The 13 Best Innova Disc Golf Discs of All-Time!

Innova is legendary. They’ve been around for over 40 years now and have created some of the best disc golf discs ever made. Committed to excellence and high-quality plastic, they stay at the top of the game because their discs are loved by almost all disc golfers.

In my disc golf career, I started out with Innova. And while those first discs might have been a little too hard for me to throw, they still bring back memories of my first few rounds on the course. My love for this company has spanned over 7 years now. So I thought I’d bring you this list – the 13 best Innova disc golf discs of all-time.

Now before we get started, I want you to know two things: 1) the discs on this list are the most popular Innova discs and 2) just because you don’t see a certain disc on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great disc. I personally love the Innova Wombat and Wombat3, but the 13 discs on this list are overall way more popular than most other Innova discs.

So in this post, we’ll talk about the following:

  • A quick history of Innova Champion Discs
  • Why you should choose Innova and…
  • The 13 best Innova disc golf discs of all-time!

Alright, let’s get started!

The 13 Best Innova Disc Golf Discs of All-Time!

1. Innova Eagle

2. Innova Destroyer

3. Innova Aviar

4. Innova Teebird

5. Innova Wraith

6. Innova Leopard

7. Innova Mako3

8. Innova Roc3

9. Innova Firebird

10. Innova Boss

11. Innova Nova

12. Innova Valkyrie

13. Innova Katana

Honorable mention – Innova Thunderbird

Quick history of Innova

Innova Champion Discs, originally formed as Champion Discs, Inc., was founded in 1983 to “meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers,” as the Innova website states here.

This company was started not long after the first official PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championship with a mission to start making discs more suitable to the sport of disc golf. And ever since 1983, they’ve truly changed the game for the better.

Since inception, Innova has licensed over 160 total discs and currently has about 90 current molds to choose from. You can also get most of those molds in each of their 4 types of plastic. That’s A LOT of discs and a truly awesome selection.

Innova was also the first disc golf company to sponsor a professional disc golf athlete – according to’s website here – by signing Ken Climo to team Innova. Ken went on to win 12 disc golf championships and become a significant influencer in the sport of disc golf.

Innova is an awesome disc golf company that has really changed the sport of disc golf. But that’s not the only reason you should throw their plastic. Here are a couple of other reasons:

Why choose Innova?

1. The most complete lineup of discs: when it comes to looking for exactly the right disc, there are only a couple of companies that you can turn to – Innova being one of them. No matter what kind of shot you’re throwing, or what kind of curve you need, there’s a disc for that shot. On top of that, Innova states that they have the most complete lineup of disc golf discs. I’d agree with that. Either them or Discraft.

2. Discs for all skill levels: a complete lineup of discs means discs for all types of throws AND all types of throwers. Innova offers an excellent selection of plastic for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced throwers.

3. Player-tested and highly-reviewed: just having a large selection of discs doesn’t mean that a disc golf company is going to have good quality plastic. But over time, Innova has grown to become the favorite brand of A LOT of disc golfers. There are a bunch of different brands now. But Innova’s quality and consistency over 40 plus years speaks to their dedication to the sport of disc golf. It also helps to have sold millions of discs and to have thousands and thousands of high reviews all over the internet!

Innova simply puts the disc golfer first and cares about their product. So let’s check out 13 of their best discs below:

The 13 Best Innova Disc Golf Discs of All-Time!

1. Innova Eagle – fairway driver (7, 4, -1, 3)

Best Innova disc golf discs

As Innova’s original fairway driver, and the first disc designed specifically for disc golf according to Wikipedia’s post here, the Eagle has been a popular disc for decades now.

This fairway driver is a bit too overstable for new players but represents a perfect fairway driver for those who are looking to start playing tournaments or just getting better at disc golf in general.

Get yours here on

2. Innova Destroyer – distance driver (12, 5, -1, 3)

Best disc golf distance drivers 2021

The Destroyer is hands down Innova’s best-selling disc of all time…which is a pretty steep title considering all the success some of their other discs on this list have had (Eagle, Aviar, Roc, Wraith, Leopard, and Boss)!

The Destroyer is a beast, though. Not the Innova Beast, but simply a badass disc golf disc. This distance driver is fairly hard to throw, but if you have the arm, it will get you an insane amount of distance.

Grab yourself a Destroyer here on

3. Innova Aviar – putter (2, 3, 0, 1)

best disc golf disc for beginners

What can I say about the aviar? Well, it’s been one of the most popular putters in disc golf for a LONG time. And while the Aviar isn’t my favorite putter, it’s still a great disc that a bunch of players use to crush it out on the course.

The Aviar is easy to throw, has decent glide for short drives and approaches, and grabs the chains on almost all putts. If you want a great putter, the Aviar is an awesome choice.

Grab one here on

4. Innova Teebird – fairway driver (7, 5, 0, 2)

Build disc golf bag

The Teebird is a classic. It may not compare to the Eagle or the Destroyer, but this disc is phenomenal for straight lines and a predictable ending fade. Exactly what disc golfers want in a fairway driver. According to Innova, the Teebird is, “excellent for pin-point accuracy or distance, a most accurate and reliable driver, and the preferred fairway driver of 12 time world champion Ken Climo.”

Once you’ve mastered a fairway driver like the Innova Leopard, the Teebird is a great next step up for intermediate players.

Grab a Teebird here on

5. Innova Wraith – distance driver (11, 5, -1, 3)

The Wraith is an epic distance disc; Well-known for its speed, stability, and ability to smash disc golf records with ease. As of the writing of this post, the Wraith currently holds two amazing records: first, the highest throw speed record of 89.5 mph (144 km/h) set by Simon Lizotte using a Blizzard Wraith in 2013. Second, the women’s backhand flight distance record, which is now 569 feet, set by Jennifer Allen in 2016, using a Starlight Wraith. Two awesome records. One amazing disc. states that the “Wraith is a long, stable, distance driver with decent speed, exceptional glide, and precision accuracy. Players of many different skill levels can get great distance with the Wraith. The neutral stability of the Wraith allows it to be a valuable disc in all wind conditions. This driver works well for both forehand and backhand throws.”

Grab a Wraith here on

6. Innova Leopard – fairway driver (6, 5, -2, 1)

Best disc golf control drivers

I LOVE the Leopard. This disc is incredibly easy to throw is extremely beginner-friendly. And while I don’t normally recommend drivers to day one beginners, this disc is an exception. You can take this disc out on your first disc golf round and not have any issues.

The Leopard can also be utilized by more advanced disc golfers because of its impeccable control. It WILL hit your line no matter what line you throw it on.

So grab a Leopard here on

7. Innova Mako3 – mid-range (5, 5, 0, 0)

Best disc golf mid-range

The Mako3 is a very interesting disc. While it’s not my favorite Innova disc by far, I’ve actually thrown really well with it the few times I’ve used it. Both the original Mako and the Mako3 are incredibly straight-flying discs and will work well for almost all disc golfers. It just depends on whether you actually like the disc or not. Sometimes a disc will fly really well and you just don’t like the feel of it. That’s the Mako3 for me. But it’s actually a really great disc. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. Who knows?

This mid-range will fly super straight and hit just about any line you put it on. Beginners will love how straight it is and advanced players will love how it hugs every line.

Grab one here on

8. Innova Roc3 – mid-range (5, 4, 0, 3)

Best disc golf discs

The Roc is an awesome disc from Innova. Awesome and fun. The Roc3? Even better. It does require just a touch more speed than the original Roc, but it easily makes up for it during flight. The Roc3 is great but make sure you can handle the fade.

Grab yours here on

9. Innova Firebird – distance driver (9, 3, 0, 4)

Best disc golf discs for thumbers tomahawks overhand throws

The Firebird is a fantastic disc, but it’s not for everybody. It’s fun to throw, but its overstability can really turn people off. Beginners should steer way clear of the Firebird, but if you can handle the fade, go for it. The fade will be there. The question is…are you ready for it?!

Grab a Firebird here on

10. Innova Boss – distance driver (13, 5, -1, 3)

best world record holding disc golf discs

The Innova Boss is another world-record-setting disc golf disc. But this record…well…this one might not be broken anytime soon. Back in 2016, at the High Desert Distance Challenge in Primm, Nevada, David Wiggins Jr. slung his Innova Boss an insane 1,108.9 feet to absolutely destroy the previous men’s distance record of 903 feet set by disc golf pro Simon Lizotte.

Aside from the world record, the Boss is phenomenal on the disc golf course. It’ll take a strong arm to throw it, but if you’ve got the arm speed, the Boss can be a great addition to your bag.

Get yourself a Boss here on

11. Innova Nova – putter (2, 3, 0, 0)

Best disc golf discs

If I had to describe the Nova in one word, it would be “STRAIGHT.” That’s it. This disc flies STRAIGHT. I’ve only thrown this disc a handful of times and I’m actually unsure as to why I haven’t gotten one for my bag yet. Hmm…maybe today’s the day.

The Nova is easy to throw, has decent glide for a putter, and is super straight stable. Again, it’s a very straight disc and was made to be just that. Just look at the flight ratings. 0 turn and 0 fade. It also feels good in the hand and tends to really hug the chains when putting.

If that’s what you need, grab a Nova here on

12. Innova Valkyrie – distance driver (9, 4, -2, 2)

Best control drivers for hyzer flips

I don’t play with my Valkyrie all that much, but this is a really fun driver to throw. It might fool you into thinking it’s a fairway driver, with only a 9 speed, but it can and will get you distance if you throw it hard enough. It actually held the world distance record for a decade (820 feet set by Christian Sandström in 2002)!

Here’s what has to say about it: “this is a stable flying distance driver with a good degree of high speed turn and fade. The Valkyrie can be used by players of all skill levels. It is a good distance driver for newer players developing form, and can be used for turnover shots and rollers for more advanced players.

Definitely get yourself a Valkyrie here on

13. Innova Katana – distance driver (13, 5, -3, 3)

Build disc golf bag

The Katana is probably the craziest disc on this list. While Infinite Discs states that this disc is understable, this disc has A LOT of turn and A LOT of fade.

Innova states that the Katana is “the sidewinder on steroids.” I’d agree with that. They also say that “the Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind.“ Yep, very accurate.

Get a Katana here on

Honorable mention – Innova Thunderbird – distance driver (9, 5, 0, 2)

Best Innova disc golf discs

It may not have made the top 13, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great disc. The Thunderbird is incredibly popular and insanely fun to throw. This 9 speed driver is great for headwinds and has a nice, subtle ending fade.

Great disc but not great for beginners. Make sure you’ve got a few good rounds in before you try to take on this bird.

Grab a Thunderbird here on

Final thoughts

Innova has truly changed the game of disc golf forever. There might be a lot of other great brands out now, but Innova is established as one of the all-time greats. A brand that cares about disc golfers and the quality of the product they make. So if you’re looking for some good plastic, head over to here or here to get you what you need for your next round of disc golf!

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