I’ll compare them to the clubs in ball golf. In ball golf there are basically 4 types of clubs (not counting hybrid irons and other modern clubs).

In disc golf, we use 4 types of discs: a putter (just like a golf putter), a mid-range (which is similar in use to an iron), a control driver (which is similar to a 3-wood or 5-wood), and a distance driver (obviously, you can see where I’m going with this one). Instead of a hole, though, we’re taking our discs and trying to sink them into a metal basket.

The rest of the game is played almost identical to that of ball golf. While there are 4 types of discs, I’ll keep each skill level’s recommendations to 3 discs a piece.

Discs for High-level and Pro Players

While I’m not a pro, the 3 discs I’m recommending for this category are 3 discs that are the most popular among players of a high skill level. I’ve personally used all of these discs and only recommend discs that I wholeheartedly believe in myself.

Distance Driver – Discraft Zeus

One of the most popular and hottest discs on the market, this disc was made for the #1 disc golfer in the world, Paul McBeth, but is showing everyone that it’s just an overall fantastic distance driver. Grab one here on

Mid-range – Innova Roc

A tough, yet highly-rated disc that allows for serious control once you’ve developed good technique and throwing power in disc golf. Grab this fantastic disc here on

Putter – Gateway Wizard

Most putters are pretty interchangeable. Because they’re not being thrown a long distance, you can really use any putter for putting. The way the discs fly doesn’t really change much from 20 to 30 feet away. But the Gateway Wizard has a nice feel and is one of the top 3 putters in disc golf right now. You can get this disc here on

Discs for Intermediate Players

I’ve played for a couple of years now and would consider myself to be an intermediate player. These next few recommendations come straight out of my bag.

Distance Driver – Dynamic Discs Sheriff

This disc has been a favorite of mine for a long time and is just a really great, straight-flying driver. I call it the multi-tool driver in my bag because it is very versatile. I would definitely not use this disc until you’re able to get a lot of speed behind your throws. Grab one here on

Mid-range – MVP Tangent

Best disc golf discs

A great, highly-controllable disc that normally always flies exactly how you want it to. I regularly use this disc when I’m practicing with solo disc rounds, or rounds where you only use one disc through the whole round (kind of like just using an iron through a whole round of ball golf). But doing these rounds helps you develop your accuracy and the Tangent can be perfect for the task. Grab one here on

Putter – Innova Aviar

The Aviar is just about the most popular putter overall in the world. It’s just been so steady and such a great disc for someone the world’s top players. Pick one up here on

Discs for Beginners

Beginner players – gear recommendations and tips for beginners is truly my forte and my site’s emphasis. I love giving good recommendations to beginners because the learning curve is kind of weird when you first start. With different types of discs, weights, numbers, and colors, understanding what you need when you first start is REALLY important and could possibly make or break a new player continuing to play or not.

If a new player has a really bad experience because theyre using discs that are too tough, you might not ever play again. When you’re new, you just need a couple of beginner discs and some friends. After you have some fun and start to like disc golf, then you can start getting into the technical aspects of the game. My voal is to show beginners exactly what they need. “Here are three discs and a bag. Now go play. If you like disc golf, ill teach you more,” is kind of my philosophy on the site.

Control Driver – Innova Leopard

As a new player, you really shouldn’t use drivers at all, even the easier control drivers. But I’ll give you one recommendation for a disc that can be thrown okay after a couple of rounds as a true beginner. That disc is the Innova Leopard. In my opinion, it’s the easiest driver to throw in disc golf and can be justified in a beginner bag. But I wouldn’t throw it on day 1. Stick to mid-range discs and putters. Grab yours here on

Mid-range – Discraft Buzzz

As a beginner, you should try sticking to no higher than a mid-range when first starting out. And if there was one disc that I could give you to go play with, it would be the Discraft Buzzz. It’s easily the most popular disc in the world because it’s so fantastic on many levels. Pros love the control. Intermediate players love the reliability and versatility. And beginners can really work on overall their game with the help of the Buzzz. If you asmed me, “What’s the 1 disc you would give to a new player?”, it would be the Buzzz. You can get your own Buzzz to keep this record going here on

Putter – Dynamic Discs Judge

I love the Judge. It is just a solid, steady putter that feels good to me. And it’s one of the top 3 putters in the world under the Aviar and Wizard listed above. Many players, including myself, have chosen the Judge as their #1 putter. You can grab one for yourself here on

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