The Top 5 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers!

Are you looking to take your disc golf distance game to the next level? Yeah? Then get ready to unleash the power of the disc golf distance driver – a disc known to break hearts and break records, all in a single round on the disc golf course.

So if you’re looking for an awesome distance disc, you’ve come to the right place. Today, in this post, I’m bringing you my top 5 best disc golf distance drivers.

These discs will guarantee you distance…okay, maybe not, but they will guarantee you almost unlimited distance potential. The rest is up to you.

Because disc golf is getting tougher. You’ve got to improve quickly. And a great driver can really help you amp up your game. So here are 5 that can help ⬇️:

The Top 5 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers!

1. Innova DestroyerBest disc golf distance drivers 2021

As of 2024, the Destroyer is the top-selling disc golf distance driver of all-time. It’s so popular that I can almost use this disc and the Discraft Buzzz mid-range interchangeably on a “best discs” list.

The Destroyer has been around for almost 20 years and has definitely set the standard for distance drivers. So much so that all of the top distance drivers these days run very similarly in flight ratings (12, 5, -1, 3). All other companies model their signature driver after the Destroyer, whether they want to admit it or not. Just take a look at the rest of this list!

If you want the best distance driver on the market, grab a Destroyer here on

2. Infinite Discs PharaohThe best disc golf discs

I’ve really LOVED the Pharaoh ever since Infinite released it a couple of years ago. And since Innova molds all their discs, I knew I would like it. It’s got flight ratings of 13, 6, -1, 2, so it might be a little bit tougher to throw than the Destroyer, but it’s more understable so I was hoping that that would offset the increase in speed.

I was right. The Pharoah is similar to the Destroyer, but I actually like this disc better. Less stability and more glide give this disc INSANE max distance potential. I mean, once you’re consistent at throwing distance discs, this disc will help you get over any plateau you’re currently sitting at. Need more than 300 feet? That’s easy. Need more than 400? No problem. Just give it more power. Looking for 500 feet? This disc can help you get there.

If crazy distance is what you want, grab a Pharaoh here on

3. Dynamic Discs TrespassBest dynamic discs disc golf discs

The Trespass is a really interesting disc. It’s very similar to the Destroyer, with flight ratings of 12, 5, -0.5, 3, but just a tiny bit more stable. Almost hard to tell, though, unless you throw this disc and a Destroyer a lot. Again, yet another disc similar to a Destroyer that’s loved by the disc golf community. Note to companies – if you want a driver that everyone loves, give it flight ratings similar to 12, 5, -1, 3. That’s a recipe for success with distance discs.

But the Trespass is fantastic. It’s fast, overstable, yet very forgiving and easy to throw. I would argue that this disc is much better than the Destoyer, but I may be biased as a tried-and-true Dynamic Discs fan. It’s easily a disc that newer players can work their way up with,  once you’ve started throwing control drivers consistently.

So if you’re looking for a great intermediate-level distance disc with huge distance potential, grab a Trespass here on

4. Discraft ZeusBest disc golf discs 2020

The Zeus is a much newer driver than most of the discs on this list, but the insane amount of hype behind it makes it way more unique.

After professional disc golfer Paul McBeth’s million dollar signing with Discraft, the Zeus was the first release in McBeth’s new Discraft lineup of discs. Originally named the Kong, this was probably the most famous release of all-time. I’ve never seen a more hyped up release in over 7 years of following disc golf. This disc, and the other releases in his lineup, sold out for months. It was pure insanity. Once the name was changed, which I feel suits the disc much better, it gained even more popularity.

As for the disc itself, it rocks recognizable flight ratings of 12, 5, -1, 3…just like the Destroyer. Most players really like this disc because of how similar it is to the Destroyer. Some players actually hate it because it’s almost exactly like it.

As for flight, you’ll get some understability in the beginning with a nice, predictable fade on the end. Great for long drives, flex shots, and super fun shot-shaping.

If that’s what you need, grab a Zeus here on

5. Innova Wraithbest disc golf distance driver

Last but not least on this list is the Innova Wraith. A disc with a little bit less speed, but all the distance of faster discs. Plus, it’s much easier to throw than the 4 discs above. The Wraith is a perfect starter driver and great for many different shots.

Fun fact – Simon Lizotte used a Blizzard Wraith to break the world record for world’s fastest frisbee throw at a ridiculous 89.5 miles per hour (or 144 kilometers per hour).

If you’re looking for an all-around distance driver, grab one here on

So that’s it!

I just laid out 5 of the absolute best disc golf distance drivers in the world. Hopefully you’ve been able to find something to help out your game. Because a great distance driver can really amp up your game and make all the difference once you’ve hit a certain skill level. Perfecting your drivers can make you into a truly elite player, so don’t take your disc choices for granted. They can make or break your game.

But distance drivers are a dime a dozen these days. Seriously, there are A LOT of really great distance discs to choose from. And this list is just a start. If you haven’t found what you need on this list, check out my other post – The 17 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers: Max Distance!

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