17 Ways to Play More Disc Golf (And Improve Your Game)

We all love disc golf. Some of y’all, like myself, just can’t seem to get enough of the game. Now back just a couple of years ago, I had all day to play and not a lot of obligations to tend to.

It’s different now.

I try to play as much as possible, which today with a full time job and a kid, is getting increasingly harder and harder to do. We all just don’t have the time to play like we used to…or do we?

I’ll bet you’ve got more time than you realize. And so I’ve put together this list of 17 ways to hack your schedule so that you can play more disc golf. These methods are what I use to get a couple of extra rounds in per month. Alright, let’s get to it!

Why you need to play more

You have to play to get better

Obviously one of the most important tips in disc golf is to practice. This is so simple, yet a lot of people still don’t understand why they’re not getting better at the game. If you only play a couple of rounds every few months, you won’t improve.

It takes many rounds of play, practice sessions, and drill practice to start working your way from beginner to intermediate player. And if you want to go from intermediate to advanced, your level of commitment has to go way up. This all starts with just being able to play more.

You need a break from life…so play disc golf

I want you to remember back to when you first started playing. Whether you went out with a friend, family member, or by yourself because you heard good things about disc golf, think back to why you started. The answer is probably because you wanted to have some fun.

So you sometimes have to forget about all of the practice, drills, more practice, more drills, and countless rounds in order to improve your game. Sometimes you should go play more just to take a break from life. Life is tough and you need to have a bit more fun. One way to do that is by playing more disc golf.

Below, I’ve got 17 of the absolute best ways to help you find more time so you can play more disc golf ⬇️. Let’s get started!

17 ways to play more disc golf

1. Have a quick go bag

One of the best ways to be able to play more is to have a go-bag ready for your rounds. Sometimes you don’t need a cart or a huge backpack. Get a bag, like the Infinite Discs Slinger bag (link to Amazon.com), and put a couple of things into it. Get about five or six discs, a bottle of water, and anything else for a super fast round. Have it somewhere ready to go.

2. Keep a go bag in your car

Remember that go bag? Remember that I said to put it somewhere ready to go? Yep, take that bag and put it into your car. This way, you can have it if you’re out on the go and have some free time to play.

3. Play on your lunch break

I’ve done this a ton of times already. I’ve got a pretty lenient lunch break period, so I occasionally use it to go play a quick round. If your work is near a course, why not?

4. Play at night

Days getting shorter? Don’t have time to play until later in the day? Why not play at night? Night, or glow disc golf, is one of the most fun ways to play. Check out our post here called, “How to Play Disc Golf at Night (in 6 Easy Steps),” for some tips on how to play after dark.

5. First thing in the morning

Our tip #14 kind of goes along with this, but this one is definitely worth a try. Even if you’re not a morning person, try waking up extra early to get out and play. I do this ALOT in the summer months because of how hot it gets in North Carolina. I just get up before work, go play 9 holes, then get a shower and head into my job. Easy peasy.

6. Winter

Even though I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, playing in the Winter is probably the best time to actually play. Why? Because most disc golfers don’t go out in the Winter. That means that courses are barren or barely played on on the weekend days during the frozen months. Check out our post, “How to Play Disc Golf in the Winter,” for tips in the cold.

7. Play solo rounds

If you always go out with friends, getting out by yourself is an easy way to get extra rounds in. Sometimes it’s just hard to get on the same schedule as other people. And instead of not going to play, go and play yourself a solo round or two. Check out our post, “Can You Play Disc Golf Alone? 11 Reasons Why You Should,” for some other reasons why you play solo disc rounds.

8. Join a club

One great way to encourage more play is to join a club. Disc golf clubs usually meet about once a week to play, so if you want to play more, join up. If you don’t feel like playing that week, you don’t have to. But you’ll always know that they’re out on that certain club day. There may be a small yearly fee, but it’s usually worth it.

9. Get friends and family involved

One fantastic way to get on the course more is to take your friends and family out with you. It’s a cheap, fun way to spend time with your buddies. And it can be good bonding with family. You may even get someone hooked on disc golf!

10. Find every local course

If you haven’t yet looked up courses in your area, it’s about time. You may not even realize that there’s a disc golf course in your backyard! For me, there’s about five courses within 30 miles of my house and about 10 courses within 60 miles. So I’ve got no excuse if I can’t get out there! Depending on where you live, you might have even more courses around you. Just Google, “disc golf courses near me,” to find them all.

11. Build a course (if possible)

Now this may be impossible for you if you don’t own the land. But if you’re able to, and you have a little bit of spare cash, get out and start building you your own place to sling those discs. One of my good friends has an 18 hole course and a place to do whatever the hell he wants to do. That’s awesome. He can play whenever he wants to.

12. Establish a routine/schedule

On the more time management side of things, I’ll give you this easy tip: try to establish a routine or schedule for all of your practice and all of your rounds. This is pretty easy to do. Just schedule time and day for practice and play and make that a daily or weekly routine. Eventually you’ll be used to that and others will know not to mess with your disc golf time.

13. Get everything done early in the week

This is truly one way that I use to try and get an extra round or two in per month. I’ve got so much to do that it’s hard for me to play sometimes. But I try to get everything done really early in the week so that when the weekend comes, there’s nothing left. And then maybe, just maybe, I can get out to play some more disc golf.

14. Sleep less

Not trying to be funny with this one, but seriously, if you sleep a little bit less, you can have more time to get everything you need to do done and play some more disc golf. Try doing what we suggest in this tip and #5 – sleep a bit less by waking up a little bit earlier to get your round in.

15. Buy practice gear

This is one of my top tips and best posts of 2019. If you want to play and practice more, you need to buy yourself a little bit of practice gear. For this, you’ll need 3 things:

1. Disc golf basket: your putting is super important and can make or break your game. But having a personal basket at home is just hella fun sometimes and can help you practice more. Check out a couple of our posts below ⬇️.

How Much Does A Disc Golf Basket Cost?

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2. Practice net: I gotta say, this was a great idea. I just sprawled a huge net up in my garage and boom…unlimited throwing practice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Grab the net I got here on Amazon.

3. Pro-Pull Disc Golf Trainer: this awesome disc golf tool will help you improve both your backhand and forehand drives, as it provides multiple levels of resistance during your training. Grab this awesome tool here on Amazon.com.

You can also check out our post, “The #1 Way to Improve Your Disc Golf Game This Year,” here.

16. Field work

This last practice method is yet another way to play more and practice more. Most of you will already know what field work is, but if you don’t, it’s basically taking your discs out to a large field and working on technique, disc placement, accuracy, and distance. This practice method is one of the best, most basic ways to improve your game. Try it out.

One interesting drill that you can try out will use a 120 yard (360 foot) football field. I call this drill, “Field Goals,” because the object is to throw your disc straight through the field goal posts on the field. Start at the 50 yard line in the middle of the field and throw your disc through. Each time you make it, you can move back 10 yards until you made it all the way to the field goal posts on the other side (which is about 360 feet on a regulation football field). You can mix this up any way you want and throw as many as you want from any yard line on the field.

17. Take a break and rest

Okay, so I promised you 17 but I got to the end and thought about something: make sure that you don’t play too much. Because this can lead to burnout. And you don’t want that.

Instead of trying to play so much that you start not enjoying the game as much, try taking a break and resting between rounds played. This might be a way to not play as much. But this will, over the long-term, ensure that you play often and always enjoy disc golf.


So we know…you like disc golf. So do we. And therefore, you’ve got to be able to play it whenever possible. So hopefully these tips have helped you out. I know that they’ve personally helped me to play way more often. Alright…quit reading this post and get back out on the course while you still have the time!

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