The 9 Best Disc Golf Bags with Coolers: I Picked This One…

Yes, you need a bag on the disc golf course. For storage, discs, disc golf accessories, snacks, and drinks. But when it comes to most bags like my Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag, there really aren’t a lot of good places to keep drinks (or better yet, keep them cold). So I’m on a mission with this post. And that mission is simple: research and find myself the best disc golf bag, with a cooler attached, to play with on the disc golf course.

In this post, I’m going to lay out the 9 best disc golf bags with coolers and show you what they’re all about. The good, the bad, the ugly, and my choice for best bag with a cooler attached. I’m going to shop around a bit and let you see my process of buying one of these bags. And hopefully, come summer time, I’ll be able to use my new bag to help quench my thirst, keep me hydrated, and keep anything else I need cold (for my rounds on the course). So here are the 9 bags that I’m looking at ⬇️:

The 9 best disc golf bags with coolers

My #1 Pick –  Star Frame Brick Cooler Bag

2. Rogue Iron Disc Golf Bag with Cooler

3. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

4. Throwback All Day Pack with Cooler V3

5. Star Frame Retro Cooler Bag

6. The Throwback Pack 2.0 Disc Golf Backpack with Dual Coolers

7. BagLane Fusion Elite Disc Golf Backpack w/Seat & Cooler

8. Viking Discs Cooler Sack XL Disc Golf Bag

9. Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Why you need a cooler bag

Hydration and more hydration

This one is fairly simple. You really need a good cooler bag for one reason: hydration. We play a ton of rounds right in the middle of some nasty heat waves. And it’s really important to have cold drinks that can help you get through your rounds without slowly dying from heat stroke. You should have more than enough fluids if you get a cooler bag.

That’s exactly what I need. Sometimes just a water bottle or two won’t cut it for me…especially if they’re not cold. Now my Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag will hold a decent amount, but I’m a firm believer in drinking at least a 1/2 gallon or more of water per round. Staying hydrated is very important. Dehydration can affect your thinking and possibly ruin your round. So I’m going to research the best bags and pick one to buy. My pick will be before the conclusion of this post.

The 9 best disc golf bags with coolers

My #1 Pick – Star Frame Brick Cooler Bag 2.0

Best disc golf bags 2023

The Star Frame Brick Bag is my #1 choice for a reason. It’s a fantastic, well-made cooler bag that was specifically designed to be the best disc golf cooler bag that you’ve ever purchased. But my story with this company is pretty interesting: As I was in search of a cooler bag for myself, Star Frame Bags hit me up and told me that they had just finished the Star Frame Brick Bag and wanted me to review it.

I jumped at the occasion because I really wanted a cooler bag, but I hadn’t done a review post in a while either, so why not? They sent me this bag for free as part of their review and then the Brick Bag 2.0 when they upgraded the first version. The rest is history

Price: $99.95


No other cooler bag like this on the market. You’ll see a few other bags on this list and this bag quickly surpasses just about all of them. 

The cooler section is huge. You can seriously fit a lot of drinks and snacks at the bottom AND still have room left over. This is an all-day cooler bag. 

There is a ton of disc storage. Even more if you choose to use the cooler section for a few. Plus, you can fit an insane amount of other gear in this bag. 

Overall, a really great bag. Use it for chill rounds, tournament weekends, or whatever you want. This bag can handle it.


You have to set it up right out of the box. Not a huge deal, but you have to spend about 5 minutes putting in 5 flexible panels to help this bag maintain its shape and not collapse on you. No real issue here.

Sag on top. if your disc section up top is loaded down, and your cooler isn’t, the top of the bag will give you a little bit of a sag due to the top being fairly heavy. The way I solved this problem was to not carry as many discs and make sure I had the cooler section at least half full of drinks/snacks (or a couple of discs). 

Not really a quick bag. I know I just said that you can use this bag any way you want, but I want to throw out that this probably isn’t a quick, 30 minute, 9 hole round kind of bag. I mean, if you’ve got it packed and ready to go, sure, take it for that round. But it was designed for the 4 hour, multiple round kind of day. Or a hardcore weekend tournament. But it’s up to you how you use it.

Recap: The Star Frame Brick Bag is a fantastic cooler bag. It is, by far, the best cooler bag on the market. You can grab one on their site and get free shipping on your first order when you subscribe to their email list. You can also grab one on Amazon if you’d like, but I recommend going straight to the source for this bag to help out a small-but-growing disc golf company. 

If you’d like to check out my review of the Brick Bag 2.0, check that out here!

If you want to grab a Brick Bag to step up your cooler game, check them out at the links below ⬇️:

Brick Bag on Star Frame’s website.

Brick Bag on Amazon.

2. Rogue Iron Disc Golf Bag with Cooler V3

Price: around $35-40 dollars

The Rogue Iron backpack disc golf bag seems like a unique spin on a cooler bag. Instead of having a large compartment for disc golf discs, it’s basically a small, insulated cooler wrapped in fabric with disc pockets on the outside.

Pros: The cooler section is very large and can hold up to around 10 drinks with ice. They also claim that the bag can hold 14 to 16 discs in the bag’s outer pockets. This bag, I feel, is designed more for the casual disc golfer who is playing with friends and wants to take a good variety of snacks and drinks with them.

Cons: As for reviews, the Rogue Iron backpack has 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. A few reviewers have stated the quality of materials is not very good and starts coming apart after prolonged use of five to six months or more.

Recap: Most golfers say that this is a decent bag for the money and that this may be perfect for the casual disc golfer who prefers to take a case brewskis out on the course. I’m not sure if this is my bag, yet. Pretty interesting design, though. You can get one here on Amazon.

3. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

Price: $65-75 dollars

Alright, so the next bag that I came across is the Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler bag. It looks essentially the same as the regular Dynamic Discs Soldier bag, but with added insulation in one section for ice, drinks, etc. When I first looked at reviews, this bag has been rated very highly on Amazon and (4.8 stars on Amazon and 4.75 on Infinite).

Pros: I’m a huge fan of Dynamic so it’s cool to see that they’ve made a small cooler bag. This bag is relatively smaller and more compact compared to backpack bags. It has a shoulder strap, but many reviewers have recommended a set of backpack straps to distribute the weight (because putting five to six drinks in it can weigh you down). But those straps seem to make this bag awesome! In the main part of the bag there are three sections. All three sections can hold a total of 18 discs. But the middle section is insulated and can hold your ice and drinks, with the ability to hold around 12 discs on the left and right.

Cons: it sounds like you really need to get the backpack straps, which can be an extra $25-30 dollars, to enjoy a fully stocked bag. Also, the bag is a bit flimsy if you take the cooler section out for more discs. Other than that, the bag is solid.

Recap: the Soldier Cooler Bag is a really nice, but moderately expensive disc golf bag made by Dynamic Discs. Even though the price is up a bit at around $60-70 dollars, it can hold 10 to 12 discs and up to six drinks in the cooler compartment. Check out the Cooler Bag here on If you want to get some straps as well, check out the DGA gel backpack straps here on Amazon.

4. Throwback All Day Pack with Cooler

Price: $65-75 dollars

The All Day Pack from Throwback Sports is a really great piece of equipment that is similar to the Rogue Iron bag from #1 on this list. Though, I will say that it appears as though the All Day Pack is a bit sturdier than the Rogue Iron. The All Day Pack looks a bit cooler, too.

Pros: the All Day Pack has a ton of fantastic reviews stating that it’s super lightweight, has great weight distribution, cooler is a good size, bag is comfortable while wearing, sturdy when standing up by itself, and is just generally better than advertised.

Cons: bag is mainly a cooler, like #1 on this list. Also, if you’re looking for a primarily discs only bag, this isn’t it. In fact, it can only hold around seven or eight discs. If you like to carry more, grab a different bag. Also, it’s about twice as expensive as the Rogue Iron cooler bag.

Recap: overall excellent disc golf bag that seems to last (might be the way it’s made) but is semi-expensive. For what you pay, you’re getting a cool looking cooler bag that can hold seven discs. I think I’d be okay with that for a casual round. We’ll see. Grab one for yourself here on Amazon.

5. Star Frame Retro Cooler Bag

Star frame retro bag review

The Retro bag is a newer release from Star Frame Bags and has quickly jumped into the equation for best disc golf cooler bag. The Retro is similar in size to a Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag or the Innova Adventure Pack, but boasts a decently-sized cooler section and a few other features. I recently finished up a review of this and had to add it into this post. Why? Because it’s an excellent cooler bag.

Price: $74.95


Large cooler section. this cooler section blew my mind when I actually looked back into it. I thought it was tiny at first…then I stuck almost my whole forearm into it. It is massive and can hold about the equivalent of a 12 pack of soda cans.

Retro colors. I LOVE THE RETRO COLORS. As I keep writing about the Retro, I keep liking the colors more and more. The Miami Vice color scheme is epic.

Price. for just $74.95, you can get this bag. It’s a steal at that price point.


Heavy when fully loaded. this bag can get a bit heavy if you stuff it full of drinks, discs, and gear. But hey, nothing you can really do about that other than getting a disc golf cart 😉 (check this post out on our best disc golf carts).

Lack of colors. I wish they had other Retro colors so that you could have a choice in which awesome retro colors you could pick. But don’t get me wrong, because I love the current colors.

Recap: the Retro Bag is a hit. Star Frame has now made two great bags that are just amazing for disc golf. It holds a great deal of drinks, looks great, and appears to be a very high quality bag. 

If you’d like to check out my review of the Retro Bag, check that out here!

If you want to grab a Retro Bag to step up your cooler game, check them out at the links below ⬇️:

Retro Bag on Star Frame’s website.

Retro Bag on Amazon.

6. The Throwback Pack 2.0 Disc Golf Backpack with Dual Coolers

Price: around $100 dollars

Throwback Sports also creates a more expensive version called the Throwback Pack 2.0 that comes with a small insulated cooler on either side of the main disc golf pocket. This huge backpack looks very nice and is rated fairly high on Amazon.

Pros: it holds a lot of discs, about 25 or so, with the inside and outside the bag pocket storage. The bag also features two separate insulated side pocket coolers plus multiple bottle holders on the side of the bag. There’s even more storage at the top for your stuff – wallet, keys, Friction gloves, etc. The large bottom platform has a sturdy design for an ease of staying upright on any surface according to Throwback Sports. This bag looks like a real value for the money and it looks pretty cool, too.

Cons: the bag is very large and bulky, even for a backpack bag. The price of $100 bucks, while a value for everything you get, is still fairly expensive. The coolers are a bit small and can only hold about two drinks a piece. Lastly, multiple reviewers have stated that the bag material has not held up that well over time but that this was still a decent bag.

Recap: the 2.0 appears to be a good quality bag for your money. I mean, you really get a lot for what you pay, so it is probably worth it if the bag lasts you a year or two. It has two separate coolers, has a bunch of storage, and holds a ton of discs. Hmm, this may be the bag I choose! You can get one here on Amazon.

7. BagLane Fusion Elite Disc Golf Backpack w/Seat & Cooler

Price: $125-135 dollars

The BagLane Fusion Elite Backpack is a huge backpack that comes with dual coolers, a seat, and room for over 25 discs. This is an interesting take on a disc golf bag and could be an awesome investment in your game.

Pros: this bag holds a lot of discs. There’s also a built in metal seat at the top of the bag that they state can support up to 285 lbs! There are built in dual side coolers with a bottom drain for melted ice or built up condensation in the coolers. Around the bag, there’s even more storage for all your stuff. BagLane also states that this bag is ultra durable and reinforced with the avid disc golfer in mind. Lastly, most reviewers on Amazon have stated that the seat is actually pretty comfortable and perfect for courses that don’t have a lot of seating. And a portable seat means you can sit anywhere you want on the course!

Cons: I’m still skeptical about the built in seat. I mean, you’re basically sitting on your bag. My question is, “does it hold up after prolonged use?” So far, I haven’t found that answer and the reviews on the seat are only positive. One of the only reviewer complaints was that the discs may sometimes fall out of the front but the rest of the reviews were mostly positive.

Recap: the Fusion Elite Bag is pretty expensive at about $130 dollars. But it appears to be a pretty well-built bag that offers two coolers and a built in seat for sitting anywhere on the course. My only hesitation would be buying this bag for the seat and it not holding up. Cool bag, though. You can get one here on Amazon.

8. Viking Discs Cooler Sack XL Disc Golf Bag

Price: $20 dollars

The Viking Cooler Bag is the cheap version of a cooler bag. It offers basic disc storage and a small amount of cooler storage for disc golfers.

Pros: first off, the XL is the cheapest disc on this list. It holds a fair amount of discs for a small bag: 10-12 discs. It appears to have decent storage, too.

Cons: there are absolutely no reviews and not a lot to go on. That makes me question the quality of the bag and whether this bag would hold up. There’s also no information on the cooler section.

Recap: you cant beat $20 bucks. If it sucks, just upgrade and you won’t have lost much. But I probably wont get this bag. If you want to try it out, grab one here on

9. Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Price: $170-180 dollars

The Ranger H2O Backpack Bag is the cream of the crop. It’s one of the most premium and well-designed bags in all of disc golf. But you have to pay for quality.

Pros: like I said, this bag is very well-built and designed. Dynamic Discs loves to make awesome disc golf gear. This is probably their best overall bag. The Ranger H2O has a ridiculous amount of storage and comes with a large water bladder for drinking water. Also, the reviews of this are all glowing at 4.8 stars out of 5 (I would hope so for this being a close to $200 dollar bag). Most reviewers on Amazon have stated that this is a very durable and comfortable bag (again, $180 dollars should get you all of that).

Cons: even though it has the water bladder and storage, it’s not a true cooler bag. It also has almost too much space for storage and discs. Lastly, it’s very expensive.

Recap: super nice bag and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of it. But it doesn’t have an insulated cooler pocket so you may want to look at another bag on this list if you want a dedicated cooler bag. If you want this bag, grab it here on Amazon.

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