Ultimate Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0 Review: The New #1 Cooler Bag

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The original Star Frame Brick Bag was a game-changer for disc golf cooler bags. Disc golf bags in general, really.

Up to their release of the OG Brick bag, cooler bags were honestly pretty pathetic. If it was an actual disc golf cooler bag, it wasn’t a bag that anybody was taking seriously. You were either sacrificing drink storage or disc space. So only a few drinks or a few discs.

But that’s where Star Frame found their niche – the disc golf cooler bag – and decided to take their shot. The Brick Bag crushed it right out of the gate. I reviewed it and it was a great bag. But Star Frame decided that it could be even better.

So they brought us the Brick Bag 2.0. That’s what this post is all about. In the next few sections, we’ll talk about:

  • Why I got the Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0
  • What Star Frame says about their bag
  • Features of the Brick Bag 2.0
  • What’s new with Brick 2.0
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • A couple of places that you can get this bag and…
  • My recommendations for Star Frame

Alright, let’s go!

Why I got the Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0

I reviewed the original Brick Bag in 2021. Star Frame reached out to me and asked if I could check it out and put an honest review out. I played with the bag and found it to be hands down the best cooler bag on the market.

Not long after, I got another email telling me that the Brick 2.0 had dropped. “Hell yeah,” I thought. The Brick was pretty sweet so improvement in the 2.0 will probably knock it out of the park.

So I received the Brick Bag 2.0 from Star Frame for free and started reviewing it. All they asked for was an honest review of it, so here it is.

Here’s what Star Frame says about their bag

First, let’s start with the company itself. Star Frame is a family owned and operated company that was launched in 2020 with a purpose: “to design the perfect disc golf products that allow players to focus on what’s important – enjoying the sport and making long-lasting memories.”

They started off their mission to change the disc golf cooler game with the Brick Bag, which you can see here in my original review. That was a really great starter cooler bag. I loved it.

Next up, they decided to launch a smaller, more affordable bag. Thus, the Retro Bag was born. I reviewed that one as well. You can see that here in this post: “The Complete Star Frame Retro Cooler Bag Review.”

Here’s what Star Frame says about their bag:

“The Star Frame BRICK 2.0 is durable, incredibly well insulated, and lightweight. The adjustable sternum straps and breathable soft back padding make it a breeze to carry 16 discs and 24 ice-cold beverages.

The top compartment sports a traditional disc golf bag design that can hold up to 16 discs without the fear of them falling out.

The bottom compartment offers a LARGE capacity cooler with enough room to keep 24 cans or bottles ice cold thanks to the PEVA liner insulation.

The strong padded rubber carrying handle and quality-stitched shoulder straps ensure your bag stays strong. The bottom of the bag has been equipped with a durable rubber bottom with four plastic spikes.

The interior bag infrastructure is reinforced with six hard inserts which allows your bag to keep its shape, even when you have it fully loaded with drinks and discs.

The new phone sleeve has been intentionally designed to hold your phone in place and provide access to the screen making it a breeze to record your throws out on the course.

This one-of-a-kind backpack can withstand any weather conditions you throw at it. at the park, the beach, on a trail walk, or on a road trip.

If you take the game seriously or just looking to have a few cold ones throughout the course, this bag is for you!”


1. Bag stability

Bag stability was one of my main cons in the original Brick review. You had to put the inserts in yourself, and even with those hard-shell inserts, the bag still had some sag at the top. And if you has just discs up top and nothing in the bottom, the bag would almost fall over. BUT the Brick 2.0 has solved that dilemma.

One of the main features of the new Brick 2.0 is the newly improved bag infrastructure. I noticed this immediately. I decided to test this out without the hard inserts that you have to put in yourself. And I’ve got to say that I’m pretty impressed.  You still have to put a couple of inserts in but I’m honestly fine with that.

It held a full stack of discs up top this time with barely any sag. After all 3 hard inserts, and the addition of drinks, I was good to go. The bag was super stable.

Before you go out, make sure you set up those couple of hard panels. Check out the video below from Star Frame for instructions on how to do that ⬇️.

Link to video on YouTube.

Brick – decent stability after hard panel inserts are put in.

Brick 2.0 – awesome stability before side panel inserts are out in. After inserts, you’ve got AMAZING bag stability.

🚨New feature: Bag is now incredibly stable! FANTASTIC upgrade. This alone makes the new bag worth checking out.

2. Cooler

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The Brick Bag 2.0 features the staple 24-can, 18-water bottle cooler that came with the original Brick Bag. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because the cooler is massive. You really don’t need more room than that for drinks unless you’ve got a party of 4 or more people playing (and for that I recommend you get each person a Brick Bag 2.0).

Brick – 24 cans / 18 water bottles.

Brick 2.0 – 24 cans / 18 water bottles.

Similar: no need for even more drink storage. Star Frame nailed it with the original bag.

3. Disc storage

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The disc storage in the Brick 2.0 doesn’t appear to have changed much either. But I’m completely fine with that, too. You really don’t need to carry more than 14-16 discs with you. Plus, the bag starts getting really heavy if you pile a lot of discs onto a lot of drinks. So I normally put about 12-14 discs in and roll out. But you can snugly fit 16 or more if you so choose. If you REALLY need more space, just use the cooler for a few.

Brick – 16 disc capacity.

Brick 2.0 – 16 disc capacity.

Similar: disc capacity is the same but the improved bag stability is a HUGE plus.

4. Water bottle pocket

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

I love that they upgraded the water bottle pocket! I mean, this was actually another one of my cons from the original Brick review. This wasn’t a requirement for them to make this bigger, but doing this will help the bag appeal to just a few more people. I don’t think a smaller water bottle holder was a deal-breaker, but I’m glad they looked into this and pulled the trigger on a bigger adjustable drink pocket.

Brick – (left side) small water bottle pocket.

Brick 2.0 – A larger adjustable drink pocket for bigger water bottles!

🚨New feature: a larger drink pocket that can now comfortably hold large drink vessels, like a Nalgene Water Bottle or most decently-sized water bottles. AWESOME upgrade.

5. Front storage pocket

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The front storage pocket hasn’t been changed from the original bag. This front pocket is great for storing a few things like keys, a wallet, a phone, or DiscgolfNOW.com business cards. Nothing too special about the pocket itself but a similar pocket on the Brick 2.0 is fine with me.

Brick – small pocket to hold valuables.

Brick 2.0 – small pocket to hold valuables.

Similar: nothing changed about this pocket but there was really no need here.

6. 2 Disc putter pocket!

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

So I’m not sure where the miscommunication came in on the first bag, but I didn’t even realize that the side pocket on the original bag was actually a putter pocket. Just a mistake on my part I guess. But the Brick 2.0 has increased the size of this pocket to where it will hold up to two putters snugly in it. If you’ve got two favorite discs, this is where those belong! Or you can use this as extra storage…whatever you decide!

Brick – 1 disc putter pocket.

Brick 2.0 – 2 disc putter pocket!

🚨New feature: an upgraded, more spacious 2-disc putter pocket to help you crush it with two putters. Great addition.

7. Overall storage

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

I was thoroughly awestruck by how much storage this bag had. I mean, this thing is almost a freakin military rucksack. I’m being a bit facetious but it seriously has a lot of storage options now depending on how much you want to carry.

They’ve added in a lot of pockets including: a double putter pocket, a storage pocket under the putter pocket, 2 small can pockets above the putter pockets, 2 pockets on the other side of the bag next to the water bottle holder and a clear phone sleeve above the water bottle holder. I mean, dang, that’s a lot of storage.

Brick – small pocket on right side for putters and a front storage pocket.

Brick 2.0 – the Brick 2.0 has a total of 4 total pockets, a larger water bottle holder, 2 can holders, and a larger putter pocket.

🚨New feature: the Brick 2.0 has a tremendous amount of storage, along with a lot of disc storage and cooler storage, perfect for long disc golf rounds. I was STOKED about all of this space!

8. Super comfortable padded straps

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The padded straps are back! Seriously, these straps really help with the weight of the bag. Because of all of that extra storage, this can really load the Brick 2.0 down with extra weight. But using the padded straps helps a lot to displace the weight of what you’re carrying. This doesn’t appear to have been changed much, if at all, from the original bag. But the straps are great, so nothing else needed here.

Brick – Super comfortable padded straps to help with the bag weight.

Brick 2.0 – Super comfortable padded straps to help with the bag weight.

Similar: no change from the Brick to the Brick 2.0. more comfort is always a plus but these straps are already great.

9. Bottle opener on the padded strap

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

I’ve just loved the bottle opener on the bag. Although you’re not likely to use it that much, and I’ve only used it once, it’s been a cool feature to have on there.

Brick – bottle opener

Brick 2.0 – bottle opener

Similar: no change from the original Brick. Glad they kept this on here.

10. Towel hook

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

The towel hook has appeared to stay the same from the original Brick. This is actually one of the features I don’t really use a lot. I sporadically take a towel to the course but it’s a decent little towel hook for the bag.

Brick – simple towel hook

Brick 2.0 – simple towel hook

Similar: no change here but I’m fine with that.

11. Star Frame feature logo

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

Big fan of their logo. It’s simple and it works. No need to change anything here.

Brick – Star Frame basket logo

Brick 2.0 – Star Frame basket logo

Similar: no logo changes needed.

12. The price!

Star frame brick bag 2.0 review

So I was really happy when I saw the price of the Brick 2.0. Yes, it has increased just a little bit. But it’s only a few dollars as of the date of this review – it’s currently sitting at $99.95. Hopefully inflation won’t hit too hard because that’s a fantastic price for what you’re getting out of the Brick 2.0. Star Frame should do everything they can to keep the bag around this price point because this is a GREAT deal for what you’re getting out of it.

Brick – price $94.95

Brick 2.0 – price $99.95

🚨New price: although the price has increased by a few dollars, you’re still getting a great deal out of it.

What’s new with the Brick 2.0?

So with the Brick 2.0, for the same price as the original Brick, you’re getting the following improvements:

  • Overall improved bag stability. This was HUGE!
  • An improved water bottle pocket. It’s much bigger and adjustable for larger water bottles.
  • An improved 2-disc putter pocket. The original pocket was nice but the 2 disc putter pocket is AWESOME.
  • 2 new drink holders added for a regular canned drink and a seltzer-sized drink can.
  • INSANE amount of storage added including a new phone sleeve for recording scores on the go and 3 new large storage pockets added to the sides of the bag.

ALL OF THAT for only a few dollars more than the original Brick Bag. That’s a freaking INSANE offer.


The all-day bag

The Brick 2.0, with all of the cooler and bag storage, is truly an all-day disc golf bag now. With the original Brick, there really wasn’t much storage space. But you could put snacks in the cooler. Well, now you can fully stock the cooler, pack snacks in other pockets, and hit the course for a full day if you’d like. I love that.

A lot of great upgrades!

The Brick 2.0 REALLY surprised me! They have seriously upgraded the Brick and made it into a phenomenal disc golf bag. It was already a pretty awesome bag with the original Brick. However, the 2.0 takes it to another level with all of the upgrades. The Brick 2.0 is simply a great, high-quality bag that any disc golfer can enjoy.

The price

Another HUGE pro to the Brick 2.0 is the current price point. As of the publishing of this post, the Brick 2.0 is currently sitting at $99.95. That’s crazy to me. It’s a hell of a deal and one that you should take up immediately before this bag’s price goes up at all. For only a few dollars more than the original, the price is unbeatable.

No other bag like this

I said it in the original Brick post and I’ll say it again: there is STILL no bag like this on the market today. Nobody has done what Star Frame has done with a cooler bag. But dare I say that this isn’t just a great cooler bag, but a great disc golf bag overall!

There’s really nothing bad I can say about this bag

So I put a couple of cons below, but overall, there’s nothing major that I can say about the Brick 2.0. It’s made well, with high-quality materials, it’s incredibly sturdy, there are a ton of features and storage options, all for around $100 bucks. And when I played with it, I loved it. So because there aren’t any major problems with it, that’s a big pro in my book.


The bag can be heavy

With a fully packed selection of discs, fully stocked cooler compartment, and loaded storage pockets, this disc can get pretty heavy after some time on the course. So I’d say that’s a small negative of this bag. But the padded straps and back of the bag help to alleviate some of the pressure from the weight of this bag. Not too bad.

Might not be the right bag for….

Smaller kids, teens, or females might have trouble with this bag due to its weight and size. Fully stocked up, it’s large and heavy for me, a 5’10, 185 pound dude. For most people the size and weight won’t be a problem. But for people like my wife or my little brother, I’d probably look at the Retro Bag here.

Not a quick bag

The Brick 2.0 is not really a grab-and-go quick bag. But that’s okay. It wasn’t designed to be a quick bag. It’s an all-day disc golf bag that you can absolutely load down with stuff and play as long as you want. It will also make for a great weekend tournament bag if you so choose. Grab something smaller if you want to hit the course for a quick round.

A couple of places you can get this bag

There are two places online where you can buy the Star Frame Brick Bag. Let’s check those out.

1. StarFrameBags.com

I highly recommend that you go through the Star Frame website so you can purchase from them and directly support the company. They’re a fairly new business and anything you can do to help them out is appreciated by the #discgolfcommunity and myself here at DiscgolfNOW.com.

If you’d like to grab a Brick Bag from Star Frame, get it here on their site.

2. Amazon.com

If you’d rather grab your bag off of Amazon, you can feel free to do so here. You’re still buying from Star Frame, but they get a little bit less money. If you’re just grabbing it on there to save on shipping, we highly recommend spending a couple extra bucks and getting it on the Star Frame website to help them out. Let’s support Star Frame!

Going forward for Star Frame

Star Frame has done it again. They’ve managed to not only upgrade their bag, but continue their quest to corner the cooler bag market. The Brick 2.0 is a fantastic bag, but here are the few recommendations that I have for future upgrades.

  • Continue to upgrade the infrastructure: the newly improved infrastructure and panels for the top disc compartment were a fantastic improvement but I encourage them to continue improving this with each bag update.
  • Keep the price down: I know inflation is hitting everybody really hard. But try to keep the price point down and the quality up. That will continue to show the #discgolfcommunity what a great company Star Frame really is.
  • Continue tweaking and upgrading: a lot was upgraded this go-around. There’s not a whole lot you can do other than continue upgrading and making the bag stronger and more high-quality.
  • Design a quick bag with a cooler!: lastly, I’d highly recommend that Star Frame design a smaller, quick bag for quick rounds and smaller people. This isn’t a must…but could be a highly profitable addition to their inventory. Something similar to the Infinite Discs Slinger Bag but with a small cooler (maybe similar to the Retro’s cooler). Would be pretty cool to see and test out!

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