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When it comes to disc golf, you need a good bag to help you properly carry all of your discs. A good bag can make or break your game, and when I play, I want my game to be spot on. When I started, I knew I wanted the best disc golf bag that I could get my hands on.

Now, today, I may not be the best player, but I am super competitive, and I do like to win. Just remember, though, that you’re not guaranteed to win if you have a super nice bag. But having a good bag can help you think about your game differently, help you strategize your throws more efficiently, and can help you carry more discs in a practical manner.

Why I chose the Dynamic Discs Trooper disc golf bag as my favorite bag

How to build a disc golf bag

  • Storage: It can hold ALL of the stuff in the picture above…Seriously. It’s all a little snug, but works great.
  • The price: I’d say the price is just right at around $40.00 on The fact that this is a superior bag for under $50 dollars got my attention. Most bags of this quality start out around $75-100 bucks, but this one gives you everything you need for about $40.00.
  • Disc capacity: I wanted a bag that could hold at least 10 or more discs. This bag can hold around 18 to 20 discs. I like having the ability to carry as many as I need. Now, I don’t need 20 discs, but carrying 12-15 can always come in handy if you lose a disc or if you have friends come out with you that have no discs.
I mean, this bag is really awesome. But on top of that you get…
  • Quality: although I haven’t had this bag for long, it seems like it’s going to last me a long time. It just feels sturdy and reliable.
  • Convenience: a lot of bags have the front storage, but this was a must for me. I hated the disorganization when I just carried discs in a random bookbag or backsack. I love the front storage and will never go back to using a crappy bag again.
  • It’s just an all-around good deal: You get everything needed and most of what is usually wanted for $40 bucks. There are other super crazy awesome bags and disc golf carts that you can buy if you want to. I prefer to keep the bag simple and invest more into my discs. I think everyone should fork up the money for a good bag, but you just don’t need a $200 dollar roller cart with a built in seat. Sure it’s cool, but it’s unnecessary and you can buy awesome discs if you get something like the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag.

If you want to check out this bag or see if they have any other bags you like, you can find them here on

You can also check out these awesome disc golf bags

1. Fade Crunch Box disc golf bag

The Fade Crunch Box disc golf bag is very interesting. This baby can hold up to 14 discs. And as you can see in the picture, it has pockets for Beer water or gatorade, a mini disc (or cell phone), pen and pencils, with room left over. You can get this bag for around $30-35 bucks on Amazon.

2. The Nutsac disc golf bag

The Nutsac disc golf bag is great because of how strong the Cannonball canvas is that wraps around it. It is made to be a heavy duty disc golf bag. It can hold around 10-14 discs along with a small pocket on the side and a water bottle pouch. This bag is great as an extra bag that can be kept in the car for those quick rounds on the go. Grab a Nutsac here on Amazon today.

3. The Discraft Weekender disc golf bag

The weekender is another great bag to have as either a beginner bag or a spare in your car. This is the perfect bag, though, for those just starting out. Most new players only have a few discs, which will all fit in this bag. And it has a small pocket for a water bottle. This big is also super cheap. You can check out the current price for it here on

4. The Innova Champion Standard disc golf bag

The Innova Standard bag has a lot of storage for a small bag and is great for beginners or those looking for an extra bag for play on the go. It’s got everything you need as an all-the-time bag if you want, all for around $25 dollars. Not too bad. Grab this bag here on Amazon.

But do I really need a disc golf bag?

I would say, “yes, absolutely.” A disc golf bag, similar in fashion to a ball golf club bag carrying clubs, is a bag that is designed to carry disc golf discs. It’s a bag with the golf discs in mind. Bags are designed in such a fashion that allows you to easily store your discs, organize them, and access them at just the right moments when you play each round.

Why do you need an awesome bag? Well, here are 4 reasons:

1. A great bag can help you think about your game differently – instead of thinking about placing discs into a regular bag with no organization or getting irritated when you can’t find the right disc when you’re looking for it, an awesome bag helps you keep your discs in order and organized for when you need them.

2. A great bag can help you strategize your throws more efficiently – most bags keep discs right at the front of the bag or where you can see all of the discs you are carrying. This is turn can help you strategize in between throws. Which disc do I need next or which disc will I need to get my shot in between all those trees up ahead? Your bag can help with this.

But it can also help you with…

3. A great bag can help you carry more discs in a practical manner – I used a crappy gym bag at first. ThenI had a backpack that was super aggravating and a backsack that was even worse. I hated all three. I used to only carry about 5-6 discs with me because more than that would clutter my bag and make it annoying to find the right disc. You don’t really need more discs than that, but a good bag can help you carry up to 20 or more in an organized manner. All of your discs are stacked up front or neatly kept in a pocket ready to be thrown. You don’t need 20 discs, but you may want to try throwing a few extra per round. Nothing wrong with that.

4. Most of them are cheap but are fantastic quality – the fact that most bags are relatively inexpensive makes them a worthwhile investment. You should get a bag that at the least is as good as the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag that I use. There are better bags at the $70-120 price range that are the bomb, but don’t have a whole lot more features over the Trooper bag.

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