The 7 BEST Disc Golf Discs of ALL-TIME [2024 Edition]!

Did you know that disc golf has been around now for almost 100 years? Yep, players began playing golf by throwing flying discs all the way back in 1926.

About 40 or so years later, “disc golf” became official and the first disc companies were born not longer after that. Those original disc creators helped to design some timeless discs and shape the future of disc golf.

Today, we have brand new discs being released daily. But some discs have been around for years or even decades. These classic discs are legendary.

So today, we’re gonna’ be looking at 7 of those discs. 7 of the absolute best disc golf discs in the game today (and maybe a few extras). To help you improve your bag, your game, and your fun out on the course. So what are the best disc golf discs of all-time?

The 7 best disc golf discs of all-time!

1. Innova Destroyer

2. Discraft Buzzz

3. Kastaplast Berg

4. Innova Teebird

5. Westside Discs Harp

6. Dynamic Discs Judge

7. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

3 reasons why you should buy these discs

1. These discs will make you a better disc golfer: Once you start playing with these discs, using good technique and lots of practice, your game will improve dramatically. The discs on this list are designed to make you a better disc golfer. But you still gotta’ put in the work.

2. They’re fun to play with: With great discs comes the ability to play better and have more fun out on the course.  The discs, on this list, do what you need them to do. The all fly exactly like their flight ratings say they should, they’re extremely consistent, and they’re just plain fun.

3. The best of the best: The 7 discs on this list, for A LOT of reasons, are simply the best of the best. All of them thoroughly-tested and some of the highest-reviewed discs in all of disc golf. They’re the best. So let’s check ‘em out!

The 7 best disc golf discs of all-time!

1. Innova DestroyerBest disc golf discs 2022

The Destroyer has been one of the best-selling distance drivers for a LONG time now. A true staple in the bag of many advanced disc golfers. I would never recommend this disc for new players, but once you’ve got some experience under your belt, and you’re fairly comfortable with control drivers, this is a great disc to try out.

As for flight, it gets fantastic distance and usually flies on a solid, somewhat overstable line. If you can handle it, I highly encourage you to get a Destroyer.

Grab one here on

2. Discraft BuzzzBest disc golf discs for women

If I had to pick just one disc to play with for the rest of my disc golf career, it would probably be the Buzzz. Why? Well, because the Buzzz just an all-around phenomenal disc golf mid-range. This disc is perfect for all skill levels. Whether you’re a day one beginner or an advanced competitor, the Buzzz has you covered.

So if you’re looking for a disc that is will fly straight, hit any line you throw it on, and work well in many different situations, go pick up a Buzzz. You seriously won’t believe how great of a disc this is until you start playing with it.

Side note: 2023 marked the 20th anniversary of the Buzzz’s launch.

So if you’d like to check out this classic disc, grab one here on

3. Kastaplast BergBest disc golf discs 2024

The Berg is a really interesting disc. This putter has become super popular in the last year or two and practically has a cult following. I mean, it’s a Berg, right?!

With flight ratings of 1, 1, 0, 2, the Berg is unparalleled as a throwing putter. It’s got a little bit of fade on the end of flight, but for the most part, this disc is pretty much just a point and shoot disc within about 150 feet or so (i.e. it’s gonna’ go where you tell it to go).

Although the Berg hasn’t been around for that long, it already feels like a classic disc. One that people will play with, and talk about, for years to come.

Grab yourself one here on

4. Innova TeebirdBuild disc golf bag

Disc golfers have been rocking with the Teebird for over two decades now. That should tell you how great this disc has been over the years. The Teebird is hands down one of Innova’s most accurate and reliable control drivers, helping newer disc golfers learn driving and assisting more advanced throwers with the consistency they need on longer drives or approaches to the basket.

If that’s what you need, grab a Teebird here on

5. Westside Discs Harpbest disc golf disc for beginners

Big fan of the Harp. This “mid-range” putter is perfect for a bunch of different situations on the disc golf course. The Harp is great for putting but even better as a short-range driving and approach disc.

The Harp is a bit overstable, but not too much so. It’s got 3 fade, but whenever I throw this disc, it just doesn’t feel like it. I would argue that the fade for this disc is 2, but the speed is fairly minimal – at 4 – so it doesn’t take much on your throw for this disc to fly straight.

You’ll get a subtle hook at the end, but nothing like some other meathook discs you might have thrown before. This disc is super fun to throw and definitely one of the best in all of disc golf.

Grab yours today here on

6. Dynamic Discs JudgeThe best disc golf discs

I LOVE the Judge. It’s one of my favorite discs and has been for a long time now. This putter has been huge for my putting game and can easily benefit almost any other player. This disc is known for grabbing the chains. And it feels great in the hand, too. If I’m not trying out any other putters, I’m almost always putting with a Judge.

If you’d like to check out the Judge, get one here on

7. Infinite Discs PharaohThe best disc golf discs

I honestly could’ve put the Innova Aviar here or the Discraft Zeus, but I wanted some variety. So I went with a popular disc from the Infinite lineup – the Pharaoh.

Ever since its release, people have loved the Pharaoh. I was happy to see something from Infinite, but I didn’t expect what we got: an absolute banger of a disc.

The Pharaoh is nothing but pure distance potential. Smooth flight and excellent stability offers disc golfers the chance to absolutely bomb this disc 400+ feet (or more). I wouldn’t encourage new players to pick up this disc, but if you have an arm, this should be the next distance driver that you try.

Grab one here on

Honorable mentions

Dynamic Discs EMac TruthBest overstable midrange

This disc is the Truth. No, really, it’s the EMac Truth. A really awesome mid-range that runs a bit more stable than the original Truth, but in my opinion flys much better.

Check this disc out here on

Discraft ZoneBest disc golf discs 2022

The Zone is one of the most popular putters in the world. Some would argue that the Aviar is more popular or a better disc, but I disagree. And while the Zone isn’t my favorite disc, I believe that it’s an overall better putter than the Aviar. Either or, they’re both fine discs. If it helps, the Aviar is 100% in my top 15. But I digress.

Grab a Zone here on

Axiom EnvyBest disc golf discs 2022

Ever since I saw James Conrad nail “the Holy Shot” with an Envy, I’ve been hooked. I had yet to throw the Envy, but I picked one up not long after and have never looked back. The Envy is a fantastic disc.

Grab one here on


If you don’t have any of the discs on this list, you’re really missing out. They’re the best of the best – from the first disc on this list to the last. But it doesn’t just end with these 10 discs. There are SO MANY OTHER great discs. If you’d rather check out some other discs, check out this post: The 101 Best Disc Golf Discs in the Game Today.

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