The 11 Best Distance Drivers for Hyzer Flips: My #1 Pick is…

The Hyzer Flip is epic. It’s one of the most popular throws in all of disc golf and it has the potential to truly be a score changing shot if you use it in your game properly.

Since you’ve Googled “best distance drivers for hyzer flips” and found this post, you’ve probably already learned how to throw the Hyzer Flip. So I won’t bore you too much with what a Hyzer Flip is or how to throw a Hyzer Flip. You already know what it is and how to throw it. You just need the distance driver recommendations below. So I gotchu.

However, if you did want to read more about the Hyzer Flip, what exactly it is, how to throw it, and more, check out my post, “How to Throw a Hyzer Flip in 3 Easy Steps: The Complete Guide.”

The 11 best distance drivers for hyzer flips

My #1 pick – Discraft Hades

2. Innova Beast

3. Dynamic Discs Renegade

4. Discraft Avenger SS

5. Innova Tern

6. DGA Sail

7. Viking Discs Berserker

8. Latitude 64 Sapphire

9. Axiom Vanish

10. Prodigy D Model US

11. Gateway Journey

Remember: 2 things you need in a good hyzer flip disc

As a reminder, here are the two things you need in a good Hyzer Flip disc.

  • Understability: Having an understable disc is the key for throwing and perfecting the Hyzer Flip. To start, you’re looking for a disc with about a -2 or a -3 turn rating. The more turn, the quicker it will flip over. Also, the slower the disc, the less turn you need to make the Hyzer Flip happen. You’ll see that some of my Hyzer Flip mid-range recommendations only have a -1 turn rating, but that’s okay because they don’t need to be thrown very hard to perform. You also want a disc with minimal fade on the backend – no more than a 2 fade rating. The point of the Hyzer Flip is to hyzer the disc and have it flip up to flat for a long, straight flight. A little fade on the end is almost impossible but we want to limit it as much as possible.
  • Glide: glide isn’t the most important thing in the world for Hyzer Flips but I do recommend having a high glide rating if you’re looking for a good Hyzer Flip disc. You want your disc to be somewhere between 4 and 6.

Okay, enough of that stuff. Let’s check out all of the discs! Here’s my list of the 11 best Hyzer Flip discs.

The 11 best distance drivers for hyzer flips

My #1 pick – Discraft Hades (12, 6, -3, 2) Best distance drivers for intermediate players

The Hades is one of the newest additions to the Paul McBeth lineup of Discraft discs…and it is a winner. Speaking for just distance drivers, the Hades is an awesome Hyzer Flip disc. It does require a bit of power to get up to speed but if you’ve got the arm it will turn over VERY nicely and will glide for a long time. BUT be prepared for a bit of ending fade. This disc will give you a nice long flight and won’t break until the last minute but that fade is a bit more than you would want for a tunnel or an extremely straight shot. This is a disc for wide open Hyzer Flips. Grab a Hades here on

2. Innova Beast (10, 5, -2, 2) Best disc golf discs

The Innova Beast is a straight up beast for Hyzer Flips. This disc was the first disc I was ever given…what a terrible beginner disc. I couldn’t throw it at all and ended up losing it. I ended up finding another one a couple of years later, and with a much improved skill set, I found it to be WAY easier to throw. For Hyzer Flips, the beast works very well. The flight ratings state -2 turn and 2 fade but this disc really flies like a -3 turn and a 1 fade. So it flips well and glides decent…perfect for Hyzer Flips. Grab a Beast here on

3. Dynamic Discs Renegade (11, 5, -2, 3) Best stable distance drivers

The Renegade is a really interesting disc that makes me wonder about Dynamic’s testing team when they were working on this disc. Not because it’s a bad disc by any means. But because the flight ratings are completely wacky on this thing. Let’s just start with the speed. This could be rated at like an 8 or a 9 speed. It’s just not a hard disc to throw. The glide is the only flight rating that is spot on. The turn is close, but the Renegade is actually pretty flippy…much more so than the turn would indicate. I would put the turn at -3. And the fade is completely wrong. I wouldn’t even give it a 2. My flight ratings for the Renegade would look like this: 9, 5, -3, 1. That changes things a lot and might make you think a little differently about the Renegade as your next Hyzer Flip Distance Driver. You can get one here on

4. Discraft Avenger SS (10, 5, -3, 1) Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

The Avenger SS has been my go-to Hyzer Flip disc for awhile now. But I’ve recently started exploring the topic of Hyzer Flips and have found a ton of other great discs. Now I’m also partial to the Beast and the Hades, but I seem to consistently find my way back to the Avenger SS. It’s just a reliable distance driver that always seems to do what I want it to, especially on a hyzer. If that’s what you need in your Hyzer Flip game, grab an Avenger SS here on

5. Innova Tern (12, 6, -2, 2) Best disc golf discs

The Tern is another very highly recommended Hyzer Flip Distance Driver. Even though it’s name might stand out, this disc doesn’t have quite as much turn on it as the Hyzer Flip discs that I normally recommend. It tends to follow a little bit straighter of a path than the Hades and the Avenger SS. But whether you pick this or the other two, you won’t be disappointed. Grab a Tern here on

6. DGA Sail (11, 6, -3, 1) Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

The Sail is an interesting distance driver that can really amp up your Hyzer Flip game. It’s fairly easy to throw and can really get you good turn, making this disc a nice way to easily learn the Hyzer Flip. Grab yours here on

7. Viking Discs Berserker (10, 5, -3, 2) Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

The Berserker is fun. I’ve liked the Viking Discs brand ever since I got a few discs off of awhile back. It’s fairly easy to throw and the understability makes it perfect for Hyzer Flips. What I’ve liked most about it, though, is how easily controllable it is. If you want an awesome starter Distance Driver that Doubles as a Hyzer Flip disc, this is it. Grab one here on

8. Latitude 64 Sapphire (10, 6, -2, 1.5) Best disc golf discs 2021

The Sapphire is a great way to step into the distance driving game with Latitude 64’s “easy-to-use” lineup of discs that you can read more about here. The Sapphire is an amazing disc, especially for beginners and intermediate players jumping full tilt in distance drivers. The Sapphire is also the perfect distance driver to build your Hyzer Flip game up with. Grab one here on

9. Axiom Vanish (11, 5, -3, 2) Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

Now I’m not a huge fan of Axiom, but I’ve heard a few good things about this disc. Enough to earn a spot on this list. What I’ve heard: consistent, great turn, great speed, and all Vanish discs tend to fly exactly the same. Cool. Grab one here on

10. Prodigy D Model US (13, 6, -3, 1) Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

I put the D Model US a little lower on this list because of its 13 speed rating. Prodigy makes great discs, but Hyzer Flips are always tougher with faster discs. If you can handle the speed, the D Model US is a great disc. Get yours here on

11. Gateway Journey (12, 6, -2, 1) whiteBest distance drivers for hyzer flips

The last stop in our journey (pun intended) is this awesome Hyzer Flip hero of a disc…the Gateway Journey. It’s actually surprisingly flippy at -2 turn and doesn’t really fade much, so this is a great disc for super straight shots using the Hyzer Flip. Grab a Journey here on

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