The Top 10 Best-Selling Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2024!

We all want to throw great distance drivers. But there are so many to choose from. How do find which one is best?

That’s easy: find the distance discs that are selling like hot cakes. Consistent sales over time almost always means that you’re looking at a disc that hits the mark. A disc that performs and adds value to your bag.

So I’ve come up with a list of discs – most of which are classic distance drivers – to help you find which discs are best and which distance driver you need to get for yourself.

Here’s that list. Let’s get started!

The Top 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Distance Drivers!

1. Innova Wraith

best selling disc golf distance drivers

These days, I still think the Destroyer is the better disc out of these two. But the Wraith seems to be more of a hot seller. I guess it really doesn’t matter, because whether you throw the Wraith, the Destroyer, or both, you’ve still got a great disc overall. Phenomenal distance driver. No wonder it’s continued to sell well for years now.

Grab yourself a Wraith here on

2. Infinite Discs Emperor

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Emperor is slowly starting to become one of my favorite discs. With flight ratings similar to the Innova Destroyer, and the disc itself being molded by Innova, this was sure to be a hit. I can tell ya’, players are loving the Emperor. I’m not a huge fan of overstable discs just yet but this one is slowly making me a fan.

Grab an Emperor here on

3. Innova Destroyer

Best disc golf distance drivers 2021

The Destroyer is a legendary disc at this point. After almost two decades of distance supremacy, the Destroyer continues to be a fan favorite. It’s simply a well-designed and challenging distance driver.

Grab one here on

4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

The best disc golf discs

The Pharaoh is my favorite distance driver right now. Infinite Discs has really crushed it with all of their releases up to this point, starting with the Pharaoh. It’s fairly tough to throw, like the Emperor, but can easily become your go-to distance driver if you like stable to slightly overstable discs.

If that’s what you want, grab one here on

5. Discraft Nuke

The Nuke is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world for a reason – an insanely challenging distance disc, with a similar flight pattern to the Innova Destroyer and almost unlimited distance potential. Fantastic disc overall.

Get yourself one here on

6. Infinite Discs Aztec

Yet another great distance driver from Infinite Discs. See a trend? Yep, seems like getting Innova to mold their discs was a great idea. Now, Infinite has a complete lineup of some of the best discs in the world, with distance drivers being the staple discs of the brand.

And the Aztec is no exception. At a 10 speed, this disc is a little slower than other distance discs, but can provide throwers with control, reliability, and the performance to match. Plus, this thing can actually get quite a bit of distance. So don’t take slower speed discs for granted. It’ll get you where you need to go.

If that’s what you want, grab an Aztec here on

7. Axiom “SimonLine” Time-Lapse

This disc, which is still fairly new to the disc golf world, is the brainchild of Axiom Discs and their partnership with disc golf pro Simon Lizotte. Again, this disc is still pretty new, and the allure can always wear off, but according to initial reviews, this is a pretty solid distance disc.

As for flight ratings, it should fly similarly to the Innova Destroyer. But most players that have reviewed it thus far have said that it has less turn and more fade than a Destroyer or other discs with similar flight ratings. The Time-Lapse is an absolute meathook of a disc that can complement other overstable drivers well.

If you think you can handle the fade, grab one here on

8. Discmania Cloudbreaker

The Cloudbreaker is Discmania’s attempt to design a disc similar to the Innova Destroyer. And they’ve done more than hit the mark. I believe that they’ve set the standard for quality of discs going forward. This Swedish brand makes some amazing disc golf discs, with Cloudbreakers being some of their best discs overall. This disc is fairly challenging if you don’t have the arm, but if you’ve got the power to throw overstable drivers, this could be the perfect disc for you.

If you’d like to get a Cloudbreaker, grab one here on

9. Finish Line Discs Interval

Until recently, I really hadn’t heard much about Finish Line Discs. But they’ve slowly and steadily

Become a trusted name in disc golf over the last couple of years. Started in 2021 by disc golf pro Drew Gibson, Finish Line Discs offers quality, consistency, and affordability to all skill levels of disc golfers. The discs they’ve made to date have really done well to solidify their place in the

disc golf market.

The Interval, in particular, offers a challenge to newer and intermediate players, as well as pure distance to more advanced disc golfers. This disc is being compared to the Innova Wraith, so if that’s your current disc, you might want to take a look at the Interval.

Grab one here on

10. Thought Space Athletics Construct

I absolutely love the designs of Thought Space. Very trippy, well-thought-out, and insanely cool. As for their plastic, it seems like most of the disc golf community seems to enjoy their discs. Nothing bad to say here. The Construct is a great distance driver, too. Easier disc to throw, at 10 speed, with not too much fade on the back end.

Grab one here on


Distance drivers are awesome. I mean, we all want to throw 500 feet consistently and with pinpoint accuracy. But in order to get to that level, you’ve got to do a few things – you have to be patient, practice hard, do your field work, work on distance drills, and play with the right discs.

So, with that being said, use this list, and the related posts below, to find some great new plastic for your bag. Thanks for reading, disc golfers!

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