The Ultimate Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag Review

Dynamic discs Trooper disc golf bagWhen it comes to disc golf, you need a good bag to help you properly carry all of your discs. A good bag can make or break your game, and when I play, I want my game to be spot on. When I started, I knew I wanted the best disc golf bag that I could get my hands on.

Now, today, I may not be the best player, but I am super competitive, and I do like to win. Just remember, though, that you’re not guaranteed to win if you have a super nice bag. But having a good bag can help you think about your game differently, help you strategize your throws more efficiently, and can help you carry more discs in a practical manner.

So which bag did I choose?

I needed a really good bag. After tons of research, I jumped in on one. And a couple hundred rounds later, this bag has held up through rain, mud, snow, sleet, wind, dirt, and just about everything else imaginable.

I chose the Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Disc Golf Bag. A decently-sized backpack bag that comes with a ton of storage and the ability to really help you out on the disc golf course.

The Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Bag’s Features:

This bag first and foremost has a dedicated pocket just for discs. Now if you buy an actual disc golf bag, it will most likely have this. But compared to just some small backpack or backsack, you get a pocket for all of your discs.

The next awesome feature of this bag is the secondary disc/storage pocket. This pocket is above the disc pocket and can double as Putter pocket and a storage pocket for snacks, sunscreen, or what ever else you want to put into it.

The bag also has a second side storage pocket for keys, wallet, more snacks, and everything else.

The Trooper Bag has a side water bottle pocket that can hold a fairly large sized water bottle or whatever else you want to put into it. I usually put a 1 liter water bottle in this pocket. Be careful, though, because this pocket doesn’t zip. So I wouldn’t put keys or a wallet in this one. Stick to your water bottle.

The last cool little storage pocket is one that even I forget about. When I went to examine the bag for this review, I found it again! This pocket is big enough for me to hold a hockey puck (for knocking discs out of trees) and a small umbrella.

THE PROS: Why I chose the Dynamic Discs Trooper disc golf bag as my favorite bag


It can hold ALL of the stuff in the picture below…Seriously. It’s all a little snug, but works great. Hopefully you saw all of those storage options above!

The price

I’d say the price is just right at around $40.00 on The fact that this is a superior bag for under $50 dollars got my attention. Most bags of this quality start out around $75-100 bucks, but this one gives you everything you need for about $40.00. If Infinite Discs is sold out, you can also get it for around the same price here on Amazon.

Disc capacity

I wanted a bag that could hold at least 10 or more discs. This bag can hold around 18 to 20 discs. I like having the ability to carry as many as I need. Now, I don’t need 20 discs, but carrying 12-15 can always come in handy if you lose a disc or if you have friends come out with you that have no discs.

I mean, this bag is really awesome. But on top of that you get…


Although I haven’t had this bag for that long, it seems like it’s going to last me a long time. It just feels sturdy and reliable. Over a hundred rounds has seen no tips, tears, or other abnormal wear. Through all of the use so far, all of the zippers are still completely functional.


A lot of bags have the front storage, but this was a must for me. I hated the disorganization when I just carried discs in a random bookbag or backsack. I love the front storage and will never go back to using a crappy bag again.

It’s just an all-around good deal

You get everything needed and most of what is usually wanted for $40 bucks. There are other super crazy awesome bags and disc golf carts that you can buy if you want to. I prefer to keep the bag simple and invest more into my discs. I think everyone should fork up the money for a good bag, but you just don’t need a $200 dollar roller cart with a built in seat. Sure it’s cool, but it’s unnecessary and you can buy awesome discs if you get something like the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag.

THE CONS: A couple things I dont like about it

Too many discs

Sometimes you just don’t need 18 discs. One of my top tips for more advanced disc golfers is to minimize your bag. And this bag does not allow for that. Yes, I like being able to have 15 or more discs on me. But if you want to improve, try to minimize your bag down from 15 different discs down to no more than six to eight. This bag just holds way too many discs for that.

It’s a lot of bag

I do love the storage in this bag, but It is a huge bag. And sometimes, I absolutely hate carrying it because it weighs me down. The backpack straps make it a little bit better, but it’s a solid 15 pounds or more with everything in it.

Not good for quick rounds

Too many discs and the fact that it’s a huge bag can impact your quick rounds. You know, those rounds where you want to get out and play a really quick 18 holes on a lunch break or on your hour of down time. I wouldn’t take this bag for those rounds because it’s just not meant for that. This bag is meant for long, arduous days of disc golf.

Where can you get this bag?

If you’d like to try out the Trooper Bag, check it out here on Amazon. It’s okay to buy off of Amazon if you get the products from the actual disc golf supplier because that still helps them out.

If you want to try to get one at a physical location, check out your local disc golf store. These bags are also normally carried at Play It Again Sports and other local sporting goods stores like Academy Sports, Dicks Sporting Goods, Dunham Sports, or anywhere else you can get sports gear.

So is it worth it?

You need a good disc golf bag. And yes, I believe that the Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag is WAY worth it. Whether it’s storage, quality, or price, the Trooper nails all three categories to give you one of the best deals in all of disc golf. So go and get you one of these bags! You won’t regret it.

Don’t want this bag?

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