What is the Longest Disc Golf Throw?

Simon Lizotte has done it. So has Jennifer Allen, Jason Cortella, and Christian Sandstrom. I’m talking about disc golfers who have broken disc golf distance records and been able to throw their discs ridiculously far. But you’re here to see who has the all-time record. You want to know what the longest disc golf throw ever is. Let’s find out.

What is the longest disc golf throw?

The longest disc golf throw ever recorded was 1,108.9 feet thrown by pro disc golfer David Wiggins Jr. in 2016 at the Primm, Nevada High Desert Distance Challenge. This throw broke the previous record of 903 feet held by pro disc golfer Simon Lizotte.

The record

So after this throw, David Wiggins Jr. owned the distance record. It was all his. And the fact that he threw his disc almost 1,109 feet is absolutely insane. But it’s important to understand the entire situation behind this world record throw to understand exactly how Wiggins Jr. broke the record.

**Note: I’m not taking anything away from his throw, just merely analyzing how he did it.

To set the stage, Wiggins Jr. was part of a group of people who set out to try and break the distance record at a distance event called the High Desert Distance Challenge in Primm, Nevada. This event looks to achieving and promoting one thing and one thing only – pure, unadulterated distance.

So on March 28th, 2016, a windy day in the desert, the group of players at the distance event set up to launch their discs as far as they possibly could. Hopefully farther than anybody else ever could. The conditions were favorable for breaking records on this date:

• Moderate outdoor temperatures of 66° to 70° degrees.

• High winds of around 38 to 42 miles per hour.

• Discs used were all light weight, highly aerodynamic distance discs meant to do one thing – fly super far.

• All of the throwers including Wiggins Jr. used a run up and spin for momentum and threw their discs about as hard as they possibly could.

So there were a couple of factors that led to David Wiggins Jr. breaking the distance record.

He threw a light disc of 154 grams that was meant to fly really far into a high tailwind around 40 miles per hour. He used the run up and spin technique and threw the disc as hard as he could. So while I do believe he threw his disc really far, I also believe that those factors played a huge part in him breaking the record.

If he threw a normal throw without the tailwind to carry his disc, the disc probably would’ve only been thrown 500 to 600 feet. Nevertheless, he threw it 1,108.9 feet, completely shattering the previous record set by Simon Lizotte of 903 feet. Even when Lizotte broke his own record, he still only was able to reach 1,030 feet, so Wiggins Jr. kept his record that still stands today.

The world record distance driver

When Wiggins Jr. broke the record with his 1,108 foot throw, the disc golf world was absolutely captivated and wanted to know exactly which disc he used to do it.

Wiggins Jr. used a 154 gram Innova R-Pro Boss Distance Driver for this shot. The Boss succeeded in capturing the record for him and is among a line of different Innova Boss discs that have either broken distance records or come very close.

The Boss has flight ratings of 13, 5, -1, 3 and is almost a perfect disc for distance. It’s high speed, phenomenal glide, little bit of high-speed turn, and decent fade make it one of the best distance drivers in the game today. Grab a record-breaking Boss here on Amazon.

Looking to set your own personal distance record? Check out the 5 tips below ⬇️ and start adding distance to your game in no time!

5 tips to improve your distance

1. Have a distance goal

The first step in improving your own distance game is actually setting a specific goal for improvement. Without goals, we just kind of blindly shoot for what we want in the dark (and normally don’t get it or improve to the level we want). Setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals is how you can achieve anything you want. If you want to throw 500 feet, make specific goals to help you get there. For more on how to set goals for your game, check out our post, “11 Powerful Reasons Why Goals Are Important in Disc Golf.”

2. Slow is smooth and smooth is far

This is something that I had to really drill in my psyche when I first learned it. Me being me, I thought that in order to get distance, you had to sling a disc as hard as physically possible. This could not be further from the truth. A couple of disc golfers tried to let me know what I was doing wrong. But my stubbornness always got in the way. One day, I finally tried it. I threw it a little bit slower and more smoothly and it all finally just clicked. After that, my distance continued to improve.

3. Make sure you use discs for your skill

If you’re a newer player having trouble getting some distance, you might want to take a look at the discs you’re using and make sure that those discs are well within your skill level. A beginner using fast, overstable distance drivers is going to have trouble throwing those discs and your overall game will suffer. And you can forget about distance. The key is to start with easier discs and work your way up into those tough drivers as you continually improve your distance game. Remember, it’s all a process.

4. Technique

That process continues even further with technique. Understanding and learning proper technique can help you go from only being able to throw a couple hundred feet to distance pro in a very short period of time. Check out our post, “7 Steps to the Best Disc Golf Technique and a Perfect Throw,” for help learning disc golf technique.

5. Drills and practice

The #1 way to get better and improve your distance is to practice your throws over and over again and implement drills into that practice. We’ve got a couple drills on our post, “The 50 Best Disc Golf Drills to Change Your Game Forever,” that can really help you improve your distance.

Check out drills #12, #14, #17, and #19, along with many of the technique drills after those that can help you improve your overall distance.

The 3 best distance discs

As you saw earlier, we recommended the Innova Boss because it’s such a great distance disc. But I’ve also got three other great recommendations below for you to check out ⬇️ .

1. Discraft Zeus

I added the Paul Mcbeth ESP Zeus to this list because of the popularity that this disc has gained already since it was released in early 2019. This overstable driver flies really well, turns slightly when first thrown, and always has a predictable low-speed fade. When thrown for distance, this disc is amazing. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Innova Destroyer

The Destroyer is one of the most popular drivers today in disc golf and is listed as InfiniteDiscs.com’s #1 selling disc golf disc. That’s why it’s the #1 distance driver on this list. The Destroyer has been used by many pros including Ricky Wysocki and has been an extremely successful disc golf disc for over a decade now. Grab a destroyer for yourself here on Discgolfunited.com.

3. Dynamic Discs Sheriff

Oh, man, I LOVE the Sheriff. I’ve recommended this disc in almost every discs post that I possibly could have. The Sheriff is a fantastic distance driver great for those transitioning into intermediate play. Advanced players can really use this disc for distance, as it’s meant to fly far as f*ck. This disc is truly the distance multi-tool in my bag. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

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