7 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers in 2022

I can’t believe it’s 2022, disc golfers! It feels weird to write these posts because, just a few short years ago, we were talking about 2020. Then 2021. Now we’re here, still dealing with the Covid Pandemic, and heading into another year.

2020 and 2021 were pretty rough. But the one thing that remained constant and helped the #discgolfcommunity was disc golf. I’m sure that you can relate and tell me a similar experience.

Because Covid has sucked, but disc golf has helped me get though it. Now we’re heading into another year and I’m bringing you another best disc golf distance drivers of the year post. Hopefully you enjoy it. The 7 discs on this list can and will bring you some of the best distance you can possibly ask for so let’s check them out.

But first, I’m going to go over two things:

  • A word of caution if you’re a beginner and…
  • One quick note about this list.

If you’re a beginner…

Before you jump right into buying the distance discs that I’ve listed below, I want you to stop and assess your situation. Are you a beginner? If so, I don’t want you to use any of the distance drivers on this list just yet. This list is NOT a beginner’s disc list. If you’re new to the game, check out the following posts:

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The discs on this list are full-speed distance discs that are incredibly hard to throw. So that means you have to have a solid foundation and a lot of disc golf experience with throwing discs. If you consider yourself an intermediate level player or better, feel free to check out my list below and grab yourself some discs!

One quick note about this list

Before we dig in to the to the best discs below, I wanted to point out something. You’ll probably notice that most of the discs that I’ve put below aren’t necessarily new discs. Why did I put mostly older discs on the list? Well, because there really haven’t been many new distance driver releases lately. I was pretty disappointed when I made my 22 best discs of 2022 list.

So I’ve decided to focus on older discs in this post. There are a couple of new discs, but the majority have been tried and tested for years. You may have even played with a few of these. But even so, this 2022 list features 7 of the best distance drivers in the game right now. And you can get them today to help you play better, throw farther, and take your game to the next level.

Alright, enough of all that. Let’s check out the list!

The 7 best disc golf distance drivers in 2022

Our #1 Pick – Innova Destroyer (12, 5, -1, 3)

Best disc golf discs 2022

The Innova Destroyer is an OG. It is an older disc but is still one of the most popular distance drivers sold today. That’s why it has to be #1. But I didn’t just rank it #1 because I felt like it. There is a HUGE number of disc golfers that have this disc as a permanent part of their bag. And InfiniteDiscs.com’s top selling disc for mutliple years in a row. Somehow, it just keeps topping the charts year after year.

Check out the following three posts ⬇️:

The first post here is Infinite’s top ranked distance drivers in 2020. The Destroyer was easily #1 on this list.

The second post here is Infinite’s top 100 distance drivers of 2020. You can see that the Destroyer topped that list as well.

The third post here is Infinite’s top discs of 2021 and the Destroyer is their #1 for advanced distance drivers.

As for the disc itself, it is a pretty tough disc to throw. A newer player shouldn’t even consider the Destroyer. If you’re not a decent intermediate player, the Destroyer shouldn’t even be in your sights yet. But for those who have the skills to throw this disc, here’s what you can expect.

It is very overstable. It requires a lot of power in order to get up to speed. The 5 glide helps the Destroyer gain distance. If you can throw it hard enough, this disc will fly forever. There really doesn’t feel like a lot of turn on the disc so it just generally stays straight until the end of flight. That’s when the predictable fade kicks in. It’s a great disc. But you have to be able to throw it.

If you can handle the Destroyer, grab one here on Discgolfunited.com.

2. Discraft Scorch (11, 6, -2, 2)

Best disc golf discs 2022

The Scorch is Discraft’s newest distance driver (as of the writing of this post) and it is a really interesting disc that I can’t wait to try out. I am surprised, though, that Discraft didn’t make this into a faster disc. Disc golf companies seem to have a habit of making discs with “fast” names but keeping their speed low (i.e. the Discraft Scorch – 11 speed, Discraft Heat – 9 speed, and the Innova Leopard – 6 speed). The Scorch is a fairly fast disc, at 11 speed, so Discraft isn’t far off.

The 11 speed shouldn’t make it too tough to throw and the 6 glide rating will give you a ton of distance. The -2 turn and +2 fade will give you a nice turn and fade on the end. Those turn/fade numbers will generally allow for a straight shot, but can also offer you options including S-shots and Flex shots. Overall, I’m really excited about the Scorch and I can’t wait to try it.

If you’d like to pick one of these discs up, grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Discraft Hades (12, 6, -3, 2)

Best distance drivers for intermediate players

The Hades is an insanely fun disc from Discraft and one of the most recent releases in the Paul McBeth lineup of discs. It has some crazy flight ratings making this disc both fun and interesting to throw. Discraft, with the input of McBeth, did a great job designing and perfecting the Hades. And they did it right, as the Hades is, in my opinion, one of Discraft’s best discs at the moment. I got the benefit of finding out how great the Hades was last year when I picked up one. It quickly got added to my “best distance drivers for beginners,” “best discs for intermediate players,” and “best discs for hyzer flips” posts.

It does need a bit of power behind it, with its 12 speed rating. But if you can get it up to speed, this disc will get you a ridiculous amount of distance. The 6 glide rating is pretty spot on in that regard. Finally, the -3 turn and +2 fade will allow you to throw a couple of specialty shots like a real pro. The Hades works great for the S-shot and is the perfect disc for those huge hyzer flips. Overall, it’s just a great disc.

To pick up a Hades, check it out here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Latitude 64 Grand Royal Rive (13, 5, 0, 3.5)

Best disc golf discs 2022

The Grand Royal Rive is a brand new disc from Latitude 64, and from the jump, it aims to please. This disc was a great design by Latitude 64 and it joins the ranks of the other super fast Latitude 64 discs. Latitude 64 was not a stranger to making great high-speed discs, so the Rive is looking to top their own personal best discs list. They state that it’s the first disc in the “Royal” line so we’ll soon see what else comes out!

As for the Rive, it’s a 13 speed disc, so you’ve really gotta’ sling it. It has a 5 glide rating so it will get you some good distance after the throw, but this thing is VERY overstable. So don’t look for any turn because you won’t get any (courtesy of the 0 turn rating on this disc). Finally, the 3.5 fade rating offers a considerable fade that is fairly reliable. But I wouldn’t exactly call it a meathook. Almost a meathook but not quite.

If you’d like to try out a really hard but awesome disc, grab yourself a Grand Royal Rive here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Dynamic Discs Sheriff (13, 5, -1, 2)

Fastest disc golf discs

I love the Sheriff, you guys. It’s been a staple part of my bag for a lot of years now because it is just an awesome distance driver. This was actually one of the first distance discs that I used after working my up from putters and mid-range discs and I’ve loved it ever since I first threw it. If you’ve read any of the other distance driver posts on my site, you probably have seen this disc on there. I love it but I also believe that it is truly one of the best distance drivers ever made.

To start, this disc has similar flight ratings to the Innova Destroyer, the Discraft Zeus, and the Infinite Discs Pharaoh. Although, I do believe that it tends to stay a little bit straighter due to only having a + 2 fade rating. If I were to give it flight ratings, I’d say it was probably a 12, 5, -1, 1. This is because it doesn’t require as much speed behind it as you might think and it doesn’t really fade very hard at all on the end of flight. But overall, it’s pretty close to the flight ratings on the disc and compares very well with similar distance drivers.

I think you’d like this disc. So if you’d like to try it out, grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

6. Infinite Discs Pharaoh (13, 6, -1, 2)

Best disc golf discs

The Pharaoh was an excellent addition to the Infinite Discs lineup and easily deserves to be on this list. If you didn’t already know, all of the Infinite Discs lineup of produced by Innova. That’s probably why they’re awesome, yet recognizable discs. The Pharaoh is a great disc but is very similar to the Destroyer in that way. I’m not that worried about it, because the Pharaoh flies better for me than the Destroyer. So clearly different discs (I also like the Egyptian theme better than the weird Innova theme of discs – what even is it? Animals, bugs, and other weird stuff?).

Here’s what Infinite Discs has to say about the Pharaoh:

“The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible. Rule your local disc golf course with the Pharaoh!”

Definitely grab yourself a Pharaoh here on Their site.

7. Westside Discs Adder (13, 5, 0, 4)

Best disc golf distance drivers 2022

The Adder is a brand new disc that was just released by Westside Discs literally today as I was writing this post. It looks like an interesting disc and I thought I would add it in here to show readers that it was brand new and in need of reviews! This disc is super overstable, so if you’re looking to try out a brand new meathook of a disc, the Adder is just for you.

Grab yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Coming soon – Discmania DD3 “Cloudbreaker 3”

Best disc golf discs 2022

So this is still just hype, but we should be seeing a Cloudbreaker 3 in early 2022! Discmania released this post indicating that there actually was a Cloudbreaker 3 on the way! If you want to keep up with this, head over to Discmania.net and sign up for their email list. Check it out here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

That’s the list

So that’s it, guys. I appreciate you sticking around to check out another best distance drivers list. Hopefully you got some decent ideas on a couple of new discs. If not, no worries. I still appreciate you checking out my post. For more distance driver recommendations, check out the related content below ⬇️:

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