7 Best Disc Golf Bags of 2022: Our #1 Pick is…

So we’ve made it to 2022. Yep, feels kind of weird, though, doesn’t it? This is the second year now of publishing a best bags list of the year and it looks like it’s going to be another great year for disc golf!

As we’ve moved through the Covid Pandemic in 2020 and 2021, it’s been tough on everybody. But with the help of disc golf, a lot of us leaned on the sport to help us drudge through all of the craziness. Disc golf is just plain awesome in that way. Covid sucked, but one positive thing that came out of the pandemic was an explosion of the sport itself. It grew exponentially and has made huge strides toward legitimacy.

That’s all thanks to you, and me, and everybody else that loves the sport of disc golf. So with that being said, I think we all deserve a little bit of new gear this year. And it all starts with a disc golf bag. Hopefully, this list will help you find a good bag for your 2022 disc golf season. Alright, let’s get to it!

4 reasons why you need a good disc golf bag in 2022

1. Help you carry more in a practical manner: even the smallest bags on this list are capable of holding some of your gear. It’s always great to have some storage room for your phone, keys, and some snacks, so even the small bags on this list can do that. But starting from the Trooper bag, you’ll be able to really store and carry a lot of extra gear for those long outings, days when inclement weather (like rain) is a problem, and days in the heat of the summer. I’m amazed at how much I actually carry sometimes, but I’m glad that I do. Most of these bags can help you in that way.

2. They’re inexpensive: most of the bags on this list are fairly inexpensive. The first 5 bags are under $100 dollars and the last 2 are well under $200 dollars. $200 bucks might be a bit expensive, but it’s really not that much for a quality bag that will undoubtedly last you a few years or more. The Trooper bag I put on this list always goes on a list like this for two reasons: it’s highly affordable at just over $40 dollars AND it’s high quality. This was my first real disc golf bag and it has lasted me multiple years now. It’s still in perfect condition to this day.

3. Quality: all of the bags on this list are high quality bags. The money you spend will almost guarantee you a few years of use with one. Make sure you get a reputable, name brand bag or at least a bag that’s made by an actual disc golf brand. Don’t buy cheap Chinese knock-offs.

4. Supporting the #discgolfcommunity: like I said earlier, Covid hit everybody hard. Disc golf companies had shortages everywhere and I’m sure it hurt business. So every bag you buy through a disc golf brand or company helps to support that company. It also helps them stay in business so that they can continue to bring you great gear and continue to improve on their products.

The 7 best disc golf bags in 2022

Our #1 Pick – Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Deluxe

best disc golf bags 2022

I’ve liked the Infinite Discs Slinger Bag so much that I’ve decided to make it my #1 disc golf bag of the year for the 2nd year in a row. But this time I’ve put the Slinger Deluxe bag here. There’s not really a whole lot of difference except for a few extra added features that Infinite upgraded the bag with.

Over the last year since I’ve had the original bag, I put that thing to work and it did not disappoint. For the price, you’re getting a ridiculously well-made bag. Infinite knocked it out of the park with the Slinger. I actually ended up giving away my original Slinger bag to a friend who started playing more and sprung for the Slinger Deluxe. It’s pretty cool. And will only cost you about $28-30 bucks plus shipping.

The Slinger Deluxe adds in a couple of new features:

  • A carabiner for a towel or bag tags.
  • New zipper pulls.
  • An “improved bottom to help the bag stand upright when set on the ground.”
  • And an increased disc capacity from 12 to 14 discs.

Along with the other features of the original bag, this quick bag is pretty awesome. If you’d like to see my review of the original Slinger bag, you can check that out here on the site.

If you think this is the bag for you, grab it here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Discraft Weekender Bag

The Weekender bag is a sweet little quick bag from Discraft. Starting out at only $15 bucks, you’re getting a REALLY good deal for a small, quality bag.

This bag holds 6-8 discs (depending on type of disc), has a reinforced padded shoulder strap, a rainfly (which covers your bag in the rain), a zippered inner pocket, a putter pocket for an extra disc, and a pouch for a small water bottle (which they say will hold their brand’s water bottle – check that out here on Amazon).

Overall, I’d say this bag is just about the cheapest bag on the market, but I’ve personally seen this bag in action and it does well. Discraft is a highly reputable brand and has continually improved the quality of this very bag over the course of 10 plus years. Although it doesn’t have a lot of storage, for only $15 bucks, it’s a sweet little getup for your disc golf rounds.

Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

You can also grab it here on Amazon.

3. Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag

best disc golf bags 2021

Guys…I absolutely love the Trooper bag. If you weren’t able to tell earlier, this bag is very high on my list of what bags I recommend to people. But the Trooper is a trooper. This thing has served its purpose and more for me on the disc golf course.

Let’s start with the price. For about $40 dollars, you’re getting everything I’m about to list. That price, for how nice the bag is, makes it just about the best valued bag on this list. $40 dollars is not a lot for a premium bag that will last you for years. And Dynamic Discs now has upgraded colors which I think are super nice.

The bag itself features a large pocket for disc storage. It can hold right around 16-18 discs. You really don’t need more than that so I believe it’s the perfect size. If you did need more, the putter pocket above it can hold a disc or two. But I use it for storage since that pocket is pretty large.

On the left side of the bag is a fairly big water bottle holder. It can hold up to about a liter bottle or a decently large Nalgene bottle. On the right side of the bag is another storage pocket that can hold any leftover gear. The base is sturdy and the straps are pretty comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend loading this thing down completely because it is a bit heavy. 12-14 discs and all your gear is fine. But it can hold everything you want to take. Check out my post “how to build a disc golf bag: accessories” here to see how much I was able to load into it.

If you’d like this bag, grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

If they’re out of stock, check it out here on Amazon.

4. Star Frame Retro Cooler Bag

Star frame retro bag review

The Retro Cooler Bag is a really cool new bag from Star Frame Bags. This new company was founded during the Covid Pandemic in 2020 and reached out to me to introduce themselves and their first cooler bag, which is the next bag on this list. We’ll get to that bag in a minute.

The Retro Bag, the second bag that Star Frame released, is really cool. If you know how big the Trooper bag is (or any regular sized backpack bag), this bag is that size but adds in a fairly large cooler pocket underneath the disc pocket at the bottom of the bag. It has a large disc pocket that holds about 14-16 discs and a putter pocket above it that I use for storage. On the right side of the bag, there’s a water bottle pocket. On top, you’ve got a towel hook and on the back there’s a small bottle opener. Also, the padded back and straps make the back of the bag pretty awesome. Oh, and don’t forget about those awesome retro Miami-Vice-looking colors. All that for about $74.95.

If you’d like to check out the review that I just finished on the Retro Bag, you can see that here on my site.

If you’d like to grab this bag, you can get it here on the Star Frame Bags website.

You can also get it here on Amazon.

5. Star Frame Brick Cooler Bag

best disc golf bags 2022

The Brick Bag, from Star Frame Bags, is freakin’ sweet. This heavy duty cooler backpack is the epitome of disc golf cooler bags. Star Frame hit me up after they finished their first product, the Brick Bag, and asked if I would review it for them.

Seeing them as an up-and-coming disc golf bag company, and also being aware that there really weren’t any awesome cooler bags on the market, I was more than happy to accept a bag from them. I tested it out for a few weeks and found it to be a pretty great bag. Most definitely the best cooler bag on the market as of the start of 2022.

As for the bag itself, it has a ton of awesome features. The main feature of this bag is the HUGE cooler. I mean, this thing is massive. It can easily hold like 20 cans of soda and more. If you want, you can even use this section for twice as many discs, but the cooler section just makes this bag epic.

It has a fairly large main section for discs, being able to hold about 16-18 discs. The bag has a water bottle holder, a front storage compartment, a side phone storage compartment, super comfortable padded straps, a bottle opener on one of the straps, and a super sturdy frame held up by inserts (that you put in when you first get the bag). All of that for only $94.95. Honestly, that’s a steal to me.

If you’d like to see the review I did on the Brick Bag, check it out here on my site.

If you’ve decided to get a Brick Bag, you can find them here on the Star Frame website.

You can also get it here on Amazon.

6. Handeye Supply Co. Civilian Backpack

Best disc golf bags 2022

The new Handeye Supply Co. bags are probably some of the coolest-looking bags I have ever seen. I mean, guys, these designs are f*cking sick. Artist Crispin Carrasco, who is the CEO of Handeye Supply Co. (not just Handeye, but Handeye Supply Co. – different companies), aims to create designs that are art-inspired and connected to disc golf on a deeper level. He also stated that the design work and products that are released are artwork in and of themselves.

They now have a couple of really cool-looking bags including the one I’ve put on this list. The Mission Rig is a really cool bag, but the Civilian bag has some designs that are off the charts awesome.

As for the bag itself, it starts out at $69.99, which is pretty reasonable for everything you get. It features a durable plastic rail system on the bottom for stability, large water bottle holder, space for 18 plus discs, and three other pockets for gear storage. All in all, a pretty good bag.

Here’s what Infinite Discs states about the Civilian bag: “The Handeye Supply Civilian backpack is a great functional disc golf bag. This is designed to carry your needed disc golf gear all the while providing a compact bag. The patterns and colors were inspired from southwest region of the United States.”

If you’d like to grab a Civilian bag, check them out here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

You can also check this bag out here on Amazon.

7. Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Bag

Best disc golf bags 2022

The Combat Ranger bag, from Dynamic Discs, is a top-of-the-line disc golf bag. This bag is nothing but quality awesomeness. It is huge, has room for a lot of discs, and has a ridiculous amount of storage. I mean, this bag is frickin’ hefty.

As for price, this bag normally comes in at about  $190-200 dollars. So it’s pretty pricey, but the value you get from it is insane. This bag features a 20 plus disc capacity, a balanced frame so it will stand upright, a putter pocket, multiple storage compartments, padded straps, and premium quality fabric construction.

Here’s what Dynamic Discs says about the Combat Ranger bag: “The Combat Ranger combines ample storage and more of your favorite features to make it our best premium bag yet…Backed by our limited lifetime warranty, the Combat Ranger is the most comfortable luxury disc golf bag we’ve ever produced, and it’s built to stand the test of time!”

You can find the Ranger here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

You can also get it here on Amazon.

All in all

The seven bags on this list are just the top of the iceberg when it comes to great disc golf bags. Across the sport of disc golf, there are a ton of companies making great bags. So ultimately it’s up to you. But the seven bags on this list make up a good representation of some of the best bags in disc golf. So grab yourself a new bag and get yourself out to the course for a few rounds. Believe me, you deserve it.

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