The 7 Best Disc Golf Shoes of 2024!

In disc golf, shoes matter. But most disc golfers don’t realize how much they underestimate the need for a good pair of disc golf shoes. It’s all about discs, bags, accessories, clothing, and every other piece of gear that players can find to amp up their game. But what about shoes? Players often just find something that “works.”

Don’t do that. Prioritize your disc golf footwear and optimize it for best possible outcome. Because what you wear on your feet can make ALL the difference when you play. So check out the awesome shoes below and make a well-thought-out, informed choice. With that being said, here are the 7 best disc golf shoes of 2024!

The 7 Best Disc Golf Shoes of 2024!

1. Idio Syncrasy Disc Golf Shoes


best disc golf shoes 2024


I put the Idio Syncrasy Disc Golf Shoes at #1, NOT because they’re the absolute best shoes that you can buy for disc golf, but because they’re the ONLY shoes that are actually made for disc golf. As for ranking these, they’re probably a true top 3 shoe on this list. But no other brands currently make great disc golf shoes. Others have tried. Idio has thrived.

Idio was founded in 2021 as a Kickstarter  campaign that garnered almost $267,000 dollars amongst about 2,000 people. Because of that successful campaign, Idio, as a true disc golf shoe company, was born.

Since then, Idio has been highly popular amongst disc golfers. They’ve consistently offered high-quality disc golf shoes, made to player specs, with features to help disc golfers perform at their absolute best on the course.

Here’s a quick look at all of the features of the Syncrasy Disc Golf Shoe:

  • Multi-directional tread design for run-ups and the variety of throwing stances.
  • Pivot area in the heel to protect the knee during your throwing motion.
  • “Zonal” flex zones in the toe area can flex during different throwing situations.
  • Toe guard to protect toe box area when dragging your foot in the tee box and a…
  • Waterproof liner to keep your feet dry.

All of that sounds fantastic, but the price is steep – ranging from around $130-150 dollars depending on which pair you get. For everything you get, that’s actually not bad. And it’s specifically designed for disc golf. Plus, they do have a couple of great color options, too.

So find which ones you like and grab them here on!

2. Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes


Best disc golf shoes 2024

Salomon makes some insane trail hiking shoes. If it weren’t for the Idio Syncrasys, I would probably give the #1 spot to Salomon this year. As for non-disc golf, trail-inspired shoes, Salomon is amongst the best.

Features include aggressive grip and footholds, sharp “lugs” to help even more grip, improved upper part of the shoe for better fit and stability, awesome shoe versatility for road or hiking, and a refined, more sleek design on the outside. Salomon claims that this is “the ideal shoe for runners who want to conquer soft, technical trails,” which could mean a perfect shoe for the disc golf course.

Similar to the Syncrasys, while the Speedcross 5s are feature-rich, they’re fairly pricey – around $130-140 for a pair of these awesome hiking shoes.

If you’d like to try out the Salomon Speedcross 5 hiking shoes, grab a pair here on Amazon.

3. Merrell Moab 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Best disc golf shoes 2024


I’m a huge Merrell fan. I wear the Merrell Yokota sport hiking shoes at my full time job. So when doing research for some new disc golf shoes, one of the shoes I came across was the Moab 3 waterproof hiking shoe.

After seriously considering this shoe for my new pair, I ultimately did not get it, in favor of the Idio Syncrasy, but I almost pulled the trigger on either this shoe, the Speedcross 5 above, or the Merrell Moab 3. I actually really liked the look of the Soulstride in the next section. But again, I chose to go with another shoe.

As for the Moab 3, it looks great, has a decent selection of colors, great grip, is decently light like its previous versions (Moab and Moab 2), and is just an overall great shoe for trails and hiking. The price can also vary quite a bit depending on if you want the waterproof or non-waterproof version. Waterproof will run you around $120-130 bucks. Non-waterproof will run you anywhere from $50 to $80 bucks.

Grab a NON-waterproof pair of Moab 3s here on Amazon.

Grab a WATERPROOF pair of Moab 3s here on Amazon.

4. Adidas Terrex Soulstrides Trail Shoes


Best disc golf shoes 2024


The Adidas brand has brought some great trail hiking shoes to the table over the last few years or so. They’ve only solidified their reputation with the Soulstride Trail Shoe. It looks fantastic, has a lot of color options, and is perfect for light trail running, so it should have no problem with easy-to-trek disc golf courses and the trails within those courses.

Grab a pair of Soulstrides here on Amazon.

5. New Balance DynaSoft Nitrel V5 Trail Running Shoesbest disc golf shoes 2024

This shoe was another that I was considering. As far as New Balance goes, I’d say it’s my overall favorite shoe brand. The dad in me just can’t get enough of the New Balance 574s. I’ve also sported the New Balance 618s and still have some of those in my closet as well.

As for the Nitrel V5s, I was unsure. But they sure look good. As for design and colors, I’d give them a 9/10. As for features, maybe a 5/10, because they offer a great shoe but it’s not waterproof. Price is fairly cheap, at around $60 bucks, but you get what you pay for.

If you’d like a pair of DynaSoft Nitrel V5 Trail Running Shoes, grab some here on Amazon.

6. Adidas Terrex AX4 Hiking Shoes


Best disc golf shoes 2024


As I said earlier, Adidas has some great shoes. And they’ve continued that trend with a new generation of their famous AX shoe version. I’ve featured older versions before, but the AX4 is the latest and greatest. It has a similar feel to previous versions like the AX2 and AX3, but the AX4 is their sleekest and best design yet.

It’s much more rugged than the Terrex Soulstrides and a few other Terrex versions, yet not too bulky for disc golfing. If I were to compare it to another shoe, it would be Adidas’ version of the Salomon Speedcross 5 as seen above. Great shoe but not quite as high quality or as sleek as a pair of Salomons.

If you want a really great shoe, the Terrex AX5 is a great choice for all your disc golf adventures. Grab a pair here on Amazon.

7. Puma Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoes


Best disc golf shoes 2024


Last but not least are the Puma Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoes. Decent quality footwear from a German company [Puma] that’s been known for their quality sports footwear for decades. You can’t really go wrong if you buy shoes from this company, but you won’t really find anything all that flashy. My only gripe with these shoes would be that they don’t offer any vibrant colors for disc golfers that want style and performance. Price is still fair at less than $100 dollars – currently sitting at around $80-90 bucks.

If you don’t mind the simple colors of these shoes, grab a pair of Puma Ignite’s here on Amazon.


That’s your list. The 7 best disc golf shoes of 2024. Take it or leave it. If you’re looking for the best of the best in disc golf or sport hiking footwear, it’s on this list. If you’re still not finding what you’d like, you can check out more awesome sport and trail hiking footwear here on Amazon. Once you find your shoes, grab a pair and hit the course. There’s nothing better than a great course, a few great discs, awesome gear, and a really comfortable pair of shoes to help you ace that next hole. Thanks for reading, disc golfers.

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