The 24 Best Disc Golf Discs of 2024!

Best disc golf discs 2024

Welcome to 2024! Another year, another best discs list. But this year I’m changing it up. This best disc golf discs of 2024 list is going to feature the 24 best disc golf discs of all time.

I’m not focusing on brand new discs this year. Instead, I’ll be bringing you some classics to help get your 2024 locked in and ready for some excellent rounds of disc golf.

So let’s take a look at our best disc recommendations:

The 24 best disc golf discs of 2024!

1. Innova Destroyer

2. Discraft Buzzz

3. Kastaplast Berg

4. Innova Teebird

5. Discraft Zone

6. Infinite Discs Tomb

7. Westside Discs Harp

8. Innova Aviar

9. Discraft Zeus

10. Axiom Envy

11. Innova Roc3

12. Innova Valkyrie

13. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

14. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

15. Latitude 64 Saint

16. Gateway Wizard

17. Dynamic Discs Sheriff

18. Discraft Luna

19. MVP Tangent

20. Dynamic Discs Judge

21. Innova Boss

22. Latitude 64 Pure

23. Innova Wraith

24. MVP Glitch

Why you need some of these discs

1. You deserve some new plastic: no matter your skill level, you deserve to have some epic new discs in your bag. Because why not?

2. These discs are the best of the best: I changed up the list this year, showing you the 24 best disc golf discs of all-time. I don’t expect you to buy them all, unless you want to, but you should definitely have at least of few of these great discs in your bag at all times.

A few quick notables

1. Classics: as always, I had to bring you a best disc golf discs list for this new year. But I wanted to highlight some absolute classic discs. Those discs that have shined in disc golf bags for years.

2. Way more putters and mids than normal yearly lists: normally distance drivers take the cake every year. This year, the list is much more diverse. I’ve got a bunch of putters, mids, control drivers, and distance drivers on this list.

3. Distance drivers still sell the best: even though the discs on this list are cherished and loved by thousands of players, drivers always come out on top in disc golf sales. And it’s primarily the distance drivers I’ve got highlighted on this list.

Enough said…let’s check out that list!

The 24 best disc golf discs of 2024!

1. Innova DestroyerBest disc golf discs 2022

The Destroyer has been a phenomenal disc golf distance driver for years. It has consistently been the top-selling driver on and has served many players well. It gets great distance and usually flies on a solid, somewhat overstable line. But be careful if you’re a new player, because the Destroyer is a tough disc to throw.

Grab one here on

2. Discraft BuzzzBest disc golf discs for women

The Buzzz is hands down the overall best disc golf disc for all players. If you don’t have this mid-range in your bag, it’s about time to get one. The Buzzz will hit your lines, help you learn disc golf technique, and is a perfect disc for solo disc rounds. Even advanced disc golfers can utilize this awesome disc.

Grab a Buzzz here on

3. Kastaplast BergBest disc golf discs 2024

The Berg has been around a few years now, but it’s definitely made a splash with disc golfers. At this point, it’s so popular that it’s got a cult following. I mean, it is a freakin’ Berg, right?! Kastaplast has come a long way in recent years. So I would highly recommend you start checking them out.

Get yours here on

4. Innova TeebirdBuild disc golf bag

The Teebird is a great disc golf disc. Fairly straight-flying fairway driver with just a bit of overstability on the back end. Also a simple and easy step up in disc after you’ve started throwing beginner fairway drivers like the Innova Leopard.

Grab a Teebird here on

5. Discraft ZoneBest disc golf discs 2022

The Zone is a fantastic putter. Not my personal favorite but 100% in my top 5 disc golf putters. Performance-wise, the Zone can easily be your go-to putter. It feels great in the hand and always does the job you need it to.

Grab one here on

6. Infinite Discs TombBest disc golf discs

I wanted to put the Tomb a little bit higher on this list to give it some much deserved recognition. The Tomb has become one of my favorite discs because of how great it feels in my hand. It flies well and hugs the chains nicely. If I’m not using the Judge, I’m putting with a Tomb.

Get yours here on

7. Westside Discs Harpbest disc golf disc for beginners

I absolutely love the Harp. This great putter is perfect for short drives and provides an excellent amount of stability for when just a bit of fade is needed. I throw this disc fairly often because it’s actually labeled as a mid-range putter. So it’s perfect in a variety of situations out on the course.

Grab yours today here on

8. Innova Aviarbest disc golf disc for beginners

Most popular putter in the world. But I don’t bag this disc or the Zone because I’m just not a huge fan. Even if a disc flies well for me, if it doesn’t feel good in my hand, I tend to find other discs. But the Aviar is definitely one of the best and worth your time to check it out.

Grab an Aviar here on

9. Discraft ZeusBest disc golf discs 2020

I remember when the Zeus first came out. It was originally called the Kong and it came with a lot of hype. Paul McBeth had just signed a gigantic contract with Discraft and the “Kong” was launched soon after, yet nameless on the prototype disc. After a few months, the Kong became the Zeus and Discraft had found what they were looking for: a new major release for Paul and an absolute beast of a distance driver.

Grab a Zeus here on

10. Axiom EnvyBest disc golf discs 2022

Oh, the Envy. If you’ve never experienced James Conrad’s “Holy Shot” before, it’s time to check it out here. This shot, at the 2021 Pro Worlds, helped James come back to beat Paul McBeth and win his first ever World Championship. I was lucky enough to be watching when he sunk this shot and couldn’t believe what I had just seen. With that all being said, James used his Envy for that shot and made it an instant classic of a disc.

Grab an Envy here on

11. Innova Roc3Best disc golf discs

The Roc is a super popular disc. But the Roc3 takes the cake. It’s just a little bit faster than the original Roc, and is perfect for everything from controlled approaches to mid-range drives.

Grab a Roc3 here on

12. Innova ValkyrieBest control drivers for hyzer flips

Big fan of the Valkyrie ever since I found one out on a course. Tried to return it and the guy stood me up, so I started using it that day. Since then, I’ve never looked back and have constantly kept a Valkyrie in one of my bags. Great control driver.

Grab one here on

13. Dynamic Discs EMac TruthBest overstable midrange

This disc is the Truth. No, really, it’s the EMac Truth. A really fun, yet more overstable version of the original Truth. I liked the Truth, but the EMac Truth is hands down the better disc. Very fun mid-range disc that will hold your line, no matter how you throw it.

Get one here on

14. Infinite Discs PharaohBest disc golf discs

I absolutely love the Pharaoh. I got one not long after Infinite’s release of their own lineup and it has stayed in my bag for years now. It’s a little tougher than my favorite disc, the Dynamic Discs Sheriff, but it flies similarly (maybe a bit more stable but not much). If you can handle the speed, you should check this disc out!

Grab one here on

15. Latitude 64 SaintBuild disc golf bag

The Saint is LEGIT. This easy-to-throw control driver is absolutely perfect for newer players and great for intermediate players looking for absolute control of their throws. The Saint is as smooth as they come and gets great distance.

Grab yours here on

16. Gateway WizardBest disc golf discs

The Wizard is a really interesting disc. It’s never been the most popular disc golf putter. But it’s always had a reputation as one of the best putters in disc golf. It’s most likely because Gateway has never had a star-studded lineup of discs. But they’ve always produced quality plastic that disc golfers seem to like. The Wizard is one that I picked up not too long ago and ended up REALLY liking it a lot. Overall, probably a top 5 or top 7 disc golf putter.

Grab one here on

17. Dynamic Discs SheriffBest disc golf discs 2024

The Sheriff is hands down my all-time favorite disc golf disc. It’s a highly underrated distance driver with a ton of potential. This disc flies straight and far, but you need the arm to sling it. Great disc for almost every level of disc golfer.

Grab one here on

18. Discraft LunaBest disc golf putters for beginners

The Luna is Paul McBeth’s signature putter from his epic lineup of Discraft discs. Made specifically for Paul, the Luna is one-of-a-kind. I heard a lot of good things out of the gate, but I knew this was a great disc when I saw McBeth sling it for over 350 feet on one of his drives. Now obviously Paul is a bit of a Savant when it comes to disc golf, but a putter going 350 feet?! Now that’s Luna-cy (pun intended).

Grab a Luna here on

19. MVP TangentBest disc golf mid-range discs for beginners

As one of the better mid-range discs in disc golf, the Tangent offers you a super high-quality experience with their plastic and an incredibly straight-flight with the performance of this disc. Beginners will love how easy it is to throw and more advanced players can take advantage of how ridiculously far and straight this disc will fly.

Grab one here on

20. Dynamic Discs JudgeBest disc golf discs 2022

I LOVE the Judge. This putter was made for one thing: grabbing chains. It feels amazing in the hands and always seems to finds its way into the basket. Someone recommended a Judge to me when I first started and I’ve kept multiple discs in my bag now for years. Aside from throwing the Infinite Discs Tomb and Viking Discs Rune quite a bit, the Judge is normally my go-to putter while I’m playing.

Grab a Judge here on

21. Innova Bossbest world record holding disc golf discs

The Innova Boss has been a fantastic distance driver for a long time, all while holding numerous distance records over that time span (including the current distance world record of 1,108.9 feet).  If you want the distance, and you think you’re able to handle the stability, the Boss could be a great disc for you.

Grab one here on

22. Latitude 64 PureBest disc golf discs

The Pure is a spectacular disc for beginners. Latitude 64 hails it as their straightest-flying disc and I would agree with that statement. All they ask is, “for a pure, controlled flight, consider the Latitude 64 Pure.”

Grab one here on

23. Innova Wraith

The Wraith deserves to make this list because it’s been good to so many players over the years. As of the writing of this post, the Wraith holds both the women’s backhand distance world record (569 feet set by Jennifer Allen in 2016) and the highest throw speed world record (89.5 miles per hour set by Simon Lizotte in 2013). So I’d say it’s worth a shot.

Grab one here on

24. MVP Glitch

As I was making this best discs list, I actually didn’t realize how popular the Glitch was. I just haven’t heard much about it and I haven’t really had anyone recommend it to me. But after scouring Reddit and other popular disc golf sources, one disc kept coming up – the MVP Glitch.

Here’s what MVP has to say about the Glitch: “Its neutral flight path makes it a tremendous first disc to learn with — making it a great first disc for players with Ultimate frisbee backgrounds and lower power players! Available in 140g-154g, don’t let its light weight fool you, the Glitch has enough aerodynamic stability and glide to be a useful tool on the course. For anyone who loves to throw discs, either on the course or just playing catch, the Glitch makes an awesome companion for a fun time and some awesome lines.”

If you’d like to check it out, grab a Glitch here on

Let’s wrap this up

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve seen 24 of the absolute best disc golf discs of all-time. And while this might have been a best disc golf discs of 2024 list, these 24 discs all deserve to make the list this year. I’ll save newer discs for next year’s 2025 list. This year, you simply get to check out some badass frickin’ discs. So go get some!

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