The 3 Best Disc Golf Practice Bags in Disc Golf [2024 Edition]

Practice is important. Even as a brand new player you should know that.

If you want to get better at the game of disc golf, you’ve got to put in the work. That process includes a lot of putting, approach practice, and field work. And all of that usually requires you to use a decent number of discs during this process. You also need something to lug all of that plastic around.

It sounds like you need a practice bag.

Well, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to be looking at 3 of the best disc golf practice bags in the game, highlighting my #1 pick, showing you exactly what a practice bag is, and the 3 reasons why you need a practice bag.

Let’s check it out!

My #1 pick: Prodigy V2 Disc Golf Practice Bag

best disc golf practice bags

Check it out here on

I picked the Prodigy bag because I felt that it was a fantastic practice bag built with the disc golfer in mind. The price is right, at around $31 dollars (+ shipping), it comes in a variety of colors including pink for women if they so choose, the material feels high quality, and it’s just an overall very good value for the disc golfer looking to practice and improve their game. Great bag. You can get it here on

What is a practice bag?

If you’ve never seen or heard of a practice bag before today, or if you’ve just learned about practice bags, that’s okay.

A practice bag is a bag designed specifically for disc golf practice. Moreover, it’s a bag designed to hold a lot of discs for field work practice and other practice sessions where a lot of discs are necessary.

A practice bag is also an important bag that every disc golfer should have because, as we know, practice is extremely important. And it’s a good way to store a lot of discs in your vehicle or at home.

3 reasons you need a practice bag

If you’re still undecided on whether you want a disc golf practice bag or not, here are a couple more reasons why you definitely should pick one up.

1. To remind yourself to practice: let’s be real for a minute. We all want to get better at disc golf. But sometimes life is so crazy busy that just getting rounds in barely happens (at least for me that is). So I’ve now got a bag with all of my discs to remind me to get it together and get out to practice. It helps. Try it.

2. Practice convenience: it also helps to have all my discs and practice gear together and ready to hit the course or field whenever I get a spare minute. Like I said, I’m usually very busy so the convenience of this bag is mind-blowing and well worth the $35 total dollars.

3. Not that expensive: you can see from that last sentence that the bag I got was only like $35 bucks. And all of the bags on this list are $40 bucks and under making a practice bag an easy and quick way to expand your game. If you’re still on the fence about getting a bag, check out the 3 best disc golf practice bags below ⬇️.

The 3 best disc golf practice bags

1. Prodigy V2 Disc Golf Practice Bagbest disc golf practice bags

So as you saw earlier, this was my #1 pick. I chose this bag for the following reasons:

• Cost: this bag costs about $35 dollars. Not too bad.
• Variety of colors: I like that there are about 4 or 5 colors you can choose from. There’s also a pink color for women if they so choose.
• High quality and spacious: the material feels very durable and will hopefully hold up for me for awhile. Also, it can hold 45 drivers, 30 putters, or a mix of about 36-37 discs. It also has a pocket for your water bottle and a pocket for your valuables.
• Overall awesome value: I like the V2 bag a lot. It has spunk, it’s relatively cheap, looks good, holds a lot of discs, and just provides a great value to disc golfers. All of that is why I ended up grabbing one.

You can get the V2 Practice Bag here on

2. Dynamic Discs Fieldwork Pack Disc Golf Practice Bagbest disc golf practice bags

Even though the Dynamic Discs Fieldwork Pack Disc Golf Practice Bag costs just a few more dollars, it’s still a great practice bag and can be another really suitable option for your practice rounds and field work.

This bag costs about $34.99, comes in black or camo, can hold 40+ discs, and has a pocket for your water bottle and a pocket for your valuables. The Fieldwork Pack is an excellent choice for your disc golf practice bag.

Get yours here on Amazon.

3. Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack Bagbest disc golf practice bags

While the Trooper Disc Golf Backpack Bag is not a true practice bag, this thing can still hold about 25 discs! I’ve had the original Trooper Bag now for about 4 years and it has functioned very well as both a practice bag and a full round bag.

The Trooper has everything you need in a backpack bag to really amp up your game including multiple storage pockets, tons of space for discs and extra stuff, a large water bottle pocket, and a large valuables pocket. All for about $40 dollars. I know, awesome.

Grab one for your practice rounds or your regular rounds  here on Amazon.

So all in all

Get yourself a practice bag. They’re not that expensive and you’ll be setting yourself up for success with one easy purchase by having all your discs ready to practice in one bag and easily accessible to grab and go out for some practice rounds or field work. This one is a no brainer. Practice is important. So make it a top priority and grab a practice bag today.

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