The 7 Best Disc Golf Bags of 2023: Our #1 Pick is…

I can’t believe it’s already 2023! Wow, last year just flew by. It was rough through 2020 and 2021, but as we’ve slowly come to end of the Covid Pandemic in 2022, things have gotten much better. Mostly back to some semblance of normalcy.

And I want to give a special shout out to disc golf. The sport that helped get a lot of us through those tough years. Because of that, disc golf has flourished and grown exponentially.

With the supply chains getting back to normal, we’re going to see a lot of great new discs, bags, and other products coming out. That’s what I’m most excited about for 2023.

So now that we’ve made it to the new year again, it’s time for our 2023 best bags list. That’s what I’ve brought you in this post – the 7 best disc golf bags of 2023. Most of these bags aren’t brand new, but they’re my top picks for any disc golfer looking for a good bag in 2023.

Alright, let’s get started!

4 Reasons why you need a good disc golf bag in 2023

1. Helps you carry more in a practical manner: rounds on the course are long and tough. So we may need to take more than just discs. Sometimes we’ll need snacks, drinks, disc golf accessories, and a place to carry our phone, wallet, and keys. That means you’ll need a good quality, spacious disc golf bag for your rounds. All of the bags on this list are exactly what you need.

2. They’re inexpensive: almost every disc golf bag on the market today is under $200 dollars. The majority of great disc golf bags are actually less than $100 dollars. So they’re super affordable and usually offer you years of use. All of the bags on this list are under $200 dollars, which is very affordable.

3. Quality: there are a ton of disc golf bags on the market these days. That means companies are expected to produce quality bags for disc golfers. If they don’t, disc golfers won’t buy their bags. That’s why I never recommend crappy disc golf bags from random companies. They think they can just mass produce a cheap disc golf bag and sell it. Nope, not going to work in the disc golf community. The bags on this list are top quality bags that have the reviews to back them up.

4. Supporting the #discgolfcommunity: I also highly encourage you to buy a bag so that you can support an actual disc golf company. All of the bags on this list come from reputable disc golf companies. By buying from them, you help them stay in business and continue making great disc golf products for everybody else. So thank you in advance.

Now, let’s check out this year’s list!

The 7 best disc golf bags of 2023!

Our #1 Pick – Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0Best disc golf bags 2023

My #1 pick this year is the Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0 – one of the coolest and most fun disc golf bags on the market!

This bag was my top pick for a bunch of reasons including:

  • The cooler: the people at Star Frame have cornered the cooler bag market with a bag that holds a lot of discs and a lot of drinks. It’s a pretty epic bag and the cooler compartment is HUGE.
  • Quality: this bag is top notch. It’s very-well made, sturdy, and just feels like a great bag. Star Frame wanted to make a great disc golf cooler bag and the result was an overall awesome disc golf bag.
  • Storage: the first Brick Bag was pretty awesome. When they came out with the 2nd bag, I was blown away. So much storage for discs, drinks, and stuff.
  • Price: you get all of the awesomeness of this bag for under $100 bucks. The Brick 2.0 is for sale on or Amazon for $99.95.

For more on the Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0, check out my review here – “The Ultimate Star Frame Brick Bag 2.0 Review: The New #1 Cooler Bag.”

You can get the Brick Bag 2.0 here on

2. Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe BagBest disc golf bags 2023

The Slinger Deluxe Bag is next on this list. And although it’s #2 this year, it’s my top pick for both best small bag and best bag under $50 dollars. I mean, I loved the original Slinger Bag and the Deluxe just knocks it out of the park.

This bag features – a complete upgrade with new carabiner for towels, improved bottom, and improved disc capacity. For just over $30 bucks, that’s a steal!

Get your Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag here on Amazon.

3. Dynamic Discs Trooper Bagbest disc golf bags 2021

I have LOVED the Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag ever since I bought it as my very first disc golf bag. This bag has everything you need: a sturdy frame that helps it sit upright, a large section for 15-17 discs, water bottle holder, multiple pockets, and A LOT of storage – all for around $40 bucks. It’s also just a really well-made bag, on par with the standards sought out by Dynamic Discs. If you’re brand new and you want a great bag, this is a phenomenal starter bag.

Grab yourself a Trooper Bag here on Amazon.

4. Star Frame Retro Cooler BagBest disc golf bags 2023

Star Frame also created another really awesome cooler bag called the Retro Cooler Bag that I think almost anybody would love. This bag is significantly smaller than the Brick Bag 2.0, but still has room for a lot of discs and drinks in the bottom section. It has a small side, bottom section that unzips and can hold 6-8 drinks in it. Plus, it has a huge disc storage section in the main part of the bag.

If you’d like to check out more about this bag, head over to my review of it here.

If you’d like to grab a Retro Bag for yourself, you can get it here on

5. Discraft Weekender BagBest disc golf bags 2023

The Weekender Bag is a super small, super fun bag from Discraft. It was designed to be a cheap, decent quality small bag for quick rounds out on the course. After the Slinger Deluxe Bag, I recommend this bag. If you’re on a really small budget, this bag is for you. It comes in at less than $20 dollars, with plenty of room for discs and a little bit of stuff.

Grab a Weekender bag here on Amazon.

6. Handeye Supply Company Mission Rig BagBest disc golf bags 2023

Handeye has made my list two years in a row now. Last year, I saw their awesome new bag – the Mission Rig Bag. This year, I’ve seen all the rave reviews for the Mission Rig. So it’s back on the list for the second year.

Out of all the bags that I’ve seen for disc golf, this bag has the coolest designs by far. And that’s not knocking any other bags. There are some sweet designs out there these days. But I love the designs on the Mission Rig.

It’s a huge bag, with a lot of storage space, and a fairly reasonable price – around $120 bucks or so. Definitely recommend the Mission Rig. Great disc golf bag.

Grab one here on Amazon.

7. Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Backpack BagBest disc golf bags 2023

The Combat Ranger bag is awesome. This gigantic bag is every disc golfer’s dream bag. It holds a bunch of discs and has so much storage – you don’t even need this much room for discs and storage. It’s a premium bag, from a reputable company, but it does fetch a hefty price. The Combat Ranger Bag comes in at just under $200 dollars. But seriously, that’s not that expensive. Especially because it should last you for at least a couple of years.

If you’re serious about disc golf, get a Combat Ranger Bag here on Amazon.

The final say

So that’s the list for 2023! I’m hoping that everybody has a really great year this year. Because we’ve slowly moved past a lot of tough times in the last couple of years. But everything from here on out is looking up. So let’s celebrate it with more disc golf. Before you head out on the course again, grab yourself a bag off of this list and go enjoy your next round. Because you deserve it.

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