What is the Heaviest Disc Golf Disc?

Out on the course a couple of months ago, I was throwing my 180 gram Innova Atlas when something came to mind: heavy discs are awesome.

Over the years, I’ve played with a lot of discs. Some super light, some very heavy heavy, and others that were right in the middle. But heavy discs have always stood out to me.

As I kept thinking about my Atlas in all of its 180 gram glory, I couldn’t help but wonder more about heavy discs. I wonder what the heaviest disc golf disc is? What’s the heaviest disc allowed by the PDGA? What are the true benefits of heavy discs? What other awesome discs can I get in heavy weights?

So I looked it all up. It took me awhile to find all the answers and eventually, I got frustrated and decided that the internet needed all of the information in one place – this post! Check out all of my research on heavy discs in the following sections below ⬇️.

What is the heaviest disc golf disc?

The heaviest disc in disc golf is the Innova Condor weighing up to 200 grams and having one of the largest rim diameters of any disc golf disc at 24.1 cm.

The only other disc that comes close to the Condor is the Innova Zephyr at 190 plus grams. But the Condor has reigned supreme in the heavy category for a long time. Although I don’t believe it’s sold anymore, as I’ve been searching for this disc everywhere from the minute I started researching this post.

So if you want to find a Condor, you’re probably going to be looking into specialty sites like Ebay or going onto specialty disc sales groups on Facebook or in Facebook Marketplace. But be on the lookout because Innova could choose to sell it again. I mean, they haven’t officially discontinued or retired the Condor so they may release a new mold in the future. But as for heavy discs, we’ve got you covered. I’ve got a few other recommendations at the end of this post.

What is the heaviest disc weight allowed by the PDGA?

The heaviest disc weight allowed by the PDGA for approved discs is 200 grams. However, the total weight allowed also depends on the rim diameter of each type of disc. The larger the rim diameter, the heavier a disc is allowed to be, up to the max weight of 200 grams.

So the PDGA has weight limits on certain types of discs depending on the diameter of the rim. The thinner the disc, the less weight is allowed by the PDGA.

For example: thinner discs like drivers are usually capped at about 175 grams. Discs with thicker rim diameters like mids and putters can weigh more but are usually capped at no more than 180 grams. If the diameter is a bit larger, they can go over 180, but most discs today stay at 180 or below.

Almost all professional disc golfers use discs that are around 175-180 grams.

What are the benefits of heavy discs?

1. Better in the wind = more wind resistance

One huge benefit of heavy discs is their ability to fly better in the wind. With lighter discs, these pieces of plastic will catch air, possibly flip over, and do exactly the opposite of what you want a disc to do in windy conditions. Heavier discs ride the wind better and allow you to play a semi-normal round even in the windiest of conditions.

See our disc golf in the wind guide here for more on this.

2. Slightly more controllable

In all of my time playing, I’ve found that heavier discs are just easier to control. A lot of players will yell you the same, but heavier discs just feel easier to control. But you’ll have to put just a little bit more momentum on these heavy discs to get them up to speed.

3. More momentum

Even though you may have to get more momentum on your disc when you first throw it, you’ll get more momentum out of it on the backend. This could potentially help you if you’re struggling to gain distance on your drives. Try throwing heavier discs to increase your distance and then transitioning back to discs with a little bit less weight. Using a disc like this is similar to the next benefit on this list. Use a heavy disc that’s tough to throw and then discs that are lighter will be easier to throw.

4. Throwing muscles and core strength

Heavier discs can offer you that practice and training that we just talked about but let’s take this a bit further. If you grab a disc that’s exponentially heavier, like the Getaway Training Wizard here on InfiniteDiscs.com at 295 grams, you can do even more training with heavier discs to strengthen your throwing muscles and improve your core strength. It’s amazing what an extra 100 grams will do.

The 3 best heavy discs on the market (besides the Condor)

1. Innova Roc3Best disc golf discs

The Roc3 is a hugely popular disc in the #discgolfcommunity. It’s fairly overstable and is a bit faster than the original Roc, but I honestly like it better. For a mid-range disc, this disc can really get you some distance…especially in a heavier weight class. Grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

2. Dynamic Discs EMac TruthBest overstable midrange

I’m a huge fan of both the original and EMac Truth. The EMac Truth, though, is well made, flies far, gives you predictable overstability, and is an excellent heavy disc up around 175 grams. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Infinite Discs AnubisBest understable midrange

The Anubis, from Infinite Discs, is a straight stable mid-range that feels pretty heavy, but flies really well out of the hand. Oh, and did I mention that it flies straight? Yep, completely straight or whatever line you put it on. Get an Anubis here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

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