The Top 5 Best Disc Golf Discs!

It’s no secret that you need great discs in disc golf. But sometimes, it gets complicated whenever you ask people about which discs you need to get.

I mean, there are thousands of discs from dozens of companies in many different types of plastic. So how can I recommend just a few discs?

That’s simple. There are some discs that haven’t just stood the test of time, but have outlasted the scrutiny of the players in the disc golf community. Because disc golfers are ruthless.

The discs on this list, however, are the best of the best. Discs that disc golfers love and have rated so highly that they’ve made the list of the top 5 best disc golf discs. There are A LOT of great discs that could’ve been on this list, but here are my picks ⬇️:

The Top 5 Best Disc Golf Discs!

1. Discraft BuzzzBest disc golf mid range discs

I’ve made many “best disc golf disc” lists over the years and there’s only been one single disc that’s been a constant on A LOT of those lists – the Discraft Buzzz mid-range. A truly awesome mid-range with tons of versatility.

By now, I’m thoroughly convinced that the Buzzz is probably the best disc golf disc ever made. I say that because of how consistent and reliable this disc is. Over the years, with every different plastic mold, the Buzzz has stayed exactly the same. Nothing has changed, which makes this disc even better, because no changes were needed. This disc flies exactly as the flight ratings suggest (5, 4, -1, 1) and exactly how you want it to every time.

If you need a great disc, the Buzzz is about the best you’ll get in a disc golf disc. So grab one here on

2. Innova DestroyerBest disc golf distance drivers 2021

If it weren’t for the Buzzz, the Destroyer would almost always be my #1 on any “best discs” list. The Destroyer is a phenomenal driver with almost unlimited distance potential. But it’s definitely not an easy disc to throw. Also, NOT a disc for beginners. This is an advanced-level, highly overstable driver that will undoubtedly fade at the end of flight.

As for flight ratings, the 12, 5, -1, 3 numbers mean that this disc is moderately hard to throw, with good glide, a small amount of turn and a good deal of fade. For over 20 years, thousands of players have turned to this disc and swear by its consistent flight patterns.

If you can handle the overstability, grab a Destroyer here on

3. Innova Teebirdbest disc golf discs

The Teebird is just a straight up beast of a disc golf control driver. It’s been out for a long time now, with players raving about it for years. Similar to the Destroyer, the Teebird has stayed consistent and reliable through many different types of plastics and molds. That’s why players love it: the new one throws just like the old one did out of the bag.

With flight ratings of 7, 5, 0, 2, it’s not an overly hard disc to throw. But it offers players an easy path to predictable fade. With easy speed and good glide, newer players will find this disc fairly forgivable and not overly challenging, which is great if you’re working up into more advanced disc golf discs. A Teebird might be your next step up in driver after you throw a Latitude 64 River or an Innova Leopard.

So if you’re looking for a fun, consistent, and semi-challenging control driver, grab a Teebird here on

4. Dynamic Discs JudgeThe best disc golf discs

The Judge is, hands down, my favorite disc golf disc. It’s been a staple of my bag for years and I don’t plan on changing anything anytime soon. Ultimately, the Judge has been that one disc that’s never let me down. So that’s tough to beat. But I have tried a bunch of other discs. Just haven’t found any that match the chain-grabbing ability of the Judge.

With flight ratings of 2, 4, 0, 1, it’s a super easy disc to throw and works fairly well as a throwing putter. But the plastic REALLY takes a beating so I don’t throw mine all that much. My Judge helps me putt almost exclusively. Because that’s what it was designed for and that’s what it does best.

If you want the best putter on the market, grab a Judge here on

5. Infinite Discs PharaohThe best disc golf discs

I absolutely LOVE the Pharaoh. It’s also one of my all-time favorite discs and has really gotten popular over the last couple of years. Now it doesn’t have the 20-year track record like the Destroyer, but it does have the rave reviews of hundreds, if not thousands, of disc golfers since its release in 2018.

The Pharaoh has flight ratings of 13, 6, -1, 2, which varies just a bit from the Destroyer’s 12, 5, -1, 3 numbers, but this honestly makes the Pharaoh better, in my opinion. The Pharaoh offers less stability and more glide. That means more distance, more easily, for ALL players. Ever  since I started throwing this disc, my distance game has improved.

So if you’re a Destroyer fan, I highly recommend that you check out the Pharaoh here on


That’s it, y’all. A simple, straightforward list of 5 great disc golf discs. Hopefully, this post has helped you. Because these are some awesome discs, and if you don’t have any of them, it’s time to change that!

But if you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for on this list, that’s okay. Check out this list for more awesome disc golf discs – The 101 Best Disc Golf Discs in the Game Today!

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