The Ultimate Star Frame BEAST Disc Golf Cooler Bag Review!

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

After over 3 years of awesome designs and too many features to count, Star Frame has raised the bar, once again, with the release of the BEAST disc golf cooler bag!

Up to this point, Star Frame has previously released 4 other cooler bags: the Brick, the Retro, the Brick 2.0, and the Bandido. All fantastic bags that have changed the disc golf bag game for the better. They’ve also completely cornered the cooler bag market.

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While their last bag, the Bandido, offered a variety of premium features for a premium price, the BEAST offers features, quality, and style for players on a smaller budget.

So in the next few sections, we’ll talk about:

  • Why I got the Star Frame BEAST Bag
  • What Star Frame says about their bag
  • Features of the BEAST Bag
  • What’s new with BEAST Disc Golf Bag
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • A couple of places that you can get this bag
  • My recommendations for Star Frame going forward and…
  • Star Frame’s full lineup of bags!

The BEAST disc golf cooler bag is a well-designed, well-thought-out disc golf cooler bag that can live up to the hype and potentially challenge any other bag for “best bag of the year” in 2024. Let me show you why.

Why I Got the Star Frame BEAST Bag

First off, I did not purchase this bag. Star Frame sent me this bag for free, in exchange for an honest and thorough review. The first 4 bags were a wild ride, so I had fairly high expectations once again.

My first thoughts? Super stylish bag and the material quality sticks out immediately. Fairly bulk bag but definitely a step down in size from their other two XL bags. This review should be interesting…

Here’s What Star Frame Says About Their Bag

Before we get into the bag review, let me tell you a little bit about the company behind the bag:

Star Frame is a family-owned and operated company based out of Wisconsin. They launched in 2020, after the founder, Eddy Padilla, was tasked with carrying the group’s 24-pack during a disc golf round. Thinking about how ridiculous it was to have to carry that 24-pack of drinks around, he soon realized that there had to be a better way to play disc golf AND carry drinks.

So him and his friends created the Star Frame Brick disc golf cooler cooler bag, with a mission to, “design the perfect disc golf products that allow players to focus on what’s important – enjoying the sport and making long-lasting memories.”

They now have 4 awesome bags:

In just 3 short years, Star Frame has cornered the cooler bag market and brought 5 high-quality bags to disc golfers all over the United States (and I’m sure to other countries as well). And they’ve done a great job with their latest bag, the BEAST, so let’s see what they’ve got to say about it…

Here’s what Star Frame says about the BEAST bag:

“From the wild minds of Star Frame comes the BEAST, a disc golf cooler bag with a roar louder than a lion in spandex that can hold 25+ discs. It’s not just a bag, it’s an untamed creature with a thirst for cold beverages and a hunger for disc golf domination. Whether you’re crushing a weekend tournament or just playing a casual round with friends, the BEAST is your new go-to disc golf backpack. With our signature insulated detachable cooler, convenient can holders, large-mouth bottle holder, and sewn-in bottle opener, this cooler bag is built for true alphas.

Customize your BEAST with our brand-new Velcro front patch, making it a flag bearer of your wild, untamed disc golf spirit. We’ve also included some fun new features that you’re going to love like our new front-putter sleeve large enough to hold two putters.

Best of all, this bag features an insane amount of storage for its size – 4 storage compartments in all. This allows you to carry everything you need (and a few things you don’t need) into the wilderness.

This disc golf cooler bag is incredibly well-built and uses premium materials, providing unmatched durability for countless outings. This bag is ultra-lightweight and has a strong interior exoskeleton to keep its shape and evenly distribute weight. We’ve upgraded the shoulder straps to be wider and more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your drive as you walk to the next hole. 

Make every fairway tremble under the mighty paws of the BEAST. The wilderness beckons, are you ready to answer the call?”


Quick note: before I get into these features, I wanted to make note of something. For the price of this bag, around $115 dollars, you get a ridiculous variety of features. I was very surprised to see this bag at that current price point.

1. BEAST design pattern

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

First off, this is an awesome design. For the pattern itself, it features what appears to be a really cool jungle leaf pattern with light green on dark green colors. I consulted my wife on this. In the sun, I kept seeing grey. Some of the pictures make it tough to tell, so I asked and she said “forest green on sage.” Fairly close but overall a very interesting array of colors to say the least.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

It works really well with Star Frame’s black and white design and even better with the black trim. This bag in different jungle/BEAST colors would look amazing.

2. Removable cooler

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

With the BEAST comes the second bag in a row that focuses on features, while still maintaining the status of “disc golf cooler bag.” I mean, it wouldn’t be a Star Frame bag without a cooler, right?

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The removable cooler is fairly small, but can still hold a few drinks and help to keep them cold while you’re playing (It can hold about 4 regular sized cans or about 2-3 seltzers). The great part about that cooler is that you can take it out if you don’t plan on using it and use the side pocket for more discs if you like.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

You can also use the small cooler separately if you’d like. With the Bandido bag, I used the small cooler several times by itself while I was in my work vehicle. This cooler is similar to the cooler in that bag and can provide you that as well.

Lastly, if you’re really hardcore about needing more storage – instead of extra drinks – you can use this small cooler for extra storage space. All up to you.

3. Ultra-stylish, premium disc golf cooler bag

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

This new bag was very fun to play with and I’m proud to have been able to review it. The quality of the bag was top notch. Like their other bags, the BEAST has a 900D exterior – this is some of the strongest fabric on the market today – high-strength, durable, and tear-resistant. They sourced their zippers again from SBS, a company that’s created some of the best zippers in the world for over 30 years.

While premium quality is great, style wins with this bag. I already spoke about this, but the design is awesome and the colors go together well. Perfect. If they brought other colors to this bag, it would sell.

4. Disc space

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The BEAST features a huge amount of disc space, enough to carry 25+ discs if needed. The main compartment is large enough to carry most, with the front putter pocket able to hold 2, the top section large enough for about 3-4 more, AND more space as needed on the side if you remove the cooler.

The main pocket of the bag has a rear velcro strip, which allows the flap to tuck back under nicely and give you full access to your discs each round.

5. Front putter pocket

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The BEAST features a front putter pocket located at bottom of the front of the bag. This pocket features an open-bottom design, which caused some initial concern as maybe my discs could fall out of the bottom. But the pocket is snug with 1 or 2 discs in the pocket and I had no issues with this at all when I played my rounds.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The front of the putter pocket features a slim pocket for your phone or other small items. I used it for my business cards.

6. Comfort

Just like with the previous 4 bags, the BEAST comes out of the box loaded with comfort features to help you enjoy rucking around the disc golf course with a hefty bag.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The BEAST, first off, comes with upgraded, adjustable shoulder straps. Get the right feel and fit for you while you’re playing. Comfort is key here.

You also get a well-padded back. Again, comfort is the name of the game. Both the straps and the back have felt great on each and every bag I’ve reviewed for them.

And while the bag can get kind of heavy, the comfort of the straps and padded back really help to alleviate the weight. So you can actually carry around quite a bit without feeling too weighed down. Some bags just don’t have that quality.

7. Storage

The BEAST comes with a massive amount of storage space. Not quite as much as the Bandido bag, but more than enough to carry most of your gear.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The BEAST has 4 storage pockets, including a dedicated rangefinder pocket, second side pocket, front pocket, and a large top storage pocket. And if you need more storage, just use the small cooler.

8. Top can holder sleeves (slim and regular)

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Just like the Bandido, Star Frame gave this bag both a slim and a regular can holder on the cooler side. Those were handy for me last go around, so I enjoyed them once again.

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

You’ve also got a water bottle holder on the other side. Pretty standard for all disc golf bags.

9. Large customizable velcro patch

With the Bandido bag, Star Frame brought us the customizable velcro patch. I thought that was a really interesting and game-changing idea for disc golf bags. I don’t know if I made that clear enough with my last review so here’s me making up for that now:

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The BEAST also features a large, fully customizable velcro patch. This awesome feature is one of the best ideas that Star Frame has had to date (obviously besides putting a cooler in a bag…that was a good one). I’m not a huge patch guy, but the ability to customize your bag in this way – a very visually appealing way to customize – is HUGE. This was a fantastic idea if I didn’t say it in the Bandido review.

10. Sturdy bottom

The bottom base of the BEAST features 4 plastic feet to help give some stability and help this beastly bag stay upright. Nice feature. I’d say pretty standard.

11. Bottle opener

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Standard on Star Frame cooler bags. Cool little feature that they should definitely continue adding to their bags. You never know when you’ll need something to pop a top.

12. Towel hook

The towel hook is a great feature. Standard on a lot of bags these days but just one extra detail to make this bag even better.

13. Price

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

So before I looked at any information on Star Frame’s website, or researched all of the features and price of the bag, I just went out and played with it. Star Frame said they had a new bag, asked me to review it, and I immediately took it out to the course once it arrived at my house.

“Great bag,” I thought. “Let me check out the website and see how much this would bag would actually cost you.” When I saw $114.95, I actually stopped and did a double take to make sure I was reading the price right. With all of the features, I was expecting about $140-150 dollars. Nope. With the Star Frame BEAST, you get an insanely feature-rich, premium bag for only $115 bucks. That’s pretty amazing.

What’s New With the BEAST?!

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review


1. NEW DESIGN looks awesome: foreal…I can’t get enough of the jungle leaf pattern. I’ve been a fan of leaf patterns in different designs for a long time so I definitely love the design. Colors are interesting – green on green with black trim just works.

2. SO MANY features: similar to the other bags, the BEAST has a ridiculous amount of features. Well worth the price of admission.

3. VELCRO rocks: the velcro patch is seriously cool and one feature that many players are going to continue raving about. I just might be a patch guy after all.

4. HUGE amount of storage: not quite as much as the Bandido had, but more than enough for almost all disc golfers. No problems here.

5. STILL a cooler bag: for the price, you’re getting quality, features, and a cooler if needed.

6. FULL-ON tournament bag: this bag has the ability to be your go-to tournament bag. More than enough storage for snacks and the cooler for a couple of water bottles. If you don’t compete, this bag can easily be your casual go-to. No question on that.

7. PRICE: for what you’re getting, the price is extremely competitive. Definitely a pro for this alone.

8. BEST, MOST COMPLETE disc golf bag for the price: this bag is seriously insane and I can’t get enough of what you’re actually getting for as cheap as this bag is retailing. I doubt they’ll be able to hold it at this price, but for now, GET THIS BAG. It’s a steal.


As for cons, there were no major cons that I identified when playing with this bag. I thoroughly enjoyed my rounds, but I still had to find at least a few small negatives to talk about.

1. Side inserts were fairly difficult to install: maybe it was just me, but I had more trouble than I should have for the two side inserts. The inserts provide more stability, but have to be inserted first. Maybe it was just me, but I was angry for about five minutes. Then I went out and played with an overall awesome bag. Not too bad.

2. Heavy bag: even though most disc golfers will love the size and bulk, it’s still a big, heavy bag that won’t fit some disc golfers. Smaller dudes, smaller women, and kids probably won’t do well with it. Most players won’t mind, though.

3. No other colors [yet]: light green on dark green is cool but grab some more jungle-themed colors and rock on. I bet disc golfers would love this bag in other colors.

4. Not really a quick bag: not built for this, but most players may not use it if they’re playing a quick 9 or 18 holes. If you’re loaded and ready to go, though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Again, I wouldn’t harp on the negatives. Star Frame has made a great bag. So here’s where to get it ⬇️:

A Couple of Places Where You Can Get This Bag

There are two places online where you can buy the Star Frame BEAST bag. Let’s check those out.


I highly recommend that you go through the Star Frame website so you can purchase from them and directly support the company. They’re an up-and-coming small business and anything you can do to help them out is appreciated by the #discgolfcommunity and myself here at

Grab a BEAST bag from Star Frame here on their site.


If you love Infinite’s selection of disc golf gear, you can grab one of Star Frame’s bags here as well.

Grab a Star Frame BEAST here on


If you’d rather grab your bag off of Amazon, you can feel free to do so here. You’re still buying from Star Frame, but they get a little bit less money. If you’re just grabbing it on there to save on shipping, we highly recommend spending a couple extra bucks and getting it on the Star Frame website to help them out. Let’s support Star Frame!

Going Forward for Star Frame

Overall, this was a great bag, guys. Thank you for letting me review it and give my feedback. Much appreciated and please let me know if you all need anything. Here are a few thoughts for Star Frame.

  • Exterior: best design, color, and pattern out of all of their discs to date. I look forward to see what comes next. My wish would be for more BEAST colors.
  • Interior: see if you all can make the inserts a little bit easier to install.
  • QUICK BAG: PLEASE, Star Frame. Design a quick bag and find a way to put a cooler in it. It will sell. Infinite Discs is absolutely crushing sales with the Slinger bag and they’ve got hundreds of reviews online. But it doesn’t have a small cooler. Quick bags sell and disc golfers would love an awesome, quick round cooler bag.
  • Focus on the customer: continue prioritizing quality and focusing on making great products for disc golfers. Stay loyal to that idea and the community will support you!
  • Price: try to keep it down if possible. I understand that inflation is hitting EVERYTHING and you’ll never know about those supplier price increases until they slap you in the face. If possible, keep the price low and push the same quality. If you have to raise prices to keep the same quality, do it. Disc golfers will pay for great stuff.

Star Frame’s full lineup

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

Star Frame’s bag lineup features four totally awesome disc golf cooler bags. I’ve outlined these some in the post above but here’s a brief summary of the other 3 bags in the Star Frame lineup.

The Star Frame Bandido Bag

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The Bandido is a ridiculously awesome XL bag from Star Frame. It was their 3rd bag release and I’d argue that it’s one of the best bags out right now. Period. Tons of features, an INSANE amount of storage, and a removable cooler, all for less than $200 bucks.

Check out the Bandido review here.

Grab a Bandido from Star Frame here on their site.

The Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The Brick Bag 2.0 is an awesome, full-size cooler bag that can haul around A LOT of drinks and A LOT of discs and gear. If you didn’t want to drop $189 bucks, or you’d rather have more room for drinks in the cooler, this is the next best choice.

Check out the Brick Bag 2.0 review here.

Grab a Brick Bag 2.0 from Star Frame here on their site.

The Star Frame Retro Bag

Star Frame Beast Disc Golf Bag Review

The Retro bag is a bit smaller but still a great disc golf backpack bag with a fairly large cooler.  Awesome Miami Vice colors cap off a bag that wins in the style category.

Check out the Retro bag review here.

Check out the Retro bag here on the Star Frame site.


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