Here are the best disc golf discs

So you need some discs, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right website as we can guide you to all of the best places to find, compare, and buy the best disc golf discs. In the paragraphs below, we will give you all of the information you need to get yourself completely ready to head out on the course.

What’s this page really about?

This page is all about you and why you need the best disc golf discs for your gear bag. This page has been designed with the reader in mind and should help to answer a couple of questions before you buy your new discs. Make sure you read the information below so that you can make a wise, informed decision when you purchase you discs.

This page also has other things in mind such as: why your disc choice is important, the three types of discs you need, and the best places to find those discs. Let’s move on.

Why disc choice is important

There are two reasons why disc choice is important. These two reasons can make or break your ability to become a good disc golf player.

  1. The first reason looks at skill level. Different discs are designed for different skill levels. In that I mean that there are discs specifically made for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced throwers. You need to understand which discs are made for which players. Check out this buyer’s guide from
  2. The second reason is that different discs perform different functions on a disc golf course. Similar to ball golf, where different clubs are used on different shots, disc golf has discs for driving, mid-range distance throwing, putting, and hammer/thumber throwing (overhand throwing). You need to make sure you have those different discs so that you can improve every part of your game. Each shot needs a different disc – don’t forget that.

3 types of discs you need – our picks

1. Beginner Driver: Innova Leopard

The Innova Leopard is an absolutely fantastic beginner disc in that it doesn’t need a lot of speed off of the tee. It’s very versatile and can perform a lot of different shots well. The Leopard is very balanced, which is good for any player, really. This is a very fun disc to throw and if you’re new to the sport, you should definitely have one of these in your bag. You can grab one off of here.

2. Intermediate Driver: Dynamic Discs Sheriff

Oh, the Sheriff. A disc of many talents and uses. I’ve raved about this disc ever since my friend Hunter suggested it to me. I’ve thrown a few hundred discs or so in my disc golf career, and the Sheriff is by far my favorite. But don’t use this as a beginner thrower, because it is meant for speed and distance. Once you get some speed on your throw, this thing will sail. It got me my first 300+ foot throw, through about 80 trees, landing 25 feet past the basket. I call this the “multi-tool” of drivers because of how well it performs in all aspects of a drive. It can perform many shots. If you’re looking for a phenomenal disc, pick one of these up today (link to

3. Advanced Driver: Innova Champion Boss (any plastic)

The Innova Champion Boss is by far one of the most famous drivers in the game today. Being that it is the current distance world-record holder at 1,108.9 feet, it should be. David Wiggins, Jr, used an Innova Champion Blizzard Boss to absolutely crush the distance world record in 2016. And to date, the record has not been beat. If you’re looking for a pure distance driver, this is it. But this disc is not for beginners. It is very hard to throw if you don’t have a good arm and lots of speed behind every throw. If you are a little bit more advanced, this overstable disc can work well for you. Pick one up here on

4. Beginner Mid-range: Discraft Elite X Buzzz

The Buzzz is hands down one of the most popular mid-range discs. It’s excellent for all players and will help you tremendously as a new thrower. Grab one here.

5. Intermediate Mid-range: Innova Gstar Wombat (or Wombat3)

The Innova Wombat is about as solid a mid-range as you can get. The Wombat featured above is one of my original discs. It’s a great disc because it can be used as a beginner or intermediate disc. Advanced players can do well with it, but moving up to a more advanced disc is probably a good idea. I won’t sell this disc short, though, because it is very fun to throw. Definitely pick one of these up here on If you’re looking for a Wombat3, you can get one here.

6. Advanced Mid-range: Innova Atlas

The Innova Atlas is freakin’ awesome. From the first throw, I knew I was going to like this disc. It is a stable mid-range, so it’s more for an intermediate to advanced player, but any player can utilize it if you throw it hard enough. This disc is perfect for hyzer throws and has almost gotten me like 10 aces in just a couple of rounds with it. Grab one of these on

7. Beginner Putter: Innova Champion Aviar

The Innova Champion Aviar is an outstanding disc for a beginner player. If you have a chance to throw this or get you one, do it. You can grab one here on

8. Intermediate Putter: Dynamic Discs Prime Judge

I’m a big fan of the judge. I’ve named it in our post, “The 15 All-Time Best Disc Golf Discs,” as one of the top putters of all time. Check the current prices here on so you can pick one up.

9. Advanced Putter: Westside Discs Harp

The Westside Discs Harp is great for any level player, but is best utilized by advanced players for long putts and approach shots. Grab one for your bag off of

The best places to buy discs and gear

So you kind of know what you want. But where can you get these discs at? Take a look at the following websites and stores listed below.

  • I really like this site because they carry almost all of the disc golf brands and they offer some of the best deals on all of their discs as well. is a part of their affiliate program, so if you choose to click on one of our links to their site and buy something, we will make a small commission. So thanks in advance!
  • Amazon is a great place to buy new beginner discs if you can’t find them on They also have a decent selection of name-brand discs. I do earn a small affiliate commission from Amazon, but I only recommend the best discs and values that I can’t find on
  • The site to get all of the discs in the Innova disc line. You can also get the newest discs created by them first.
  • Another great disc golf site that carries discs from the major disc golf brands. They have great customer service and great prices.
  • This site offers the full line of prodigy disc golf discs and they have a great blog and social following.
  • This site is like the Walmart of disc golf. They have a ton of stuff to buy on their site and they offer awesome prices on their gear. They also have a good clearance section.

Is it okay to buy used gear?

Yeah, for the most part, it’s okay to buy used gear. I’ve had a lot of used discs and such given to me by better players who didn’t need them anymore and they’ve all worked fine. You just have to make sure that the stuff isn’t faulty or broken.

Also, make sure that if you’re buying the gear, that you don’t pay too much for that gear. Most of the time, you can buy new gear online for the same price or cheaper than the used gear.

So what do I take away from all of this?

Well, you need quality gear from quality brands. It doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s used or new, but new stuff costs about the same as used. Make sure you have the proper equipment, as you need to have at least a driver, mid-range, and putter ready for your rounds on the disc golf course. And don’t forget our rule of six: carry two of each kind of disc for your rounds – 2 drivers, 2 mid-range discs, and 2 putters. This will guarantee that you can keep playing if you lose any of your discs on the course or in the water.

So with all of that said, go get some discs, pack up your gear, and get out on the course!

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